British Love

"When we got out there the view was breathtaking. The buildings like Christmas trees, sparkling with decorations. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of the marvelous view.'It's beautiful,' I say staring back at Finn.'You are beautiful.' Finn said staring back at me."


7. Hello Finny

ASHLEY POV: I woke up with Zoe and Louise making noise. "Ashley! Once we get back we are going to the pool! Wanna join?" Louise asks,"Sure!" I say getting off the couch. They said goodbye and I started to organize my stuff. I found my coat and there was a number in one of the pockets. I took it out and it didn't say a name. I decided to text it and find out. 

Ashley: Hello? Who is this.

: Brad from the street lovely.

Ashley: oh ok sorry gtg flight.

Brad: Bye beautiful

I close my phone and decided to go to the pool and tan. I put on my tribal bikini and my ray ban sunglasses. I head out with a book, my phone, and an extra key card(of course). I picked out a chair and settled in.
------4 hours later--------
I met up with Zoella and Louise at the pool. "Hey lovely!" Louise said engulfing me into a hug. "Hey!" I said hugging her and Zoella. We all sat down in a row of loungers by the pool. Zoella started vlogging us, we laughed and waved at the camera. I didn't have to hide from Finn or Jack because they all went to hang out somewhere.

FINN POV: All the guys including me went to a party at some random YouTubers house. I really missed Ashley, I wish I could spend this time with her. I wipe the thought away as Caspar pulls me over to the karaoke machine. "Finn sing a duet with me." He said holding the mic close to his mouth. "Ok what song?" I ask grabbing the other mic. "What Makes you Beautiful." He said starting the song. "Oh course you are their 6th member!" 
Caspar sang so high pitched I think I might be death. I make my way over to Jack and sit next to him. "Well hello Finny." He said adjusting his glasses. "Hi Jacky wacky." I said taunting him."Do you wish Ashley was here?" He asked making me tense up. "Of course I do! We have been dating for only a week and we are already apart!" I said sinking into the chair. "Don't worry! Tomorrow is playlist live and you know she will somehow support you!" I smiled. "Yeah! I can't wait!" 

We made out way up to the hotel room in a loud mass. "Guys Playlist Live is tomorrow!" Caspar shouted followed by the shouts of all the YouTubers. I couldn't wait. It was going to be so much fun meeting all the fans. But I wonder what Ashley was doing. My best guess is re-reading The Fault In Our Stars. I remember how much she loved it. 

I closed the Fault In Our Stars once again and smiled. This book never failed to impress me. I sipped my tea as I watched Louise and Zoe come in. "Hello!" I said pulling the blanket off of me. "Hey Ashley! I wish you could have gone to that! It was so much fun!" Louise said hugging me. "I wish I could have gone too!" I said hugging them both. "But Ashley! Tomorrow's Playlist Live! What's your plan?" 
I felt the sun burn my eyes as Louise opened the curtains. "Rise and shine my lovelies! Today is Playlist live!" She said spinning. I quickly jumped out of bed. I have to get ready! I heard the shower running, Zoella's showering. I walked over to my suitcase and shuffled through my clothes. No, no, no! Ugh! This has to be perfect! Then, I saw the perfect outfit. My skater dress with a bird pattern. "Perfect!" I shouted pulling it out. I saw Zoella walk out of the shower and I ran into the bathroom. I slipped the dress on and applied light makeup. I left my blonde hair in its natural waves. I walked out and slipped on my Oxford flats. "You look great!" Zoella said as she vlogged. "So do you!" I responded grabbing my purse. Louise already left to meet the rest of the group. But Zoella happily walked with me. "Are you excited!" Zoella asked as we made it closer to the building. "Yes! But nervous, this will be different than talking to a camera." I said as we were stopped by some fans. "Ashley! Can you please sign this!" "I love your videos Ashley!" They all said holding out their phones or notebooks for me to sign. I smiled and signed every single one. I was so touched. Who knew my YouTube channel would take off! "Looks like you have some fans!" 
I waited backstage for my que to go on. It was not easy dodging Jack and Finn for an hour. But soon it will all be worth it. 

FINN POV: We all gathered around the monitors as the girls talked onstage. If only Ashley could have made it. "They are killing it!" Marcus said as the audience screamed. "And now! We have a special guest!" Zoella said. Who is their special guest. I looked at everyone. Alfie and Caspar were smiling. The rest were confused like me. "Please welcome miss Ashley from Ainawonderland!" My mouth dropped. She's here! "Finally I don't have to keep a secret!" Caspar said as Alfie laughed. "You knew?" I asked and they nodded. I brought my attention back to the screen. I saw Ashley smiling widely. "I just started my YouTuber channel about 8 month ago and I'm in the 300,000's! I couldn't be happier!" She said and they all cheered. I couldn't help but smile. She's here.

ASHLEY POV: It was amazing. Being onstage like that. Plus everyone was so nice. Even people cheered my name! "Goodbye!" I said as we all walked off stage. I turned and saw the one face I have wanted to see. "Finn!" I said as he wrapped me into a hug. "You cheeky little girl." He said pulling me closer. It felt like we had been apart for a month. "Was it just me or did it feel like we were apart for like a month?" Finn asked looking into my eyes. "That's exactly how I felt." 
"Lovers reunited!" Caspar shouted interrupting our  conversation. His camera was pointing straight at us. "Say something to my lovely audience." Caspar said bring it closer to my face. "Uh Caspar is single!" I said off the top of my head. Finn started chuckling and wrapped his arm around my waist. "Finn?" He asked, "Caspar is stalking one of you right now." He whispered . I busted out laughing as Caspar turned the camera. "What no....." And he put his phone down awkwardly. 

"Ashley do you know what I have been waiting to do?" Finn said as we walked. "What?" I asked, before I could even react, Finn's lips crashed aganist mine catching me off guard. I felt our lips work as one. He pulled away and smiled. "And there are the two lovebirds of YouTube! Ashlinn!" Troye Sivan shouted coming inbetween us. "Hey Beyonce." I said waving to him. "Finally! Someone gets me!" He smiled. I walked away from Finn and hugged Troye. "Best Friend Status!" Troye said turning the camera off. "Now you two love birds have fun! I'm off to Caspar's for lunchish or dinner. I don't even know." He waved goodbye. 


*Authors note*

I need your help! I have been having writers block with this next chapter! So can you comment your ideas? It can be any like Brad's POV or dinner with the youtubers or Ashley makes a video. Please comment below and leave your ideas! They are greatly appreciated:)


Hope you enjoyed the chapter:)


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