I Will Always Choose You

I wrote this story for my friend Lucy for her birthday!
I hope you enjoy this Niall Horan fan fic.


3. The World Is Ahead

"Lucy. Lucy". Someone said as they shook my shoulder. I groaned as I was still asleep. "Time to get up". The voice said again, just then I realized it was Niall talking. So I opened my eyes as fast as I could and turned to face Niall's beautiful face. 

He smiled his perfect smile. I wrapped my arms around his neck and clung to his shirt while he breathed into my hair. 

"I love you". Niall said.

"I love you too". I replied.

Just then he looked at me into my eyes and pulled himself closer to my lips. Our lips where perfectly entwined. The heat off of his lips where brushing into mine and soon he took me into another world. We kissed for about another few minutes until we pulled apart because we didn't like to use much P.D.A and also it made it awkward because Harry was there. 

I laid back into the plain seat and looked at Niall. We decided to get a plain, to be more normal. No one bothered us. I looked across to see Harry staring at me giving me dirty looks. It broke his heart whenever he saw me and Niall together. 

I turned to look back at Niall. "So how long have I been asleep for?" I asked him, just to get the conversation going.

"Hmm. About a few hours. I would have waked you up but you looked like you needed it. Besides you are too cute when you are sleeping". 

I blushed and Niall got his thumb and scarred my cheek where it went bright red. I smiled and he smiled back at me. I had always had an awkward smile, well that's just what I thought. Everyone else told me it was cute. 

"How long is it until we are getting off?" I asked. 

"About 2 hours. I thought I would get you up so we could chat for a bit and you needed something to eat. And it's annoying when someone gets you up like 5 minutes before you are getting off". He smiled.

"I'm happy you got me up. So I could see you again. It's been a long time since I have seen you. I have missed you babe". The words came out of my mouth so sweetly.

"I have missed you too, beautiful".

I smiled a great huge smile and blushed at the same time.

Niall smiled and looked at the ground and then back up at me. "Your dimples get me everytime. I swear you are perfect".

I rolled my eyes, "Hardly". 

I pulled Niall close and whispered into his ear. "I think we should stop being so cute if you get what I mean. Because I can see Harry in the corner of my eye. He really is jealous. I truly think that he loves me".

"Not as much as I love you. But ok. Just for you. But when we get off the plain and land in Rome we need to get to the hotel and have some alone time...If you understand me". He whispered back and said the last line cheekily.

I pulled away from him and winked.

The rest of the journey was only an hour long. We just talked, caught up and ate.

Niall grabbed my hand. "This is it. The beautiful city of Rome". 

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