The Unrealistic

Melinda is a dark, evil, princess hidden from the good. She has grown up during war. Ever since the good killed her mother she began to hate them and all their fancy stuff. While listen to her father's conversation about planning an attack after the goods' party, Melinda decided to sneak out with her pet dragon, Semira, and attack them by herself...but her plan doesn't go so well...and she finds herself falling for the prince of good, Vladimir. Soon, Melinda's world....starts to change.


5. Everything is okay

I pulled her up fast and we headed back into the clouds. Her face was scratched and I knew I was going to be caught, but we made it there and there was no turning back. I looked around to see if their dragon was out and it seemed he wasn't. I left Semira and told her to send a light into the sky when it was time to go. I grabbed my sword and tucked it under my belt which was under my dress. I put my mask on and headed inside...time to fight...time to show my father wrong....

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