British Love

"When we got out there the view was breathtaking. The buildings like Christmas trees, sparkling with decorations. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of the marvelous view.'It's beautiful,' I say staring back at Finn.'You are beautiful.' Finn said staring back at me."


10. I found you...


BRADS POV: I popped open a Sprite and went onto Youtube to look up Broadway auditions. West Side Story is going to be up for auditions in a couple of months at an off-Broadway theater. But, this theater was the upper leagues of off-Broadway. I need to get in. I searched Auditions and scrolled through the many videos. But, then I saw it. Her face, the girl from the street. The girl who I think is so beautiful. I quickly clicked on it to see her video begin. "Hey guys! Today i'm back with tips for auditions! I have had my fair share of horrible and great auditions. So I'll help you with the do's and don'ts!"


Hours later I watched every video and was left with her last one. She has such a bright personality, I couldn't help but smile.  

"Hello Wonderlanders! I know, why the heck are you in a hotel room? Well I snuck into Playlist Live! So, since I couldn't think of any good ideas I did a little question and answer! Now lets get started!" 

"Mrs.Styles5479 asks, Who is your closet girl youtuber? I have to say my closest friend from youtuber tha'ts a girl is Zoella. She was the one who actually made me come! But, we have been friends for too long ago to even count! Plus, she even helped my channel get bigger! So, Zoella if you are watching, thank you!"


Her answers made me smile from ear to ear. Is this how Jessie and Karrie from dance feel about One Direction? It felt like I was close to her, like she was speaking directly to me. 


"RachelP10935 asks Whats your favorite song? Well, my favorite song at the moment is Behind The Music by The Queen, Cher Llyod. Let me play it!"


She started blasting the music and dancing around to it. But then my heart stopped. There. Came. The. Boy. The boy who was with her that day in New York. It can't be. No.


"Ok so you all have been asking the same question. Are Finn and I dating. Well, yes, I see you all watched either Caspar's or Troye's video. Yeah funny story, I actually came and suprised him!"

God dammit. Why does she have to be so damn beautiful and amazing? Then my heart broke again. He kissed her. The passion in the kissed literally shot a bullet straight through me. Then they kissed again. And again.  I shut my laptop and knocked the roller chair over. Why did I not make my move? Why didn't I take a chance? I'm an idiot. 

Ashley. One day you will be cared by me. I will prove my love for you by becoming on a level of fame near yours and asking you to be my girlfriend. Then that douche of a guy can leave you alone. I will show you who really deserves your heart.




Hey! Sorry it took so long and it's short! But oooooo! It's cooking up. Brad's going to show Finn. Okay! So let me tell you who would be playing Brad for imaging purpooses. Dean Geyer who is Brody on Glee. Personally he is really hot:) Ok so I will update soon! But comment your ships! And question

WHich has been your favorite chapter?




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