A band,an angel and a messed up teenager

What would you do if you meet a male angel? what if that angel tells you you're his, and asks for your permission to let him stay in your head and in exchange he will give you superpowers?

Sam's life was dull and boring until she met Eric (half angel) and made a deal with him. And using her new powers she went to see ‘One Direction’ and became close to her favorite band member, Niall Horan.
But with powers comes great responsibilities, strange things are happening, angels are disappearing and her secret might not remain a secret anymore. This is a story about being a lost teenager, having dreams, and figuring out your purpose in life. With a little sprinkle of t-shirts and a sassy heroine.


5. chapter4 -part2

« Don’t go buying trouble, it’s free and it knows where you live »

     -  T-shirt.

I closed the door behind me and gave Eric the death stare. He tried to look cute and replied with the puppy face. The bastard is good at looking cute. My heart started to melt, and then I remembered what he did. No, I don’t care if he’s cute. I’m mad at him. He interrupted my kiss with Niall James Horan. I should be kicking him in the balls right now.

“Are you Mad at me?” He asked

I decided to ignore him, I removed Niall’s hoodie and turned on my laptop to check on tumblr then I sat on the bed. He came and sat next to me.

“I didn’t mean to, I thought you were in trouble I just can’t…” he trailed off. Closed his eyes and when h opened them I saw that he was trying so hard to keep himself from saying something that would piss me off even more . “I was so worried and scared something would happen to you” he whimpered

“Like Niall kissing me? That’s horrible, right?”

“Well, I was worried about that too, but there’s stuff out there you don’t know about, and you know me and my job is to protect you and-“

“Shut up already you’re giving me a headache” I interrupted him

“I felt bad” He continued

“Okay I forgive you for not doing your job properly, whatever that means” I said to make him shut up

“You’re an angel” He smiled at me

“Do you feel better now?” can we just get it over already

“I would if you let me see you naked” He said playfully, the little shit wasn’t planning on giving up. I threw a pillow at him then I closed my computer and laid on my bed, he threw himself next to me and held my hand. His eyes shimmering, his cheeks slightly flushed, he was very handsome.

“You smell like him” he said

“Who? Niall? I was wearing his hoodie..”

He sighed and I felt an urge to change the subject

“You know your new haircut suits you very well” it did indeed, his long hair looked wrong.

“Thanks to you Sammy” he said and grabbed my hand and kissed it, then licked my palm. I pulled my hand out of his. Does he have to do stuff like that? I closed my eyes.

“Are you sleeping” he asked

“I’m trying to”

“He like you a lot you know?”


“That Niall boy.”

“How do you know?”

“Do you like him too?”

“No shit Sherlock, why would I be here if I didn’t like him?”

“Fair point well made.” He smirked

“How do you know if he likes me?” I asked again

“Well, his eyes were shimmering like a Christmas tree when he was looking at you and his ears were red” Did his eyes shimmer? I thought his eyes always shimmered, sam or no sam. It came to him naturally.

“His ears were red because Lorena pissed him off”

“Lorena his ex?” he asked and I nodded. “Why?” he asked

“Maybe because she hates me and the fact that she hates me pissed him off, she’s such a hoe. ”

“Does she know?”  He asked

“How would I know if she knows she’s a hoe?”

“No, does she know about you guys … that you are a thing” he chuckled

“Obviously that’s why she hates me, why would she hate me otherwise?”

“Hmmm” he tapped his index finger on his lip “Because you have a nice butt,”

It was my turn to giggle “Possibly”

We stared at each other for a long five minutes.

“Eric” I summoned his attention

“Why do you think he likes me?”  I was so confused and I thought about this pretty much ever since I met him.

“why would you ask that Sammy?” he looked confused

“I mean, he’s Niall Fucking Horan aka god of all things sensual and orgasmic, and I’m me.”

Eric threw his head over my waist and pulled me to him.

“And you is amazing, fabulous and funny. Stop it sam, stop loathing yourself”

“It’s not self-loathing, I’m just being realistic. I’m not good enough..”

