British Love

"When we got out there the view was breathtaking. The buildings like Christmas trees, sparkling with decorations. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of the marvelous view.'It's beautiful,' I say staring back at Finn.'You are beautiful.' Finn said staring back at me."


6. Hello Florida


Ashley: Guess what?

Zoella: What?

Ashley: I'm off to Florida!

Zoella: OMG yes! 

Ashley: Also...

Zoella: What! 

Ashley: I got a boyfriend!

Zoella: OMG! Who! Don't keep Zoella waiting! 

Ashley: You know him,

Zoella: ok um, Marcus? Caspar? Jack? Finn? Alfie? Sam? Louis? Don't keep me guessing:P 

Ashley: Finn:)

Zoella: OMG you guys are perfect! 

Ashley: If you go onto tumblr you can see all our pictures

Zoella: brb got to save them all!

Ashley: haha ok!
I shut off my phone and hear the announcement to tell us to start boarding. I walk over to the front desk. "My ticket was sent over here because I just switched." I said to the plump man. "Name?" He asked as the keys clicked,"Ashley Anne." He handed me a ticket and I hopped in line. 
Finally we got the announcement that we could use technology. I pulled out my phone and texted Zoella. 

Ashley: Zoe, I'm on the plane!

Zoella: that's awesome! I just got to my room with Louise. Wait do you have a room? 

Ashley: no:(

Zoella: Why don't you bunk with us! Louise doesn't mind. 

Ashley: are you sure?

Zoella: of course I was the one that invited to come! 

Ashley: ok and can you not tell Jack and Finn I'm coming? I want it to be a suprise,

Zoella: surprising the boyfriend I see ;)

Ashley: haha
I hopped off the plane and dragged my suitcase behind me. Zoella said her and Louise would come and pick me up(because I have no idea where to go in Florida) I smiled when I saw them. "Ashley!" They shouted engulfing me in a hug. "Louise! I haven't seen you in forever!" I shout hugging her, "Zoe! Thanks for inviting me!" I say hugging her next. We head outside and I see Caspar and Alfie. "Ashley, Caspar and Alfie just arrived too! We are all going to head back!" Zoella smiled, I was engulfed in a hug from Alfie."Hi I'm Alfie, Zoe has told me so much about you!" I can't believe I was meeting so many of my favorite YouTubers! I went over and hugged Caspar. "Hello my name is Caspar Lee." I laugh and we all get into the car. "They drive on the wrong side of the road!" Caspar shouted. "I'll drive!" Alfie said. I sat in between Zoella and Louise and Caspar sat in shotgun. "I wonder how Jack and Finn will react to Ashley!" Alfie said,"Guys about that, we are going to keep it a secret! I asked her to come if her flight got cancelled and yeah!" Zoella states, they all nod and we park in front of the hotel. 
FINN POV: We sat up in our room while we waited for the rest of the crew. I picked up my phone and texted Ashley.

Finn: How's the flight?

Ashley: Delayed:( did you make it ok?

Finn: yes and that stinks.

Ashley: gtg have to find out when the next flight is<3


I decided to head down to lobby with Jack. When we got down we saw Zoella, Louise, Caspar, and Alfie getting on the elevator. "Hey guys!" Jack said.

ASHLEY POV: I hide on the side of the elevator when Jack and Finn came out. Zoe covered for me so I could go up the elevator. I texted her thank you. Now they will have there like reunited thing in the lobby. I counted the room numbers and found Zoe's and Lousie's room. I got in with the key card Louise let me borrow. I put my bag down on the couch and looked out the window. The pool looked so cool at night.

CASPAR POV: Ashley was the first girl I met that was actually pretty tall. I didn't have to bend over and hug her! When we got to the lobby, we reunited with the rest of the YouTubers. Tomorrow we were going to the "business" playlist live thing. 
After the whole meet thing. We went up to our rooms, I met up with Alfie and we went up to our hotel room. "They have no idea she's here!" Alfie laughed. 

FINN POV: Jack and I went back up into our room and decided to sleep. After all, it was 10:15pm and we needed to wake up early. 
The alarm went off and I burst out of bed along with Jack. I slipped into my plaid shirt with some shorts. I grabbed my phone and shoes and headed out the door. We met up with Sam, Louis, Caspar,Alfie, Tyler, and Marcus in the lobby. We all walked out and towards Playlist Live. I texted Ashley but I bet she's still sleeping. I miss her but in a week I will see her again. 

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