The Unrealistic

Melinda is a dark, evil, princess hidden from the good. She has grown up during war. Ever since the good killed her mother she began to hate them and all their fancy stuff. While listen to her father's conversation about planning an attack after the goods' party, Melinda decided to sneak out with her pet dragon, Semira, and attack them by herself...but her plan doesn't go so well...and she finds herself falling for the prince of good, Vladimir. Soon, Melinda's world....starts to change.


1. How it All Started

We've always been against the good, ALWAYS! They killed my mother two years ago and still continued to attack us, we attacked back, though. I've been against them ever since. Through out my life I've grown to be dark and evil, I was born that way. Growing in the cold, dark places of the forest, playing the snow was always fun. Being alone though, was never pleasant. I don't have any friends...I don't think I'll ever get any, but my dragon,Semira, is like a friend to me. I can see evil right through her. She's dark and cold blooded. I love how her black skin mixes with her dark, purple wings. Her wings sharp as can be. She'll listen and never say a word, and that's why I love her.

The good has always been fighting against since I was born. They say I'm a disgrace and is going to kill all of man-kind. My mother never believed them.  My father didn't either till my mother died... He screamed "Miranda! This is all your fault!" He felt awful saying that to me. He forgave me and knew it wasn't my fault my mother died. I still don't know though, am I a disgrace? Will I kill all of man-kind?

My father is getting weaker day by day. Plants tend to die when I touch them. The good don't dare to come near me they have decided to try to kill me. There first attempt was when my mother died protecting me...

The year was 1720, I was 14 years old. It was a normal day, the cool breeze flowing into the castle. We were having dinner when we saw them marching. One by one they were holding guns and had cannons. Semira was only 12 and was still in training but got out there to fight. I was scared, we haven't had a war since I was 8. My mother quickly grabbed me and pulled me away. I saw my father running into action, with our army all rushing. One by one our soldiers started to go down. I started to cry one was my uncle. The I feel backward, my mother was being attacked. I started to scream and my father rushed over.
"Miranda, run! Runaway and never returned!" My mother yelled.

I was to much in shock I didn't know what to do, right before my eyes I saw my mother die. Stabbed to death by the good. I quickly killed the soldiers around my mother and the good retreated, afraid of me. I was heart-broken in tears, my father crying while holding my mother's hand. She was gone, she really was gone...

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