“You are, stop hating yourself.”

“Please” I snorted “I hardly hate myself, have you seen my ass?”

“That’s my baby, everyone would be lucky to have you, look at me, I’m an angel and I want you, bad”

 “Oh you’re so modest”

“Are you being sarcastic, Sam?”

“Are cows’ mammals?”

“Are you using sarcasm again?”

“Do I love chocolate?” I smirked

“Stop it,” he tickled me.

“Okay, you stop I stop.” He removed his hand from my belly. “Deal”

“Are you going to get in my head?”

“I was waiting for you to ask me to get into something else, I believe they call them panties” he smirked

“You’re so rude” I faked a choked face.

“Whatever you want, my lady” he leaned down kissed my forehead and disappeared.

Holly shit Sam you really do like him.

Stop messing in my head you little shit

I’ll try. By the way you’ll be in my vision tonight when my dad gives me the list of the disappearing angels.

Okay good

Whoa Sam you really do like him

Shut the fuck up Eric let me sleep



“Hi Godric” I greeted Eric’s dad, he leans down and gave me a kiss on the cheek

 “I’ve missed you darling,”

“Me too,” I smiled at him.

We were in a garden, the ground was a bright green sheet of grass and there was cherry blossoms everywhere.

“Where are we?” I asked eric

“You like it?” Godric asked

“It’s wonderful” I told him

“I thought you’d like it,”

“I’m going to explore, you guys talk your business,” I excused myself and went for a walk in the beautiful meadow.

The sky was clear blue with occasional beautifully shaped clouds.  I glanced back at Eric and his father, they were deep in discussion, Eric looked at me and smiled, I waved at him then the clouds started to get grey I saw a terrified look on Godric’s face. Then all I saw was Eric running to me. You know it’s serious when the king of light is terrified. Then something hit me below the head. And then the darkness came over me. Someone broke my neck. Asshole.



“Sam, sam, sam” Eric was shaking me awake. I looked at him then remembered the dream. I touched my neck, ouch it hurts. I winced

“Are you okay?”

“Do chicken lay snowballs? My neck was broken goddamit, of course not,”

“Almost broken,” he corrected me

“Oh no he did not die just a dozen of horses ran over him”

“Who?” he was slow.

“What happened?”

“Something managed to get into the vision,”

“What something?”

“Something dark,” that’s some reply you’d expect from a savant in a horror movie.

“Why I’m not dead?”

“We rushed to you to our land and healed you”

“I thought that was impossible”

“Not when the king of light himself carries you there”

“I don’t remember anything of your land or Godric carrying me for that matter”

“You were blacked out, sweetie. I’m sorry about that.” He gave me a little smile.

“It’s not your fault.”

“Good thing I was able to get the list before they came. I won’t be receiving visions anymore… they found a way to get into our visions. They’ll banish us?”

“Who are they?”  I asked

“The dark ones, half humans, half demons” he whispered the demon part

“Demons?” I repeated after him

He nodded.

“So, are we screwed?” I asked again, and he nodded again. Well, crap!




“How was your sleepover sweetheart?” My mom asked. We were sitting in the breakfast table having pancakes. I came back home right before she went to her store.

“It was interesting” I said, I wasn’t lying; I almost got kissed by Niall before I got interrupted like a million time, and almost got killed by a demon, which sucked.

“I know, right? I mean you see what you were missing?” she said, exited. She really likes it when I socialize.

“Yeah, totes.” I said, trying to sound exited

“More syrup?” she asked me.

“No, mom I’m getting back to my flat today.” I had to get done with it already.

“Oh” she said, her face fell a little bit.

“Yeah, I have stuff to do…” then Sarah, mom’s friend came in the house and I thanked god for the interruption. You see universe, those are the moment you should interrupt me in. not while kissing Horan. I said to myself as I walked to my room to pack.


Half an hour later my mom came into my room


“You’re going to the shop now?” I asked, she nodded.

“I won’t be here when you’re back so...” I said

“Yes, right, come here give me a hug.” I hugged her and she left trying not to shed tears. I felt bad.

