A band,an angel and a messed up teenager

What would you do if you meet a male angel? what if that angel tells you you're his, and asks for your permission to let him stay in your head and in exchange he will give you superpowers?

Sam's life was dull and boring until she met Eric (half angel) and made a deal with him. And using her new powers she went to see ‘One Direction’ and became close to her favorite band member, Niall Horan.
But with powers comes great responsibilities, strange things are happening, angels are disappearing and her secret might not remain a secret anymore. This is a story about being a lost teenager, having dreams, and figuring out your purpose in life. With a little sprinkle of t-shirts and a sassy heroine.


4. chapter4 -part1

“You’ll regret reading this text when you’re dead and you don’t know who cut your head off”

T-shirt for murders, or future murders.




She threw her ass on the bench next to Niall, “What were you doing?” I had a dozen of comebacks for her question but I assumed the question wasn’t directed to me so I kept my sass in my mouth and decided to focus on the positive things, like the fact that Niall’s arm was still around me, and his thumb still caressing my shoulder torturing me, making some muscles I wasn’t even aware I had clench and tingle. I leaned my head on his shoulder, closed my eyes and inhaled his scent, from the hoodie I was wearing and from him directly, and believe me you. He smelled really nice, fresh laundry, body wash and a faint smell of expensive cologne. It should be bottled.

“We ate dessert,” he said while nuzzling my forehead, his lips brushing against my skin as he talked.

“Why would you do that?” what I didn’t understand is what the fuck is she doing here, with them, she was annoying. And the fact she was Niall’s girlfriend once, was beyond me. I need to ask him later.

“Umm, because it’s delicious?”  Niall was annoyed.

“but why?” either she was very slow, or thought having edible browns after ten (or ever) was a crime, or she was trying to understand why would A blue-eyed Boybander Heartthrob have dessert with lil’ old me, a brown eyed brown haired 5’5 nobody. Or maybe it was all of that. She can kiss my smocking hot ass anyway.

“Because we like food?” he was being patient. If I wasn’t high on his scent I’d challenge her in a battle of wits, but why bother anyway? She wasn’t armed.

“Omg you guys will get fat. Some of you are already…” well, that wasn’t necessary. I remembered the fact that we were making fun of that kind of behavior ten minutes ago. I pinched Niall’s arm gently and tried to suppressed giggle. He chuckled, Then turned to her, all serious.

“By fat you mean sexy? Are you kidding? Have you seen our Butts” he was sweet and funny. I gave up and giggled. He clasped my hand in his and pulled me on my feet.

“Let’s go back to Zayn’s”

“Hallelujah. I’m freezing” she barked. I let my eyes reach the heavens. God help me I don’t want to commit a crime and go to jail. My mum would be pretty upset I lied to her about the sleepover. But she’ll get over it when she finds out who I was with. But jail would suck.

We go back the warmth of the suite. The guys were singing karaoke.  Since my voice sounded like creepy I love you bear with low batteries. Lorena went running to the bathroom, probably to worship the demon of lipstick and all things artificial. I sank into a very large and fluffy lips shaped red sofa. I was expecting Niall to join his friends. He didn’t, he sat down next to me.

“You look very pretty in my hoodie”

“Thanks,” I said, blushing. I couldn’t look him in the eye so I watched his hands, beautiful and clean, lightly dusted with golden hairs on the back. I looked past his hands to his muscular thighs and his... Well back at his hand. I needed to distract myself from my thoughts.

“Why did you guys break up?” I asked. 

 “Isn’t it obvious?” He gave me a horrified smile

“Well, kind of. But I’m trying to understand…”

“I think the right question would be ‘why did you guys dated’” he smirked

“Yeah that, why did you?”

“Well, it was only two dates, the first one we watched a movie, we didn’t get the chance to talk much. And the second we went out for launch and she had this weird issue with food and she kept … you know… plus everything that came out of her mouth is either self-centered or ignorant so… and plus do you know who does she work for?”

“Satan?” I was being half serious. If you had the unfortunate luck to meet her, you’d understand. It’s like she was brought from the depth of hell to make people like me and you miserable.

“Close enough, Simon Cowell”

“Is she an artist?”

“Not even close” he snorted “We were searching for a girl for this charity thing, we should chose an American girl to stay with us a week, film some parts of it and sell the documentary and the money goes for charity. Like a diary”

“Oh, so she’s the girl?”

“If we don’t find another one yes…” he gave me a little pout. Oh dear, Niall pouting is plain hot.

