dear dirary love zayn

zayn is single he has a few problems along the way but will he get the girl of his dreams or will he find the one under his nose?


9. april 22 2013

april 22 2013

dear diary

i snuck out last night. she knows i'm gone and i feel so bad. i should feel bad , I've abandon 2 women in my life. i got to the hospital and Erin wont be coming home for another day or two. the baby is just gorgeous  Erin looked so suprised when she saw me walking in with a giant teddy bear saying 'its a girl' she hugged me and kept staring at me. i guess she thought it was to good to be true or maybe she was debating if she could ever trust me again? or maybe she thought i was just a hallucination. or maybe shes fallen in love with me all over again. i don't know but i feel like i'm in love with her. i know she doesn't completely trust me yet but i wont be going anywhere for a while. i want a family. i'm old enough for one. i know i didn't say that when i left but while i was gone i did some hard thinking and felt horrible about it and after some time i knew what i wanted. i wanted Erin , Erin is my soul mate   she told me she stayed with her parents while i was gone so i know for sure there gonna hate me. they'll probaley never completely trust me but maybe once they see i'm not ever going to leave again they will. i hope so. how can i propose without the trust of her parents. I've written it all down and i'm trying to memorize it all but i keep thinking about mar and how i should of just told her i'm leaving and that i couldn't see her anymore 



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