The Unrealistic

Melinda is a dark, evil, princess hidden from the good. She has grown up during war. Ever since the good killed her mother she began to hate them and all their fancy stuff. While listen to her father's conversation about planning an attack after the goods' party, Melinda decided to sneak out with her pet dragon, Semira, and attack them by herself...but her plan doesn't go so well...and she finds herself falling for the prince of good, Vladimir. Soon, Melinda's world....starts to change.


4. The flight

It's dark, really dark, but that's always how it is over here. I've never seen the sun before or anything so bright and colorful everything has been dark. Tonight was different, it was an unusual dark. Black clouds filled the air. I heard the wolves howl and the bats fly away. All the animals started to take shelter and I saw the look on Semira's face while flying her. All of the sudden I knew what was going to happen....It started to sprinkle, then rain. After a few minutes it started to storm. Winds gushed and lightning flashed. This flight was not going to go well.

"Everything will be fine Semira! Don't worry!" I yelled over the rain. She's never flew in the rain and it was hard to control her. The place seemed so far....then Semira hit something and we went crashing down....

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