The Only Direction Is Down

Ella is meeting her father, Paul, One Directions body guard, for the first time when her grandmother passes away. What will happen when she goes to live with one direction while Paul is off being a body guard for another band? Read to find out!


3. Chapter 2

"Ummmm hi?" I looked at each face individually trying to see if I could recognize any of them.

"HI ELOISE! My name is Louis!" A boy with chocolate brown hair extended his hand towards mine. I shook it nervously and returned my hand back to my side.

"Hi...You can call me Ella." I replied.

"Hi Ella, Im Liam!" "Niall." "Zayn." "Harry." Each boy said their name in a row and I smiled to each in turn.

"So Ella," One of them said, "What would you like to do first?!" 

I glanced at each of their anticipating faces and nervously shuffled me feet. "Ummm well I'm actually really tired from the flight and was hoping I could get some rest." As if on cue, I yawned.

They all looked between each other before one of them spoke up, "Well this is my house so you can stay here tonight." I smiled gratefully before unsuccessfully reaching to grab all of my bags at once.

"I'll take those," The same boy said. He grabbed the majority of the bags and started going up the staircase to the left, expecting me to follow. I quickly gathered up the rest of my things and quickly jogged up after him. 

I found him standing at the entrance to a door. "You can sleep here tonight!" He exclaimed. He moved aside to reveal a plain white room with a bed, closet, desk, dresser, and the rest of the usual guest room furniture. 

I ran over to the bed, plopping right down. "Thanks so much er-"

"Liam." He smiled. I returned the smile as he left, closing the door behind him. Not having enough energy to take off my clothes, I drew back the covers and climbed right in. For the first time in the past few years, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


I opened my eyes to the sound of birds churping. I looked around the plain guest room and frowned. I was dreaming of my mom being back alive and her waking me up for school. I quickly jumped out of bed and drew back the curtains. The frown returned to my face when I saw it was already kind of late in the morning. Glancing to my clock I saw it was 9:30. For someone that is usually up before the crack of dawn, that was late.

I quickly tore open my suitcase and grabbed some yoga pants and a hoodie. After quickly throwing them on I ran down the stairs, seeing no sign of Liam. Shrugging, I opened the door to a new day and my new life.

Seeing the clouds rolling in made me frown for the third time this morning but it didn't discourage me.         I walked out of the cul de sac and turned left. 

After walking and exploring for about fifteen minutes I found myself at a little outdoor park. There was two tennis courts, a playground, a basketball court, and a baseball field. There was also a nice little field for anyone to do whatever they wanted. I grabbed a bench and took in the site for a little while, resting from my brisk walking.

After the last bit on sun faded from the sky I hopped off my bench and began heading back to the house. Feeling the first drop of rain I pulled my hair back into my hoodie and began to jog back.

Thirty minutes and five wrong turns later, I arrived back at the house, soaking wet. I kicked off my shoes in the little mud room and walked into the hall to hear a voice coming from the kitchen.

"I don't know!" It said. "Of course i checked her room, what do you think I am stupid?! Oh if we lost her Paul is gonna kill us...No I don't think she would just up and leave, she left her stuff in her room."

I decided to stop eavesdropping and walked in smiling to see Liam on the phone.

"ELLA!" He cheered. He quickly turned back to the phone, "Yeah she's back, I'll see you later." Turning back to me he frantically asked, "Where have you been?!" 

"What are you talking about?" I replied, furrowing my eyebrows, "I just went for a walk." I gestured towards my soaking wet clothes and hair.

"In the rain?!" He asked bewildered.

"Well it wasn't raining when I left," Rolling my eyes I turned out of the room to run up the stairs to my room.

Closing the door behind me, I opened a new door to reveal the guest bathroom, exactly what I was looking for. Grabbing the towel out of the cuboard, I peeled off my wet clothes and hopped into the steaming hot space. Hopefully this won't be as bad as I think it's going to be.

A/N HEY GUYS :D Okay well it took me like 5000000 years to update SORRYYYY! Rather than just making up a bunch of excuses, I hope you liked this lil chapter. For all of you non Liam girls, don't worry this isn't a Liam fanfic, and for all of you Liam girls, THIS FANFIC IS ABOUT ALL THE BOYS YAAAAAY. Hope you liked the chapter and comment anything you wanna see in future chapters! THANKS FOR ALL THE LIKES AND FAVORITES LOVE YOU. <3 Addie 

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