I Will Always Choose You

I wrote this story for my friend Lucy for her birthday!
I hope you enjoy this Niall Horan fan fic.


1. Back On Tour

The sun shone through my thin, blue curtains as I pulled myself out of my double bed. I walked up to my calendar to tick off yesterday just then someone knocked on my bedroom door. I quickly fixed my hair and shouted "Come in".

It was my older brother, Zayn. "Hey bedhead". He greeted me.

"Hey swaggot". I teased him. 

He walked up to me as I walked over to my dresser to comb through my knotty hair. I flinched whenever the comb would un-tangle my hair.

"Today is the day". Zayn said with a smile on his face.

I smiled and looked down at the ground. "I guess it is". I could only help but think of one person; Niall James Horan.

"You ready to go on tour with the band?" He asked.

"Of course". You see my brother Zayn was in a band. Not only a band, one of the biggest boy bands in the whole, entire world; One Direction. 

"I guess I'll leave ya to it. Remember be ready soon. In about 2 hours. Yeah?". Zayn asked me.

I nodded. Zayn left the room and shut my door. After I brushed my hair I ran into the bathroom before anyone else in the house used the shower. I put the hot water on and stood in the shower while the water dripped down my naked body. After 10 minutes I got out and blow dried my hair. 

"Hmm. What to wear". I thought to myself as I was stood in my bedroom staring at my wardrobe with only my white towel covering my body. "I guess this will have to do". I breathed to myself as I pulled out a cute dinosaur hoodie and some jeans topped with my black converse shoes. I was never really a girl to dress up. I liked to dress it down. 

I then ran downstairs and started doing my hair while Zayn was putting some gel in his hair. 

"Your hair still looks awful". Zayn teased me. 

"Shut up Mr Malik". I told him as I playfully elbowed him. 

"Lucy Catchpole how dare you". He shouted at me playfully. 

I winked back at him.

You are probably wondering why we had different names. Well we had different dads. And that was about it. 

Me and Zayn where really close. Like best friends. He was my best friend to be honest. I could tell him anything and he could tell me anything.

I was just finishing my hair while Zayn kicked back on the leather sofa at our mum's house. That's where we went whenever we came home. I would go on tour with Zayn to keep him company and for something to do. I was finished with school as I was 18 and Zayn was 20. 

"I bet ya can't wait to see Niall". Zayn teased and asked me at the same time.
I turned to face Zayn. "No". I smiled.

Niall was a member of One Direction and so was Louis, Liam and Harry. I had been dating Niall for a year. But Harry was very jealous. It made it awkward but we tried to ignore it.

The band and myself went home for a break for 2 weeks. And that's how long I hadn't seen Niall in.  Because I needed some serious me and family time. That and me and my family went to Disney World for a week to bond again for a bit.

"Hey you two". My mum said as she came down the stairs and walked into the living room.

"Hey". Me and Zayn both replied at the same time. 

"You both have 1 hour left and then you are going". My mum told us both.

"We know". Zayn replied.

I went into the kitchen and sat at the dining table while my mum was making a cup of tea. 

"You want some pancakes hunny?" She asked me.

"That would be great thanks".

My mum made us all some pancakes and we ate our last family meal together for a while and we enjoyed every bit of it.

We chilled out until we had to set off. Paul (One Direction's security guard) came in his car to pick us up and drop us off at the airport.

"Cya mum I love you". Zayn said.

"Love you mum. Take care of yourself". I told my mum just before we got into the car.

"I love you both. Have fun". 

Just then we got into the car and drove from the little town called Hoyland in South Yorkshire to the big world ahead of us.


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