“Why don’t you guys chose one from the fans, you know there’s literally millions of girls who would sell their souls for an opportunity like this…”  It didn’t make sense.

Yeah, but we most of them are underage and they're going to be too excited to actually have a conversation and we need something to put in the diary other than the fact that we're so freaking hot” he explained.

“and Lorena is perfect for the diary thingy?” yeah, my ass, if they choose her the fandom will start a war, I mean, everything she says is either ignorant or self-centered, it's like she's begging people to hate her.

“Not really, Simon hasn’t chosen yet.”

Lorena walked out of the bathroom with as much lipstick as her mouth can bear. She threw herself on Niall’s lap, Liam seemed to understand what's going on and he shouted her name and asked her to come see something. God bless him.  She sighed and stood up, I stood up too, I needed to go back to Eric. Niall got on his feet and held my hand.

Where are you going?” he squeezed my hand

“I’m tired. I need to go back to my room…”

“But I thought we were spending the whole night awake. At least until 3 in the morning” he pouted. And it did delicious things to my insides.

“Eric is alone…”

“G night guys” he shouted to the boys.  

“Where are you going?” zayn asked.

“We’re tired, calling it a night …” he was leaving too, and suddenly I felt like I was ruining his fun.

“You can stay Niall seriously…” I protested.

“I’m not into staying up at night… I came here just because I wanted to invite you to know you better, and I thought some people weren’t coming.” He gave me an apology smile.

“Crap, I just figured out something” harry shouted

“you forgot to put on your underwear again? Louis replied

“Are you getting laid, Nialler. Ah, At last!” Harry said dramatically.

Niall grabbed a pillow and threw it at his face. Louis and came running and asked him for their goodnight kiss. They were cute.

And before we step out of the door Lorena came running “I’m leaving too.” God help me.

The elevator was silent, then “Are you going back to your friend’s flat?” Niall asked

“Umm, well, I thought I might crash in your room.” she said. Please Niall, Say no, she might rape you when you’re asleep.

“There are only two beds and Sam’s spending the night with Me.” he said coldly, no trace of humor in his voice. What? Sam is staying?

Ho she mouthed to me. I rolled my eyes. But Niall saw her mouth her future job to me. His neck and ears became red. And I can actually see a vein in his neck. I squeezed his hand hopefully it’ll calm him down. He exhaled, Looked straight at her.

“Look, I and you are long over. We were never a thing anyway; you came to the restaurant, I know who told you that. And came to the suite and I said nothing. Simon didn’t hire you yet, so stop acting like you’re our best friend forever, and if you’re going to shade Sam whenever you feel like it, just because you think she has something to do with us not seeing each other anymore, is… stupid.” Wow, I never thought he can be so cold. The elevator’s door opened and all I wanted to do is run to my room and let them have this conversation In private. I stepped away and released his hand, he grabbed me by the waist and said “You need to hear this, lorena wants to apologize” He gave her the look that says you have no choice.

“I was kidding” she said lamely

“Do not fucking irritate her, apologize.”

“It’s okay Niall really…” I hate those situations.

“Sorry” she said, and before the elevator’s door closed completely we heard her mutter “Bitch”.

I Looked at him and tried to hide my giggle. He defended me. It was sweet of him.

He led me to his room’s door

“Whoa, you weren’t exactly serious when you said I’m spending the night with you?” I smirked and walked toward my room.

“Well, um, I was only half kidding” he said, I pursed my lips at him

“A man can dream, Sam” he gave me a lazy smile.

“Are you planning on doing something tomorrow night?” he asked

“Um, Not really” I raised my eyebrows

“I want to take you somewhere I go whenever I come here.”

“Okay” I smiled at him and unzipped the hoodie he lent me so I can give it back.  He shook his head. Pulled the sides of my hoodie and bent down to me.

“No” he ran his nose along my neck and “you smell like vanilla” he smiled against my neck. I gasped and reached for his hips to steady myself. He looked at me through his eyelashes, His blue eyes torturing me, making my insides gooey.  Trailed kisses along my jaw. He rubbed his nose against mine.  Then the door behind me opened. “Oh Sam you’re back, I was worried” It was Eric, Damn him. I know he did it on purpose.

“A man can dream” Niall whispered before giving me a kiss on the forehead and leaving me wanting, more.

 I turned to Eric who was giving me an evil grin.

“Did I interrupt something?”  He said faking innocence.

“Is the pope Catholic?” 




note: thanks for reading my story, i hope you liked the update. i will post the second part of the chapter as soon as it's ready. 

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