dear dirary love zayn

zayn is single he has a few problems along the way but will he get the girl of his dreams or will he find the one under his nose?


2. may 18 2013

may 18 2013

dear diary

OK i had Erin over and she a total sweetheart! i found out where she lives not to be creepy but i drove her home and memorized the way heh. and she has a pretty nice house. but her dog hates me! her name is Gracie and shes the cutest thing but she had to put her in the cage because she kept growling at me and stuff haha awkward she said shell probably  warm up to me but i doubt it. i'm more of a cat person anyway haha actually i'm not. when i dropped her off she kissed me on the cheek!!!!!!!!!! like only for a second she wasn't like making out with my cheek that would be weird haha but it was so special  i'm defiantly gonna have her over sometime soon. maybe tomorrow ill take her lunch and ask her to be my girlfriend i don't know maybe  but the boys seemed to like her harry was flirting at first but then liam told him to let me have this one and then he backed off. i can tell niall's not so sure about her cause he didn't fart in front of her i mean i'm thankful of that but he usually farts in front of people hes comfortable with. haha why am i writing about niall farting this is supposed to be about my life! oh speaking about my life my ex came to the restraint i work at with her new boyfriend. hes so ugly i mean perrie can do better then him. maybe not as good as me but at least better then that ya know. well who am i to be talking i'm single. yea it hurt seeing her with another guy but i like Erin now well i don't know if i love Erin but i defiantly like her a lot. i can defiantly see us having a future together maybe 2 kids twins maybe i don't know. but i have to go Erin's calling me byeeeeeeee.   


                                                                                  xoxox- zayn malik.

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