A band,an angel and a messed up teenager

What would you do if you meet a male angel? what if that angel tells you you're his, and asks for your permission to let him stay in your head and in exchange he will give you superpowers?

Sam's life was dull and boring until she met Eric (half angel) and made a deal with him. And using her new powers she went to see ‘One Direction’ and became close to her favorite band member, Niall Horan.
But with powers comes great responsibilities, strange things are happening, angels are disappearing and her secret might not remain a secret anymore. This is a story about being a lost teenager, having dreams, and figuring out your purpose in life. With a little sprinkle of t-shirts and a sassy heroine.


6. Chapter5

Hi I’m trouble

I heard you were looking for me






 “What can I get for you?” The waiter asked me

“Whatever Niall’s getting” I smiled sweetly at Niall. The restaurant was small, cozy and almost empty, and the costumers are all above the age of 50, the owner is a very nice man, his name is marshal he takes orders and his wife cooks. We combined tree tables so we can sit all together.

“What are we going to do about Lorena?” Liam asked

“Ignore her, I was waiting for this day to come she was annoying,” zayn said

“We should tell Simon about her, so he can fire her ass,” Louis, the sass master suggested

“Yeah, I Mean, Paparazzi? What if we wanted to run naked?” Niall chuckled

“Or pick up male prostitutes” Harry whispered

“You go guurl,” I gave him a high five

Our food arrived, we all ordered spicy chicken wings and onion rings, we ate out delicious meal, we shared stories, we talked about everything and nothing, we were very comfortable and at ease, Lorena’s attempt at spoiling our evening went forgotten but not forgiven. We talked about our high school funny moments; they talked, listened, since my high school experience wasn’t exactly exiting. We laughed, Then talked some more.

Shall we go?” Zayn said

“Yeah mate we’re going to watch some football, Niall are you in?”  Louis asked

“I might be a little late, Sam do you want to go in a car drive?” he smiled at me

“Sure” of course I want to. He took my hand and led me to the back seat of a black SUV and I closed my eyes savoring the warmness of his touch.

“You come here often?” he asked me

“No, that’s my first time here,”

“Then I may I have the honor to give you a tour, while you tell me about you,”

“What do you want to know?”

“Everything, your last name, your family, school..”

“Well, my last name is Davidson, I’m eighteen years old”

“Like the motorcycle, awesome”

I giggled “yeah, like the motorcycle, I go to a university in Portland, I share a flat with a friend, and my mom lives in Seattle, that’s about it,”

“Do you have siblings?” he asked

“No, just me and my mom, my dad died in a car accident when I was fifteen,”

“I’m sorry,” he said and squeezed my hand, I felt tars pool in my eyes, I looked out of the window, blinked them away then I beamed at him

“And of course, my favorite band is one direction,” I said

“Oh yeah, they’re my favorite too,” he smirked

“They’re so hot,” I said spontaneously, then after a fraction of second I realized what I said and looked at Niall, he was smiling his heart melting shy smile

“You’re not that bad yourself” he said softly

“You guys get along very well,” I said, changing the subject

“We’re no longer band mates, we’re brothers,” he said, sincerity showing in his eyes.

“Now we’re driving on Bayonne Bridge”

I looked out the window and the view was amazing, lights shimmering over the surface of water

“The view is beautiful,”

I turned and looked at him, he was studying me, “It, is indeed,”



Two hours later, we drove by the empire state building, time square and Madison Square Garden.

We pulled in the hotel’s Basement parking, Niall to out and ran to my side and opened the door for me, then pulled my hand and escorted me to the elevator, he pushed the button, I looked at him

“Thanks for the evening, it was amazing, I had so much fun,” I said

“It was my pleasure. I had a good time too” He let his hand wander to the small of my back and led me into the elevator.

We got in, the doors closed, He looked at me, I looked back at him, I studied his beautiful blond hair the way it highlights his light blue eyes, his eyelashes like little threads from the sun, his lips were pink and parted as he tried to breathe through them. I stepped closer, his hand reached to my cheek and gently pushed a strand of hair back and placed it beneath my ear, his fingers brushed over my ear and he gently pulled on my earlobe, the sensation traveled all the way down to my insides and made them gooey, like chocolate fudge brownies, His other hand traveled to my hip and pulled me toward him, I bit my lip to stop myself from letting out a gasp. 

“I’d like to bite that lip” he whimpered, his voice hoarse. And it made me feel even more attracted to him. This was the hottest thing anyone had ever said to me.

“Why don’t you,” I murmured, challenging him.

“Should I consider this as a yes?” He smirked, I nodded, and without missing a beat, his hand curled into my hair and he pushed me against the elevator, His hips pinning beneath his, his legs parting mine. He brushed his lips along my jawline then he gave me soft kiss on the lips, and I felt heaven’s doors open as he took my lower lip between his teeth and pulled gently, I let my hand wander to his hair and I pulled His soft hair, He groaned as he released my lip and let out a soft moan, he took advantage of it and let his tongue meet mine, He tasted like vanilla and coke. I ran my tongue against his braces. My legs turned into the consistency of Jell-o, I reached for his forearms to steady myself.  He lowered his head and kissed my neck and inhaled, I could feel him smile against my skin, “You smell so nice,” He whimpered, I Took his chin with my hand and guided him back up, so I can kiss him some more. I pulled his lower lip as he pushed himself against me. Then the elevator’s doors opened and we pulled apart, gasping for air. He looked me in the eye, I lowered my head. He pulled my face up and smiled warmly at me.

“That was…” He searched for words

“Yeah…,” It was too good to describe, words failed me, I just Kissed Niall Horan. And it was amazing, no, it was mind blowingly amazing.

