dear dirary love zayn

zayn is single he has a few problems along the way but will he get the girl of his dreams or will he find the one under his nose?


3. may 18 2013 part 2

dear diary


dear diary


hey im back erin called and she said her parents want to meet me....uh oh time to turn bad boy mode off haha awkward i hope theyll like me also she said her best friend wants to meet me she didnt tell me a name but i dont care. also niall starting dating this new girl her name is michelle. she pretty but really hyper and likes to ride horses and do the most random stuff harry is still single liam still with daniell louis still with el and me and erin are still complicated. on the phone she seemed tired so i let her sleep we didnt talk for very long only about 10 mins. shes so nice i really like her i up all last night thinking of her kinda dorky and im super sleep so goodnight ill write to you tomarrow and tell you how meeting her parents was. 


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