She's the one

This is the story of a girl with an abusive step dad. what happens when she meets amember of the biggest boyband in the world? Find out in She's the one


4. Whoa

Hailey P.O.V.
Harrys kiss sent chills through my body. Hes amazingly charming and sweet,not to bad looking either...who am i kidding? HES HOT!! He came back down stairs after i had woken up the next morning. "good morning." hd said. "morning" I replied. i got up off of his couch and followed him to the kitchen. "you look better! how are you feeling?" Hary asked "alot better. thank you" i replied. He walked to the fidge scanned its contents...took out the eggs and cracked them into a skillet that was being heated on the stove. I watched him beating and stirring the eggs and soon enough he handed me a plate of eggs. i started eating and soon he did to.

"So how old are you hailey?" he asked me. "18" i replied. "oh" he said. we were silent for awile then he speaks up. "your beautifull and i know we just met but i think i love you i didnt sleep at all last night because i was thinking about you"he said quickly. He was about to say something else but i stopped him by pressing my lips to his.
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