Riley and her group of stoner friends are miles from being One Direction Fans, but when her mom thinks she should be a bit more like the other 15 year old's she gets dragged to one of their concerts in St.Louis a couple hours away, and with the help of her persistant mother, meets and falls in love with the last person she'd be expected to; Liam Payne.


3. My Normal

*Four Months Later*

Riley's POV:

I sat in the tippy-top of the lighthouse, while I did Chem. homework, in attempt to get my grade up to at least a C before the semester ended in a couple weeks. Seeing the water crash into the cliffs beneath me, calmed me, everyday after school i'd come up here, pop in my earphones and just relax. It made me forget the jerks at school, and the whispers that never stopped,  sometimes i'd even forget the time and end up staying for hours, until Karen called me down for dessert before dinner. My phone buzzed as if on cue, interrupting  my thoughts. 

It was Karen, "Come down for dessert please, dinner's almost ready"

"Be down in a second." I replied, moments later, taking a last glace at the violent waves that appeared when a storm was coming in.

I tip-toed down the spiral stairs and into the kitchen, trying to avoid the creaks that always drove me crazy.

"Its your favorite, mint chocolate chip, with peanut butter." sang Karen from the walk-in freezer behind the counter.

"It's not my favorite, it was Luke's" I reminded Karen.

Ever since my little brother of only 6 drowned two summer's ago in the local pool , she was persistent on pretending that I was still a little kid, which meant pancakes every Tuesday, because Luke hated Tuesdays and it was her way of cheering him up for before school, silly, fake accents to make him laugh, and dessert before dinner, because what toddler doesn't want dessert first? At first, I went along with it, but after a while, it was just sad, down right depressing, and she needs to move on, and quite frankly, I'm tired of being my own mom.

She stopped mid-scoop, frozen in place staring at one of the dozens of tubs of  mint chocolate chip ice cream she kept in that freezer for so long.

"Don't know what you're talkin' bout my honey bunches of oats," she exclaimed continuing to scoop, her voice flowing into her signature country accent. "Sprinkles?" she added, her accent wavering.

"Sure." I said, calling truce for the night, she was hopeless and I was on the verge of giving up completely.


 After dinner, I retreated back to my teletubbies room on the second floor, right next to Luke's old one and put my jet black hair hair up into a bun, went over to the rubber ducky themed bathroom (designed by Karen of coarse and washed the heap of black eye makeup off my face, put on a tank top and sweats for bed, gathered a few of my favorite brand of menthol cigarettes from inside the stuffing of my teddy bears upon the growing pile of stuffed animals beside my bunk bed, and headed for the top of the lighthouse to begin my Friday night alone once again.


Around 1:30 AM I heard the familiar creak of the spiral stairs, followed by Karen a few seconds later carrying a plate of blue cupcakes frosted with yellow and black smiley faces and topped off with a candy heart. I quickly put out my cigarette, hoping she hadn't seen it in the darkness of the early morning, and hesitantly said,


"Good morning my sweetums," Karen said, "I made cuppy cakes for ya" 

" I can see that, thanks." I said, reaching for one with seemingly the most icing to cover up the actual taste of the cake which without doubt was under cooked

"I'm worried about you Riley," she blurted 

As much as I tried to hold it in, I giggled. Giggles quickly turned into out right laughter, and, the next thing I knew I was on the floor laughing my ass off as Karen looked at me with an estranged expression on her face.

"What is sooo hilarious?" she questioned "im trying to be quite serious with you Riley" she continued in a British accent making me laugh even harder.

I took a few minutes to collect myself, sitting across from Karen, still fighting off a smile from showing it's self.

"Okay, so um, so you are worried about me?" I said, "Well, that's definitely a change"

"Right," she said suspiciously "Well, its been almost four months at your new school, and well you haven't made any friends yet, and you're a teenager and its Friday night and your up here all alone, sweetie that's not good"

"Well, that's because every one at Central are complete and utter dicks." I said bluntly 

"I don't like that language little Missy, I think that's uno dollar in the swear jar you owe me this evening."

"You can think anything you'd like, but there's no way in hell i'm payin' you anything"

"That's two..." she sang, getting up to leave.

"Ah!" I yelled, causing Karen to turn around "Leave the cupcakes, and nobody gets hurt" I said, smiling the one of the first genuine smiles Karen had seen on my face in almost 2 years.

"Of coarse," she said, setting them down on the cushion next to me. When I heard the last creak from the stairs, I got out my lighter out and a new cigarette, and took a few puffs before thinking how funny it was that, desserts before dinner, dinosaur nuggets,a rubber ducky themed bathroom, under cooked food colored pancakes, and random fake accents were normal. At 16 years old, living in a teletubbie room and pigging out on almost inedible smiley face cupcakes in the middle of my Friday night , was my normal. And I hate every moment of it.




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