Riley and her group of stoner friends are miles from being One Direction Fans, but when her mom thinks she should be a bit more like the other 15 year old's she gets dragged to one of their concerts in St.Louis a couple hours away, and with the help of her persistant mother, meets and falls in love with the last person she'd be expected to; Liam Payne.


4. False Starts

Riley's POV:

The next morning, I awoke groggily to hear Falling In Reverse- Raised by the Wolves blasting in my ears at the top of the lighthouse, the sun blaring in my eyes, remembering that I had set my IPod to shuffle through, thinking I must have fallen asleep quickly after that, which was probably around 5 or 6, around the time it would have started to get light. I picked myself off the white cushions now stained with cigarette stains from the night before, I rummaged around the small circular room surrounded with glass walls in every direction, looking for my sidekick phone I had finally saved enough money to buy. Under the cushions? Nope. On the floor? Nope. Hiding in the blankets? Nope. In my pocket where I should have looked in the first place? Yupperdoodles. "WOW." I thought, "Yupperdoodles? ya, I really need to get out more often." 

 I looked at the time displayed on the home screen. It read 3:14 PM. "HOLY CRAP" I yelled. Even on the weekends Karen had never let me sleep past 7:30 in the morning, insisting that I go and walk outside and get some exercise. Not that I needed it. Even when I deliberately tried to gain weight, so people would stop shoving food in my face, I had never peaked over 105 pounds at 5 feet 6 inches, putting me over 20 pounds underweight without even trying.

"That's 4 dollar's in the swear jar, Riley, I heard that..." said a smug Karen from downstairs. Right at that moment,  an idea popped into my head.

"Hey Karen," I said in the sweetest voice I could possibly manage to sustain. Then, on the top of my lungs, I shouted  "FUCK, SHIT, PUSSY, ASS, MOTHERFUCKING, DAMN, BITCH, BITCH, DAMN, MOTHERFUCKING, ASS, PUSSY, SHIT FUCK!!!!!!!"

I expected some huge gasp from the kitchen or something along those lines. Instead, I was left with silence. Suspicion formed as the silence continued. "This isn't like Karen," I thought "usually, it doesn't take much to get her all worked up.

A few minutes later the silence was on-going and I knew I was in trouble, this time I had done it.

I slowly crept down those spiral stairs, listening for any sign of Karen.

"92..93...94..." I counted the steps, keeping track of how many I had left to go. I had gone up and down these stairs so many times, I knew each and every crack, and creak it had to offer in its 144 steps. I knew that on step 97 going up that there was a dead spider to be avoided, and step 42 going down was extremely unstable, and was ready to give way at any moment, it had sort of turned into a game over the years, avoiding the booby traps to 

When I finally reached the bottom Karen was sitting at the island counter, with a tub of mint chocolate chip. She turned to find me staring right back at her.Maybe I had been to harsh on her, she was trying, and I was being a brat. I opened my mouth, ready to apologize, when Karen interrupted,

'You know very well i don't appreciate that language, lad" she said, this time in a Scottish accent, snapping back into her kooky, in-denial, crazy ass self, just when I had though things were going to change for the better this time. Just when I thought we could finally start over again and actually have a mother-daughter relationship instead of a mother-toddler type relationship. But, I guess I was wrong, and i'm not waiting forever.

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