British Love

"When we got out there the view was breathtaking. The buildings like Christmas trees, sparkling with decorations. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of the marvelous view.'It's beautiful,' I say staring back at Finn.'You are beautiful.' Finn said staring back at me."


1. The Streets of NYC

ASHLEY POV: I walked through the streets of New York. I haven't been there before so I had this gigantic map and I wasn't paying attention to the world around me.  I bumped into someone and looked up. "Sorry I wasn't looking." I said looking back at my map. "It's ok love. What's your name?" The man asked. "Uh my names Ashley, how about you?" I asked taking one last look at the map. "I'm Finn and that's Jack Harries." I look up in shock,"You mean THE Jack and Finn Harries?" I said folding my map, excited. I love them! "Yes we are The Finn and Jack Harries." Finn said looking at me smiling.  "I love JacksGap! I may seem like a crazy fan but I have watched every episode!" I said laughing. "She's actually really cute." Finn mumbles,"What?" I ask,"Nothing!" Finn laughs. "Well it was very nice to meet you!" I smile starting to step away. "Wait! Have you been here before?" I shook my head,"Well why don't you come with us! We can show you around!" I smile,"Really? That would be amazing!" I giggle,"Well come on! Lets go!" They lock their arms around mine and we head off.

FINN POV: We had our are linked walking down the streets of New York. We shared stories with Ashley and she would giggle. Since it was the dead of Winter we did a sort of huddle thing. I felt Ashley's body heat against my side. I smelled her sweet smelling perfume. She was really pretty and cute. "Tell us about yourself." I blurt out staring at her. She smiles and stares up at me," Well I took a semester off of college to visit a lot of America. I want to be an actress, um, I have a brother, mom, and dad. Yeah that's pretty much it." She smiled at me, holding my gaze until Jack ripped it away,"We took a semester off of college too! Tripleting!" Jack shouted drawing Ashley's attention. She giggled and started to lean on him. I balled my free hand into a fist. Jack looked over and laughed. "Oh Finn!" Jack says, Ashley turns over to me and smiles. I feel my face start to warm up. I turn away and Ashley  started to giggle. I look over and place my hand on her cheek. Her eyes were locked on mine, like she was studying me. Jack hit both of our arms and said,"Guys the Empire State!" Jack shouts. We turn into the entrance and step in together.

ASHLEY POV: When Finn's eyes locked with mine, the whole world stopped. His beautiful green eyes, his dorky smile.  Then he put his hand on my cheek and I felt my face warm up. His hand rested on my cheek. His delicate touch, soft hands. I could stay like this forever. Suddenly I felt someone slap my arm. "Guys the Empire State!" Jack shouted. I turn away Finn and we walk in. There wasn't a long line so we got our tickets and started the ascend up the Empire State. "Are you scared of highs love?" Finn asked," Kind of.." I said looking up at him. His voice was so sweet and soothing to the ear. I felt a hand slip  into mine, lacing their fingers with mine. I look down and see its Finn's hand. "Don't worry I got you babe." He whispered, I felt my knees buckle underneath me. I caught myself and looked up and smiled. Finn held my hand, and called me babe. Call me a fangirl but OMG! "Ugh lovebirds!" Jack shouted throwing his hands in the air. I blush and we move up the Empire State.

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