British Love

"When we got out there the view was breathtaking. The buildings like Christmas trees, sparkling with decorations. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of the marvelous view.'It's beautiful,' I say staring back at Finn.'You are beautiful.' Finn said staring back at me."


9. It's a little video..

ASHLEY POV: I quickly grabbed my camera and adjusted it to Zoella's tripod. I typed up a script and even took some videos from Playlist live. 


"Hello Wonderlanders! I know, why the heck are you in a hotel room? Well I snuck into Playlist Live! So, since I couldn't think of any good ideas I did a little question and answer! Now lets get started!" 

"Mrs.Styles5479 asks, Who is your closet girl youtuber? I have to say my closest friend from youtuber tha'ts a girl is Zoella. She was the one who actually made me come! But, we have been friends for too long ago to even count! Plus, she even helped my channel get bigger! So, Zoella if you are watching, thank you!"

I paused running my finger along my phone looking at all the questions. 

"Ainawonderlander asks, How do you get your ideas for your youtube videos? First of all I love your name to death! But, it really just comes to me. See, this youtube channel is practically who I am. I do what I want. I joke at what I want to. It's me, and you accepted me and support me. So, with all the support you give me, brings new ideas to me helping me grow!" 

"RachelP10935 asks Whats your favorite song? Well, my favorite song at the moment is Behind The Music by The Queen, Cher Llyod. Let me play it!" I switch apps to music and blast it.


I saw the same question coming up over and over again.

"Ok so you all have been asking the same question. Are Finn and I dating. Well, yes, I see you all watched either Caspar's or Troye's video. Yeah funny story, I actually came and suprised him!" 


FINN'S POV: "Hello! I'm taking over Jacksgap today! So, this is called breaking into Youtubers rooms 101. Of course some I'm just scaring people. Which is the first one on the list. Zoey!" She quickly popped up holding her room key. "He is going to surprise his girlfriend!" Zoella said as we walked to the room. I blush but quickly turned the camera. "So, she is in here filming a video, but blasting music at this point. Quick Zoey open the door!" I whisper as she somehow silently opened the door. I put a finger over my lips and slipped in. Somehow she didn't turn around but turned off her music. Her back was to me, but her camera was directly facing me. This should be good. She spoke like she was doing a question and answer. 

"Ok so you all have been asking the same question. Are Finn and I dating. Well, yes, I see you all watched either Caspar's or Troye's video. Yeah funny story, I actually came and suprised him!" She started but I quickly and quietly inched closer and closer to her. I know, I should kiss her. Before she could start speaking again I pressed my lips against hers. I turned the camera and faced it towards us. "Finn! out scared the crap out of me!" She laughed looking up at me. "Surprise!" I shouted pulling a chair next to her. "Ok guys, it's Finn who I was just talking about! But he rudely interrupted." She said looking over at me. "Oh I got this." I paused and then, changed my voice to a girly voice. "I'm Ashley! I love the hot,sexy,amazing,cool, Finn! He is just so cool.." She stopped me by slapping my arm. "Loser!" She laughed turning back to the camera. "Do you see what I have to deal with?" She shouted making me laugh. "But, if you love me, you would kiss me right now." I said giving her puppy dog eyes. "fine." She giggled. She leaned in and I quickly grabbed her waist and we toppled to the group. "Finn!" She shouted as I crashed my lips aganist hers. She smiled and tried to get up. I tried to drag her up but she found a way up. "If you are still watching Help!" That was all she could get out before I got up and knocked her onto the bed. We were laughing so hard. Then, I tried to kiss her again. Man, did I love kissing her. "Finn, let me turn the camera off." She laughs, I let her get up and she turned the camera off but quickly ran out of the room. "Ashley" I shout running after her. That sneaky little girl. 



Ok guys sorry it took so long but here it is! I got a giant stroke of inspiration! So I should be updating more! But, school has started and I have to write an essay every 2 weeks so bear with me! But the next chapter the story should start to get more intense!

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