Guardian Angel

Okay so I started this story on a different website and I forgot my password on that website it is...

It's a Andy Biersack Fan-Fic and I got tons of feedback on it, so I hope you guys like it! It helps if you can give me some criticism *hint hint*


2. Andy: The encounter


"That no good for anything whore." Andy growled. "Can't even appreciate a life saving act.."


He was walking home, the sun was about the rise.

He looked around, no one else was out.

He felt a knot in his stomach and the world started spinning.

He knew what this meant.  

Andy felt his large, gray wings come out from his shoulder blades.

The wings made his body burn, but he was used to the pain.

Besides he felt things much worse.

His eyes glowed a deep red.


"Why do I even bother?" Andy asked himself.

"Don't you want to be free Andrew?" A  cold voice asked.


Andy turned facing someone he was all to familiar with.

That wave of messy gray combed back hair. Those dark sockets which were suppose to be eyes.

That cruel sinister smile.


"Father." Andy hissed.

"My boy Andrew. How nice to see you again. " Andy's father said.


The way he spoke was so slow. Yet it made people so comfortable, so relaxed.

That's what made him a greatly feared predator. He could convince you to do anything.

But  Andy was different.


"It's never nice to see me father. You said it yourself." Andy growled.


His father chuckled.


"But times are different now. That was the past and I want to make things right."


Andy smiled.


"Since when do you make things right?"


Andy's father disappeared.


"Since now Andrew." Andy's hissed behind him. 

"What do you want now?" Andy smiled. "That doesn't even matter. I'm not doing anything you ask me to do. I'm not mom or any of your victims."

"Then I don't suppose you want to be free Andrew." He said.


Andy chuckled.


"You know you're funny. You're not even an angel."

"Andrew you should know me by now. Your father always knows."

"Forget it old man. I'm not falling for your old tricks. I'm better than that." Andy said as he walked away.


Andy turned and smiled.


"Lucifer you should know me by now. I always know."

"Well Andrew I guess you don't want to get rid of the girl then."

"What do you mean?" Andy asked.


Lucifer smiled.


"I think you know. Let me have the girl. I'll get rid of all this angel business and you'll be free. Just like your friends. You can lead a normal life. No more sneaking out or hiding things. You'll finally sing up on stage again.  You'll be human again. I know what you want. I'll make it happen."


Andy sighed.

He wanted a normal life.

But was this really worth it?


"Is that all I have to do? Just give you the girl?" He asked.

"It's that simple Andrew." Lucifer said.

"Fine. When and where?" Andy asked.

"Take your time. I don't want it to be rushed." He said. "You know where to find me."

"Fine." Andy said.


He and Lucifer shook hands. 

Andy started feeling hot and dizzy.

He couldn't let go of his father's hands. 

Lucifer laughed in his face and began turning into dust.


"Good night Andrew. I'll be watching always." He said.


Andy felt him let go and fell to the floor.

He felt weak to the knees, but at the same time he felt new.

He just made a deal with the devil.




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