She's the one

This is the story of a girl with an abusive step dad. what happens when she meets amember of the biggest boyband in the world? Find out in She's the one


3. Run away girl

Haileys P.O.V
"HAILEY!!!!!!" I heard my stepfather scream from behind me. I picked up the pace. I quickly ducked down an alley way before hiding behind a dumpster to catch my breath. Once it was silent for about 10 minutes I decided to go look for a place to stay.

I walked and walked seeing families around fire plces having quality time together."keep walking you have to keep walking" I told myself. But i couldnt. I dropped to the ground and blacked out.

I woke up very dizzy. I looked around and saw that i had dropped in front of a house the previous night. I saw a boy with chocolate curls walk out the door with what looked to be a cup of something in his hands. His gaze caught mine and the cup was dropped to the ground. he just stared at me before rushing over to try to help me. "Hey?!?! Are you alright?!?" He asked concerned. "Yea, im fine" i said trying to get up but i failed. "Whoa...i got you" He said as he picked me up bridalside and carried me into his house.

Harry's P.O.V
I brought her inside and put her on the couch. she was beautiful. "Are you ok?" i asked her. she tried to sit up but she was too weak. "here,let me make you some tea" I went to the kitchen, made the tea and brought it to her. Her clothes were soaked from the downpour last night. "Your soaked. I bet i can find some of gemmas old clothes for you.". "thank you" she said weakly. I smiled back slightly and then bounded up the steps and got her some clothers. once i found some i took them to her and helped her to the bathroom to change. When she was finnished i helped her back to the couch. she was strong enough to sit up now but not much else. "whats your name?" i asked he."Hailey." she replied. "why were you utside allight?" i further questioned "i was running from stepfather"she told me about how he mollested her and beat her. I s astonished and angered at the same time."Im Harry" I said to her. "im in a band called one direction." "i know my friend has you all over her walls." she said smiling. "Haha, thats me yes. You are welcom to stay here as long as you need to." i said "thanks" she replied. "No problem babe" I said. i kissed her cheek then left to my room
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