Riley and her group of stoner friends are miles from being One Direction Fans, but when her mom thinks she should be a bit more like the other 15 year old's she gets dragged to one of their concerts in St.Louis a couple hours away, and with the help of her persistant mother, meets and falls in love with the last person she'd be expected to; Liam Payne.


1. Pancake Morning

Riley's POV:

"Hun, its Tuesday and I made red pancakes I know they're your favorite, come eat before you leave for school please" pleaded Karen.

"Not hungry..." I mumbled, making my way down the ancient spiral stairs leading down to the kitchen, as they creaked after each wobbly step in our sad excuse of a light house, overlooking the Mississippi river.

"There's no way in hell you're that skinny and not hungry girl, i mean people are gonna start thinkin' im starvin' ya over here," she said in a fake country accent

"Great," I thought " another accent." 

 " Stop pretending your country and maybe i will..." I teased

"Hey, i woke up 20 minutes early to go get red food coloring for these pancakes, specifically for you, and i don't care if it takes all day long, god dammit, you are eating them!"

"Karen, I'm not 5, you don't have to add food coloring anymore, you should know that by now," I snapped, i wish she would just be a normal mom and grow the fuck up already,"  I thought to myself, as I took my first bite skeptically, prepared for the worst. I stopped mid-chew, grabbed a napkin, and spit it out. Under cooked. Again. "Why am i not surprised?" i mumbled to myself to myself in spite of my anger, " You'd think after 15 years of practice they'd actually turn up edible once in a while..." I added, heading towards the front door, backpack in hand

"How do they taste, hun?" Karen questioned with a hopeful smile as she began to untie her rainbow striped apron

"Like crap." I stated, just loud enough for her to hear, and slamming the door behind me before I could catch even a glimpse of Karen's disappointed puppy dog face, as it always was after every Tuesday morning. Pancake morning.




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