The Unrealistic

Melinda is a dark, evil, princess hidden from the good. She has grown up during war. Ever since the good killed her mother she began to hate them and all their fancy stuff. While listen to her father's conversation about planning an attack after the goods' party, Melinda decided to sneak out with her pet dragon, Semira, and attack them by herself...but her plan doesn't go so well...and she finds herself falling for the prince of good, Vladimir. Soon, Melinda's world....starts to change.


3. The plan


I was going to sneak out with Semira. My father is stupid for not attacking to night anyways. I can sneak in as guest. I soled a brochure from my father's meeting room and reviewed it...



Mysterious  Ball

When:  Wednesday, February 23, 1740

Where: Grand Place of the Good           

Time: 9 pm -midnight                              

Theme: Mysterious                                   

What to Wear: a costume is required,

may wear a mask.

Who's invited: All citizens of good     

Looks like I will be breaking the rules tonight ,oh what a shame. Ahaha! I'm not a shame I have been born to fight! I'm prepared. I'll wear my best costume, the one I wore while in hiding, the one that makes me look like a ninja. Semira will be my guard, I will ride her till we reach the place. Once there she will be awaiting out side, hopefully not get caught by their dragon. He is good but gets fierce when the evil is near. After making sure everything is all right with Semira, I will head inside acting like a guest. My knife will be in my dress. Without anyone seeing I will start to move in on the queen and king and kill them. The guards won't even be on duty...I think. My plan will work out perfect and Prince Vladimir won't even know what to do!
I quickly put on my dress and locked my door. Father doesn't have a key to my room and he is asleep. Saying a prayer to Hades wishing I'll be safe, I put on mask as well. I then hop on Semira ,all prepared to g,o and fly out the window not a thing will know.

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