British Love

"When we got out there the view was breathtaking. The buildings like Christmas trees, sparkling with decorations. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of the marvelous view.'It's beautiful,' I say staring back at Finn.'You are beautiful.' Finn said staring back at me."


4. Rainy Days result to romantic scenes

FINN POV: I started to head back when I found some fans. "OMG it's Finn! How's Ashley?" They asked hugging me. "She's great.." I said before they cut me off."Ask her out!" 
The one squealed. I blush and ask,"How? I don't know if she'd want to date me...." The girl cut me off,"OMG she would! Who would say no?!" She said putting her hand on my arm. "She will say yes don't worry." 
After talking we took pictures and I headed back to my hotel room i shared with Jack. I got ready to put my keys in when I heard Jack mentioning my name and Ashley's. I open the door and find him going through our pictures and talking to viewers. "Hey!" I say walking over,"Why are you going through our photos?" I asked Jack, I look at the laptop and see he is on YouNow. "Hey! Why are you broadcasting out photos?" I said looking at the comments, they all said ask her out. "Jack, have you been talking about maybe us dating?" I say pulling over a chair. "Psh, no.." Jack says signing off. "Oh I hate you." I mumbled,"You know you love me." Jack says jumping into his bed.

ASHLEY POV: I lay down on my bed and smile, I loved Finn Harries. I checked my phone and found all the sweet pictures of Finn and I. There was even a hastag, #Ashlinn I clicked on it and saw millions of pictures, us walking, talking skipping, dancing and kissing! I blushed at the sight of us kissing. I saved almost all the pictures and before I knew it I fell asleep. 
The next morning I woke up to my phone going off. I rub my eyes and find Finn calling me. "Hello?" I say sitting up,"Hello! It's Finn, meet me in Central Park?" He asked, I could hear Jack laughing in the background. "Yeah I'd love to." I respond smiling,"Ok, I will see you at 9:30." He hung up and I Burst into the bathroom. I take a quick shower and fix my hair. I put on mascara,concealer, and lipstick. I grab my grey sweater, black jeans, and my boots. I check my time and see its 9:15. I better go! I grab my beanie and jacket and head out the door. I step outside into the brisk January air. I exhale and my breath floats away. I start walking and accidentally bump into someone,"Sorry!" I say stepping back,"It's fine, it's my fault." He says smirking,"Why are you smirking?" I ask looking out at him,"Because you are too beautiful." He says,"Sorry I failed to introduce myself, my names Brad." I laugh,"My names Ashley nice meeting you!" I walk past him and get back on my way. I turn a couple of corners and finally find Central Park. I walk around looking for Finn(which was a failure) I never realized how big Central Park was. I made it to a smoothie stand and saw Finn sipping a smoothie. He looked over and instantly locked eyes with me. He smiled and came over and hugged me." Ashley! It's great to see you!" He says, lacing his fingers through mine. "You seem happy Finn." I say looking over at him. "Well today's going to be a great day." He says smiling. We start to walk down the park path when it starts to pour. "God Finn your soaked!" I say looking over at him. I take off my jacket and put it over him. "Aren't I suppose to give you my jacket?" Finn say handing back my now soaking wet jacket. "Ashley there's something I need to ask you." He says stopping. "What Finn?" I ask staring into his beautiful eyes. "Um, I don't know how to say this umm." He says sratching his head," Would you be my girlfriend? I really got to know your over the past couple of days and I feel like I have known you forever." I can't believe this is happening, Finn Harries just asked me to be his girlfriend. "Yes Finnegan!" I shout, he pulls me in his arms and kisses me. I wrap my arms around him and his arms find his way to my waist. "What a cheeky kiss." Finn says smirking at me. I smile,"It was a lovely cheeky kiss." I say wrapping my arms around his arm. "We are soaked!" I laugh, this was such a great week. I smile at Finn,"What's got you all happy?" I ask,"Cause your mine." He says kissing me on the cheek. We make out to the street and I see 2 penny boards. "By chance do you know how to penny board?" Finn asks handing me a penny board. "I know how to go Straight." I say laughing. "Let me teach you." He says smiling. I get on the board and he took my hands. I push forward and he tilts me to one side. "You got the hang of it!" He says. He lets go and I start to go forward. Turns out I'm a natural at penny boarding! We start to race down the street, he would take my hand and we would ride down the street together. He veered to the left and we went down a hill. He stopped at a bridge but me, not knowing how to stop, I jump off the board and fall onto the ground. Finn comes over to help and the penny board continues to go. "And that, is a graceful stop!" I shout getting up. I laugh and run after the penny board. I find a man has stopped it. "Thanks," I laugh looking up, it's Brad. "Brad right?" I ask he nods. "Still as pretty as before." He says walking off. I run back to Finn,"Why'd we stop here?" I ask, he points to the coffee shop right across the street. "Thought we could use some warming up." He says smiling.

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