dear dirary love zayn

zayn is single he has a few problems along the way but will he get the girl of his dreams or will he find the one under his nose?


8. april 21 2013

april 21 2013


fml! Erin hasn't talked to me at all until today and now i know for sure the guy she got to replace me was fake she went into labor today and had the baby. the baby is a girl and her name is hazel. she sent me a pic and said "she needs you..i need you" i have to go. but what will i do about marleigh. i don't even care about mar anymore. i just want a family now. the baby has some dark hair and my big brown eyes and erins nose. shes beautiful  i love her already and i haven't even met her i'm just going to sneak out tonight when mar is asleep and meet her at the hospital she gave me the address and everything. if i didn't go id hate myself for the rest of my life. our band has gotten pretty popular so i have enough money to support them and myself. we can move out somewhere get married and live happily ever after woah did i just say get married yea i want to propose. maybe even have another child. i talked to niall about it and he said i have to go i don't know why the boys weren't suspicious about me suddenly moving but i guess there just busy. i think mar is using me for fame. she knows were gonna get really famous really fast. well i have to go because its late and if i'm gonna sneak out i don't mar suspecting anything. 


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