“Do you want to get back to your room or spend more time on the terrace?” He suggested, and as much as I wanted to spend more time with him, I needed to go back to the room, stay with Eric a little; he must be bored out of his mind.

“I’m tired, and you need to watch the game. See you tomorrow?” I said. He pouted.

“Yeah, as you like baby, see you tomorrow,” He leaned pulled me into his arms and buried his head in my neck, the door behind me opened and we broke apart.

I turned around, Eric was scowling. He can kiss my ass.

I gave Niall a kiss on the cheek before getting in and closing the door.

I glared at Eric; he chuckled and clapped his hands before getting in the bathroom. He did it on purpose. The monkey.

I changed into my pajamas and opened my laptop. Fifteen minutes later Eric came out of the shower, with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Can you put some clothes on?” I said irritated

“You don’t like?” he smirked and ran his fingers along the lines of his muscles. He was a fine sight but, still… I closed my laptop and covered my face with a pillow. He laughed, enjoying my reaction. Minutes later he threw himself on the bed next to me.

“I can’t risk getting in your head tonight” he said

“Um hum.”

“But can we hold hands I’m running out of energy.”  I looked in his eyes, the little stars in them seemed to dim. I nodded. He took my hand and I closed my eyes and relaxed, his touch seemed to have that effect on me. And I fell asleep wondering how guacamole would look like if avocado was red.


“Rise and shine,” Eric said as I opened my eyes.

“Hi” I mumbled

“Niall’s at the door, should I let him in?” he asked

“Yes,” I said and got up and rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.

“Good morning” Niall smiled and spread his arms wide and I threw myself in them. He wrapped his arms tightly around me, Eric cleared his throat. Niall kissed my forehead.

“Good morning,”

“’Morning, I thought I’d come get you so we can eat breakfast together and bring you with me to the show we’re doing, is that okay with you?” he said. I glanced at Eric.

“I’m going to start with my list,” Eric shrugged and then walked out.

“Give me ten minutes to I can shower and dress,” I said.

“Sure, can I use your computer to tweet? I forgot my phone”

“Sure, knock yourself out,”


Seven minutes later I came out of the shower, Niall was sitting on my bed with my computer on his lap.

“I like this website,” he said and turned the screen to me. It was tumblr.

“Yeah, it’s my favorite,” I smiled at him as I brushed my hair.

“I followed you back on twitter, ” he smirked, i giggled when I remembered my Bio on twitter. 18 years old, University stu-... Niall ate the rest of my bio

 “I didn’t eat your bio though,” he said.

“I know, I’m sorry about that”

He closed my laptop and stood up, walked to me. “I don’t mind it,” he said and pulled my hand to his mouth and brushed his lips against it

“Shall we go?” he asked


We traveled down to the hotel’s restaurant; there was a table where Louis, Liam and Harry sat. we walked to them.

“Good morning, baby” Liam said to Niall and gave him a peck on the cheek, then waved to the rest of the boys. They were close.

“How are you feeling today, Sam?” Harry asked me

“Great, thank you,” I said

“So is Niall,” said Louis and winked at me.

Niall punched him in the arm. “Stop it you’re embarrassing me”

“He wouldn’t stop talking about you,” Louis whispered to me. Then he screamed when Niall kicked him under the table.

“That was unnecessary, Nialler,” he said

Then Zayn and Simon joined.

“Good morning everyone,”

“Good morning Simon, This is Sam, our friend,” Harry introduced us, we shook hands. Man he was scarier than on TV.

“Nice to meet you, Sam” he smiled, I smiled back.

We sat and ordered our breakfast.

We were eating when Eric showed up in front of me. he had a bleeding lip and since nobody noticed,  I knew he was invisible to them, I excused myself and walked as fast as I can to the bathroom, Eric followed. As soon as I closed the door he told me not to freak out.

“What do you by “mean don’t freak out”? Who did this to you?” I asked

“I was too vulnerable and they were watching over this guy I went to see and they got me…” he said

“By ‘they’ you mean?”

“Dark ones,” he whispered

“What are you supposed to do now? How are you going to get information?” I asked

“They can’t reach to me when I’m in my human’s mind, but of course i-“

“Next time I’m going with you,” I cut him off

“No, I can’t put you through this danger,” he protested,

“I’m not going to let you get hurt like that again,”


“No buts, you’re my friend, friends help friends,”

“It’s dangerous,”

“It’s dangerous for you too, god knows what would happen if they get their grip on you,” I said

He sighed, I hugged him.

“Now go back to our room and get some rest, we’ll go through the list later,”

“Thank you, Sam,” he said before disappearing.

I walked back to the table.

“Guys, we’re going back to London tomorrow, we have an interview,” Simon said. My heart sank. That probably was it. He’s going back to London and we’ll probably never see each other again.

As if Niall was able to read my mind, he squeezed my hand.

“Where’s Lorena?” Simon asked

“We kind of made her feel unwelcome,” harry chuckled.

“Why? What Happened?”

The guys explained to him what she did, and told him that she called paparazzi.

“Now what are we going to do? We need to find a girl.” Simon sighed.

The five boys turned and looked at me. I gave them a horrified face. Niall took both of my hands and squeezed them between his, as if I was humanity’s last hope, and believe me you, if that were the case; humanity was in lots, of trouble.

“Please,” Niall pleaded

“You seem nice, I’d hire you,” Simon shrugged

“Please,” the five boys said in unison.

“What the hell, Fine, I’m in,” I need to pack cause apparently I’m going to London.




Let me know what you think about my story, it'll make my day x

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