Riley and her group of stoner friends are miles from being One Direction Fans, but when her mom thinks she should be a bit more like the other 15 year old's she gets dragged to one of their concerts in St.Louis a couple hours away, and with the help of her persistant mother, meets and falls in love with the last person she'd be expected to; Liam Payne.


2. Alone

Narrators POV:

It was her first day of her junior year at a new school, she should  have had dozens upon dozens of thoughts racing through her head like every other girl was. But she didn't. Riley Ruth Roth had only one.

Riley's POV:

Fuck. My. Life.

Chesterfield wasn't a small town, but it didn't take long until everyone noticed that I was the odd one out. And before I could even get to first hour, I was the center of attention. Lucky me.


"Just keep walking, just keep walking, just keep walking walking walking..." I told myself under my breath. Everyone was staring at me and whispering to their friends, not very discreetly i might add, and I can't say I liked it very much.

"Wow, do drugs much?" questioned a snotty looking short haired brunette, referring to my sunken face and bony figure

"All the time, thanks for noticing" I said sarcastically, in my best rich-girl voice, trying my best to hide the fact that she was right, I did. I smirking to myself as I watched her face go from smug straight to surprised, I guessed not to many people actually had the balls to say shit to her face.

"What is she wearing?!" asked a tall, blonde, muscular girl accompanied by a bulk lookin' guy I assumed was her boyfriend.

"Looks like a slut to me..." commented a girl wearing a black and red uniform. "Cheerleader," I thought, "go figure."

"Okie dokie, looks like i have..." i said to myself rummaging through my black over-the-shoulder bag, to find a crinkled scheduled at the bottom "...physical education, first hour. Great! I cant wait" I muttered sarcastically "This day just keeps getting better and better."

I wondered around aimlessly hoping my lucky stars I would magically come across the gym room in this labyrinth of a school, later realizing I actually had no idea where anything was, I thought, "Hey, awesome opportunity to talk to some really cute seniors..."

For the next few minutes I shuffled around the seemingly endless hallways of Parkway Central High School, passing cheerleaders flirting with the jocks, yearbook club taking photos as spelling bee champion Erik Lee posed in front of the school store. Then, after passing a few less- than school appropriate make out sessions behind the orchestra room, I spot a tall, lanky guy, with black hair and similar eyes, wearing a Pink Floyd tee. 

I approached him with a sweeter-than-butterscotch smile plastered to my make-up-free face, pushing my bangs out of my eyes with my spare hand, revealing the rest of my forehead, took a deep breath and said,

"Hey, uh don't really know where i'm going uh and i was kinda hoping you could point me in the direction of the gym...?

"Uh, its about 15 feet to the left of where we're standing now..." he replied, my cheeks turning a bright pink, my smile quickly fading, as i looked to where he was pointing to find a sign right above a pair of double doors reading "GYM"

"Thanks." I said glumly, as embarrassment washed over me.

"Hey, anytime sweet-cheeks" he said, chuckling, as he waved to me goodbye.

"Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!" my mind screamed, mentally kicking myself for thinking I could actually successfully talk to cute guys on my first day, like i wasn't already doomed enough.


I somehow managed to successfully arrive on time and survive the next 5 periods of agonizing high school without going off on anyone, although I wanted to countless times every single time I heard some dumb ass jock thinkin' he knew anything about me, thinkin' he ever would, know anything about me, that is. In fact, i find it extremely hard to believe that any of them knew anything besides how to open their fucking mouths and talk about shit they haven't lived. But its lunch  and despite being the new girl, despite being the new shiny toy everyone wants to add to their collection of friends, its lunch time and I am alone. And for that I am grateful. 















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