British Love

"When we got out there the view was breathtaking. The buildings like Christmas trees, sparkling with decorations. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of the marvelous view.'It's beautiful,' I say staring back at Finn.'You are beautiful.' Finn said staring back at me."


3. Adventures in the city

 ASHLEY POV: I walked into my hotel and headed up to my room. I put the key into the hole and opened the door. I sunk into my bed and smiled. Today was amazing. Finn held my hand, walked with me, kissed me, talked with me, laughed with me. Oh my god today was a dream come true. I fell asleep over exhaustion.
I woke up at 9:00am and went into my bathroom. I brushed my straight blonde hair and tucked it behind my ears. I applied little makeup and walked out. I changed into my Hipsta Please sweater and my jeans. I put on my combat boots and beanie. I slung my guitar on my back and headed out. I got a Starbucks coffee on the way to the park. We I got there I set up my hat thing for money and sat down. I strummed my guitar and sang the lyrics to endless songs. Many people stopped to listen and some joined in on singing. I was in such a great mood. 

FINNS POV: Jack and I walked through the park planning what our day will be like. Then I heard a beautiful Angel's voice coming from a crowd. I was drawn to go over and find out who it was. I pushed my way through the crowd and saw Ashley sitting on a bench strumming her guitar belting out the lyrics. Her voice is beautiful , I was mesmerized by it. "Finn?" I heard her say as she finished Truly Madly Deeply by One Direction. She got up and hugged me. "Hey Finn! What's brings you to the park today?" She asks as the crowd dies away. "Your voice is beautiful." I say. She starts to blush and she starts to play with her hands. "Really?" She asks looking up. I nod and pull her back in for a hug. "Hey why don't we go explore NYC together!" I suggest she smiles and Jack comes over. "Nice guitar Ashley!" Jack said picking it up. "Jack, Finn and I were going to explore. Wanna come?" Ashley offered,"Na let send you on a date. I'll watch your guitar while your out." Jack said strumming the strings. She blushed and and picked up her hat. "Ok! Shall we go love?" I asked stretching my hand out to her. She laced her fingers through mine. We wave goodbye to Jack and head out. 

ASHLEY POV: Finn and I head out onto the streets of NYC. "Where shall we go?" I ask walking to the beat of the street performers. "Well I have always wanted to see Times Square." Finn said shuffling his feet. "Me too! Should we go to Times Square?" I asked,"Lets go!" Finn said smiling, we started to skip down the sidewalk of NYC. People yelled at us to stop skipping but we were in our own little world. We would see who could jump higher or go the farthest. Whenever I was with him, he never failed to make me smile. We arrived at Times Square and were in awe. All the gigantic billboards glowing everywhere. I immediately ran up the set of bleachers there. Finn followed me and we stood at the top. I looked all over the place and my gaze fell on Finn. He had his phone out,"Did you just take a picture?" I ask laughing,"Uhhhhh nah!" He said probably snapping more photos. I laugh and hug him. "Ok how about a derp face off?" Finn laughs,"Lets go love! Ok whoever wins has to kiss the other person!" Finn says. "Ok I got my game face on!" I said,"3,2,1!" I shout putting on the most unattractive face I could ever make. "Now that's an instagrammer!" He says smirking at me. "Oh god!" I shout putting my hand over my face. "Posted!" He says wrapping his arm around my waist. I smile, is this what love is like? I run down the bleachers holding onto Finns hand. "Dance with me!" I say listening to the music. He laces his fingers through mine and we start to twirl around. I never noticed the crowd taking pictures of us. The room dimmed everywhere but Finn. We turn around and I bow to finish the show. I laugh and Finn bows after me. "Comeon! I have to show you something!" Finn said tugging my arm. We started to run down the sidewalk to who knows where. "A fan tweeted me this location. It looked really cool!" Finn said stopping in front of a garden. I walk and find a fountain. I slide my hand across the slide and smile. I have always loved fountains. My hand brushes past Finn's and I look up. "Beautiful isn't it?" Finn said taking out his camera. "Yes it's wonderful." I said walking around the edge. I remember why I loved fountains...
(This flashback takes place in London. Ashley was 13 years old.)
Ashley ran around the corner and found a fountain. She stood by it and smiled. It was a wish fountain so she dug into the depths of her pockets and found a penny. She squeezed the penny in her hand and wished for one thing... To Be Noticed. She threw the penny in and sat on the bench. The only kids who noticed her were the boys who make fun of her and close people. She longed to be in the spotlight, living her fantasy. She was alone, by the fountain. So she decided to dance. She plugged her headphones in and danced along with the beat. Before she knew it people surrounded her taking pictures, putting money on the ground for her. Her eyes widened with excitement. Had her wish come true? Was she finally being noticed?
I heard the snap of a camera and I spun around. Finn smiled,"You make a great model Ashley." I did a wacky pose to go with what he said. He laughs and snaps a pic. 
After a photo shoot type of thing we started to head back. I pull out my phone and see all the notifications lighting it up. I open it and see its all pictures of me and Finn. "Finn look we are all over the Internet!" I laugh and start to read some

@ashleyAnne16 @FinnHarries Date now!

@FinnHarries ask her already!! @ashleyAnne16

@ashleyAnne16 so pretty! @FinnHarries a lucky man!

Match made in heaven! 
@ashleyAnne16 @FinnHarries 

I felt my face warm up at just the few comments. They were all so sweet. "Ashley, so see you later?" Finn said catching my glance. "That would be awesome." I smile, I look up and see my hotel is there. I was going to give Finn a quick kiss but he pulled me in for a kiss. I wrap my arm around his neck and he pulls away."See you tomorrow love." Finn whispered and started to walk away. I tried to stick my hand up but it went to my heart.Was I in love with Finn Harries?

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