British Love

"When we got out there the view was breathtaking. The buildings like Christmas trees, sparkling with decorations. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of the marvelous view.'It's beautiful,' I say staring back at Finn.'You are beautiful.' Finn said staring back at me."


5. Farewell New York

FINN POV: Who was that guy Ashley was talking to? I don't want to seem like the jealous type but it looked like he said something sweet to her. She blushed when his mouth was moving. God I won't think about it. I'm in over my head. I follow Ashley into the coffee shop. I opened the door and a warm gust of air welcomes us into the sweet smelling coffee shop. Ashley turns to me,"What do you want?" I look at her,"Uh probably a iced coffee. How about you?" I ask stepping to the counter. "A hot chocolate with extra whipped cream." She orders smiling at me. "He will have an iced coffee." She says, "ok that will be 4.47." She quickly puts a 5 dollar bill on the counter and we go sit down. "I could have paid for it." I say taking her hand."It's only 5 dollars it's fine." She smiles, damn I love that smile. We get our drinks and talk for hours. She sipped her hot chocolate and whipped cream Covered her face. "You got a little." I say pointing to the section under the nose. "Oh so you don't like the fashion statement?" She asks duck facing. I snap a picture and laugh. She wiped it off and smiled. I loved her smile.
ASHLEY POV: Finn and I went back to my hotel. We decided to hang out in my room because the rain was getting worse. I grabbed two towels from the bathroom and have one to Finn. "So when do you head back for London?" He asked,"Oh probably tomorrow, my flight might be moved like it is usually." I smile, I feel myself shiver. I think Finn noticed, he came over and wrapped his muscular arms around me. He rubbed his thumb back and forth across my cheek. Then out of the blue his lips crashed against mine. It was like a blaze of sparks showered around us. 
I woke up in my hotel room, I felt a muscular wrapped around me. I turn over and see Finn peacefully sleeping. I hear my phone start to buzz. "Hello?" I say,"It's Jack is Finn with you? Cause we have to go to Florida!" Jack says clearly pacing. "Yeah ok I will get him up." I hang up and turn to Finn. "Finny Finn Finn, you have to wake up!" I say slightly shaking him. His eyes open up and he smiles. "Morning love." He says stretching. I slip out of bed,"Finn you need to go to Florida today! Jack's waiting!" I say pulling the sheets away,"Aww," he said slipping out of the bed. He slips on his shirt and heads to the bathroom. I quickly switch to my jeans and a sporty cardigan. I grab my vans and slip them on. Finn walks out and grabs his phone, penny board, and shoes. I get my phone and we walk out the door. I check my phone and see Jack texted me. I dialed his number and waited. "Hey Jack we are on our way." I said,"Ok Ashley see you at the hotel." He said hanging up.

FINN POV: Ashley and I pushed open the front doors of the hotel. We ran up the stairs and I found my room. I knocked and Jack opened and we walked in. "Finn you need to pack up!" Jack said sitting on a bed. I quickly picked up my things from the bathroom and put them in my suitcase. Ashley sat down and talked to Jack. 

ASHLEY POV: "So how is your YouTube channel doing?" Jack asked as we waited for Finn. "It's doing great! Ever since you tagged my name, people keep subscribing! How about you?" I ask,"Great! Jacksgap is a hit!" I laugh, finally Finn is ready and we head out the door. 

FINN POV: Ashley said she would come with us to the airport. We hopped in the taxi and Jack sat up front. "To the airport," Jack said to the driver. "Ashley when is your flight back to England?" I ask,"4:00pm late I know." She says laughing,"I wish you could come!" I say hugging her.
We walk into the airport and I turn to Ashley. "Bye Ashley." I say kissing her quickly."Stay safe Finn." She smiled hugging me. She turned to Jack. "Have a great flight," she said hugging him. "I will see you guys soon!" She smiled. "I will text you!" I said as we walked away.

ASHLEY POV: *1 hour later*
I packed my bags and headed out the door. I got into a taxi and pulled out my phone. I had a text
Hey Ashley!

Hey Zoella!

Zoella: Please come to Florida!

Ashley: I told you only if my flight gets cancelled! 

Zoella: I hope it does!

I laugh, Zoella was one of my best friends from England. We met at a cafe and instantly became best friends.
Finally I got past all the security and made it to my gate. I guess it was some sort of break because the place was packed with people going to London. "Ashley Anne, Rachel Zaine, Frank Carest, Joey Lylacker, and Penelope Henckle please come to the front desk." I heard the announcements blaire. I walk up first and the flight attendant's fingers clicked and clacked along the keyboard. "I'm sorry but the plane is full and we can't seat you on this plane. You can get on the next plane, which is.." She typed and looked up,"Tomorrow." I frown," Can I switch flights?" The lady nods,"Can I get on the next plane to Florida?"


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