The Unrealistic

Melinda is a dark, evil, princess hidden from the good. She has grown up during war. Ever since the good killed her mother she began to hate them and all their fancy stuff. While listen to her father's conversation about planning an attack after the goods' party, Melinda decided to sneak out with her pet dragon, Semira, and attack them by herself...but her plan doesn't go so well...and she finds herself falling for the prince of good, Vladimir. Soon, Melinda's world....starts to change.


2. Father's Plan

Like normal, my father was in a meeting today. He sends me to my room all the time while he's in them as well. I never listen though, I always sneak out to see what they are talking about. Today was unlike most of his meetings. My father was actually planning an attack!

"We should attack them tomorrow! Let them have their little fun tonight!" Father yelled.
"Yeah! Yes Yeah!" The room screamed.

"They'll be so tried out from their little ball tonight they won't know what hit them!" Jim said.

"Of course they won't. That's why we attack tomorrow!"
"Yes!" The room screamed.

"Now everyone get back to their cabin! I need you're full attention and energy tomorrow." Father said.

That was my time to go. I run all the way to my room and picked up the closest book to me. Then my father walked in.

"How are you doing sweet heart? The meeting is over."

"I'm fine, thank you. It is? I didn't know it was."

"Yes, and I need to tell you something."

"Oh my god he's gonna take me into battle! Yes!" I though. "Yes, father?" I asked him.

"You will be stay home alone tomorrow, you will have Semira, though."

"What! You're not taking me into battle! I'm 16 now! I'm ready! I've been training enough!" I thought. "Where are you going tomorrow?"

"I'm going into war."
"What! You're not taking me into battle! I'm 16 now! I'm ready! I've been trained enough! I work everyday to get better you know my skills father! I can-"

"No! I'm not going to lose you!"

"But, you won't! Father-"

"I said no!" Father yelled and slammed the door on his way out. He's never fair! I've been training since I was five! It's no fair that I have to sit here at home and be left alone with only Semira for a friend.

"Semria!" I called and she flew into the room. "I need your help, we're sneaking out tonight."

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