An hour later I was packed and all ready.

“Are you ready?” Eric asked

“Yeah let’s go to my flat first I have to put my stuff there”

“Right, you drive,” he winked at me. I smirked and opened a portal to my flat.

It was dark and empty

“Home sweet home,” Eric said. I turned and glared at him

“What?” he asked. “Oh, I used to watch you…”

“Goddammit Eric, you watched me all the time?”

“No, Most of the time”


“Just for you, baby,” oh please.



“Are you going to wear that, when you meet Niall?” Eric said. I looked down at my skinny jeans and white t shirt with ‘Talk nerdy to me’ message

“What’s wrong with my outfit?” I said

“Could you try on something girly?”

After we searched my bag we found a blouse white with little pink and purple flowers.

“Put it on” He was bossing me around. “ and now let’s find you a skirt?”

“a Skirt? Seriously? It’ll go fine with my skinny jeans,”

“Whatever you want,” he said, sighing

I went to the bathroom to change and fix my hair, there was a knock on the door, I hurried out. Niall was standing in the room, next to a topless Eric, Goddammit Eric. He tends to lose his shirt when Niall is around. He looked quite nice without it, but still.

“Hi,” I said

“Hi,” Niall replied with a shy smile, I melted.

“Are you ready?” he asked

“Yes, let’s go,”

He held his hand out and I grabbed it.

“Have a great time, Love” Eric shouted behind me.

“So, how are you feeling today?” Niall asked.

“I’m fine thank you,”

“You look lovely,” he said softly

“You look lovely yourself” he looked at the ground and smiled. My heart fluttered.

“Where are we going?” I asked

“A restaurant, nobody knows we go there, only the owner and the boys,” he said

I smiled at him

“Would you mind if they were there too?” he sounded nervous.

“Not at all” I reassured him, of course not. Why would I mind being around one direction, what kind of person would?

“Good,” He said as we stepped into a black car with black windows

“It’s not far from here,” he told me.


“Just stay in the car, baby. I’ll make sure the boys are there and the place is safe and everything is ready”

“Okay,” I said and sat there looking out of the window, and then I cached a glimpse of Lorena talking to three men holding cameras. I stepped out of the car and went to her.

“Hi, Lorena”

She froze when she saw me and out of the blue she threw a fist at me, I ducked.  It hit the air. Score. What the fuck is wrong with people hitting me. “You weren’t supposed to be here, skunk”

“Yeah, I’m starting to get the message, what was that about?”

Then Niall came out followed by the boys and the cameras started flashing.

“Goddammit, Lorena, that’s low, even for you,” Niall hissed.

“I-I-“  she stuttered. The body guards led the paparazzi away.

“I had nothing to do with it”

“Yeah, there’s that or you’re a big fat liar” I said

“I don’t have anything to say.” she protested

“Cause you’re a big fat liar?” Niall said. A wave of anger showed in her face, she probably didn't like being called fat.

“They followed me,” she said. Oh please, give me a break.

“Possibly, or it could be because you’re a big fat liar” Harry said, her hands curled into fists.

“I have to be somewhere else,” she said and started to walk to toward the street. We followed.

“Is today the monthly big fat liar meeting?” I shouted. I can hear her growl

She stood on near the pavement, searching for a cab

“Big fat liar’s chess club?” Liam suggested

She turned and glared at us.

“A big fat liar’s tea party and ceremony?” Louis asked her. A cab stopped and she opened the door and before the door closed Zayn shouted “Don’t forget to stick out your pinkie,”

the cab drove off and we all glanced at Zayn.

 “What?” he smirked. “That’s how fancy people drink their tea, right?”





Tadaaa! i really hope you like the update, sorry if you find mistakes, i had to post it as soon as i finished so i didn't get the time to check and double check. 

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Let me know if you like/Not like the chapter.

Thanks for reading my story, it means the world to me, seriously. 

P.S: Since Niall removed his braces should i continue the story with him with braces or without braces?  Let me know on the comments. i'm really confused.


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