dear dirary love zayn

zayn is single he has a few problems along the way but will he get the girl of his dreams or will he find the one under his nose?


5. june 23 2013

june 23 2013


hey i'm back i havnt written in a while but erin stopped dating stephen and shes with me now! :D um we went to the club and she got super drunk and i got a little drunk and we uh we banged each other and we were  drunk so i don't know if we used protection but i think we did but i am telling you right now i am not ready to be a father if shes prego i'm leaving her i'm only 21 i'm to young to have a kid. i shouldn't leave here though i don't think i will i'll probably just suggest adoption or something i don't know. also iv started cheating on her with marleigh. you remember her right the twin of the girl who got murdered who i had i giant crush on well she's back in bethany beach and ive started seeing her she doesnt know about erin though wich is good i dont know how shed react. probaly upset. me and marleigh dont bang but we go on dates and stuff ya know i hope she doesnt think were a couple shes just a retreat when im tired of the same old same old ya know. i shouldnt be doing this though. hurting her. im a horrible person. ive started cutting because of it and i just cant beileve id do such a thing. i should stop. i will stop. im stronger then this i can get through this i need to choose either possibly prego erin or young and reckless marleigh who will i choos i have no idea but fate will bring me there. what the hec i just sounded like some kind of voodoo person. awkard

                                                 still confused-zayn

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