A 17 year old girl, lost her mother 3 months ago she is suffering depression and doesn't know what to do with her life, until the one of One Directions band members helps a depression society, and meets this young girl. Harry Styles starts to fall for her what will happen next?


1. Depression

  Lucy's P.O.V




t was 12 midnight and the rain wouldn't stop pouring, there was droplets of water coming down from our shaggy apartment house. I stayed in my bed listening to my dad in the opposite room yell, i knew he was angry about the death of my mother but there was nothing i could do to make him better all i did was stay out of his way. Its been 3 months now since the slow painful death of my mother, and ever since then myself and my dad both suffer from serious depression. My dad quit his job so that he could stay and look after me, but ever since that happened things have just gotten worse. Tomorrow i start a depression society for those who are on the road down to suicide. 


I told my dad about, and all he said to me was "okay we will give it one go.. but don't get me wrong i am not depressed." All i did was nod at him with a cute puppy dog smile. It's now 8:00am i slept i guess. I walked down the stairs to see my dad shaved and in a nice pair of jeans and a Ralph Lauren polo i got him for his birthday last year, I walked over and hugged him. I could smell his aftershave that was suprisingly refreshing and addicting. 


I took some orange juice and a digestive biscuit, grabbed my coat and walked outside with my dad locking up the apartment, We walked down the road, past the small park and into the village, we saw the sign outside where we were meant to be going "Depression Society" i looked at dad "Lets go, we will meet people just like us!" i said. He looked anxiously at me waiting for something to happen, that would change my mind. But nothing did.

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