dear dirary love zayn

zayn is single he has a few problems along the way but will he get the girl of his dreams or will he find the one under his nose?


4. may 19 2013


dear diary


oh my god! i went over Erin's house and her parents hate me they think i'm some kind of thug well guess what i'm not a thug ask anyone i may act like it but i am so not a thug if i was a thug i would want a thug girlfriend and no offense to erin or anything but she is far from a a thug! oh and to make it even worse her best friend is PERRIE EDWARDS!!!! my ex girlfriend!!!!!!!!!! i mean ya i really like erin but come on its so much trouble cant we just bang and be a couple. woah there zayn you are not like that. i don't know but i needed to blow off some steam i kinda trashed my room. whoops  OK be right back let me clean it. OK back my room is clean now. but back to topic  i really really like erin but i have no  idea if she likes me back i hope she does but i doubt it i seriously doubt it though shes started hanging out with this other kid named Stephen or something. he blond and skinny. i deserve her not him. if she just playing us both i'm gonna cry. OK maybe not cry but ya know ill do something. oh my god she just updated her status to in a relationship with Stephan oak ahhhhhh!!!! i'm gonna kill that guy for taking my girl! she mine! this is so wrong why cant i have her. why cant i be happy for once?i don't know but if i see that stephan kid i will like mess him up maybe even kill that kid she mine and i will go to extremes to get her.


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