A band,an angel and a messed up teenager

What would you do if you meet a male angel? what if that angel tells you you're his, and asks for your permission to let him stay in your head and in exchange he will give you superpowers?

Sam's life was dull and boring until she met Eric (half angel) and made a deal with him. And using her new powers she went to see ‘One Direction’ and became close to her favorite band member, Niall Horan.
But with powers comes great responsibilities, strange things are happening, angels are disappearing and her secret might not remain a secret anymore. This is a story about being a lost teenager, having dreams, and figuring out your purpose in life. With a little sprinkle of t-shirts and a sassy heroine.


11. chapter 9


Hello, before you start reading I want to warn you, this chapter is a bit steamy and if you don’t like reading the steamy stuff then I’m so sorry. But if you like the stuff then congratulations today is your lucky day.

I hope you like it x



“Orgasm donor”

n  T-shirt.



Zayn walked out and closed the door, I turned my head to Niall, he stopped laughing but he still had a big grin on his face.

“You’re hilarious” he murmured and I pulled out my tongue “and amazing” he added I just smiled and opened tumblr on my laptop. It’s always been that way; I don’t know how to respond to compliments so I just smile and keep quite then try to change the subject.

Seriously, look at you, you’re funny, smart, and beautiful,” he said. So much for avoiding compliments. I shut down misery and looked him straight in the eyes. They were blue like the ocean “look who’s talking. Mr beautiful” the words came out of my mouth before I can stop them.  He closed his eyes savoring my words “say that again,” he murmured.
“Mr. beautiful,” I purred and that was his undoing. He had me pinned beneath him in a matter of a second. He smelled like body wash and shampoo. I ran my hands through his hair it was still wet from a recent shower.  I pulled his hair softly he growled and parted my legs with his. I forced his mouth down to mine, he bit my lower lip and I moaned he pushed his tongue into my mouth, tasted like beer and vanilla. I’m not an alcohol fan but the bitterness tasted divine from his mouth. I let my hands wander, explore every inch of his muscular back, I felt his muscles ripple beneath my touch as he held his weight and supported himself on his elbows so he won’t crush me. He was heavier than I was and I liked having his weight on me, it felt comforting and safe, as if no supernatural freak would hurt me if I stayed wrapped in his arms.

I slid my hands under his shirt and pulled it up and he knew exactly what to do, we broke apart to let him take it off and I used this opportunity to take off my shirt too. He had only his shorts on and all I still had on me was bra and pajama shorts. I smirked at him and he reached down to my neck biting me right on the spot where my mark was. I let my hands feel  the softness of his skin, then I reached to his steel buttocks and parted my legs, then pulled him closer to me, I felt his growing erection and he did not restrain from my touch, I felt him down there and a moan escaped my mouth.  

He trailed kisses down my neck to between my breasts. He looked up at me, asking for permission with his beautiful eyes. I nodded and he pulled down the cups of my bra and released jack and dean. He nuzzled between them before taking the tip of dean into his mouth while his hands twisted and tortured jack. I was trying not to make sounds but he was too good he bit me and I let it all out.

“Oh god. Yes, Niall, Please” I begged I wasn’t sure for what, for him to stop, to never stop or for release?

“I know, baby” he smirked into dean and blew lightly. Then he moved to jack, doing the same sweet, sweet torture until he got me begging again. Pulled is head back to mine and kissed him again, enjoying the feel of his smooth skin against mine. I hooked my fingers under the waist of his shorts and let my hand reach to his hard erection and cupped him. He broke the kiss and let a hiss out of his mouth then whimpered “Are you sure about this, baby?” I he made sure I was comfortable with everything we did and I adored him for it. I nodded and flipped him to the other side of the bed, until I was in top of him, I gave him a brief kiss on the lips before trailing down kissed from his earlobe to his neck, I kissed his collar bones then it was time for revenge. I licked the circle of his right nipple and twisted the other between my thumb and forefinger. Then I bit him playfully and blew air until his little nipples hardened and he let out a growl.

“Steady, love” he hissed and I smirked into his left nipple “hmm we should name those.” I said as I trailed kisses down his abdomen until I reached the edge of his shorts, I bit him right on the lower abdomen before pulling down his pants and e sprang free. Whoa!

He was still laughing at my silly remark but it but it turned into a moan when I put his tip into my mouth and tasted him for the first time, he was salty and I ran my fingers along his length; he was hard but still incredibly soft, like steel wrapped in velvet. I put as much as I can into my mouth and tightened my lips around him as I pulled back. I looked him straight in the eyes, his lids were heavy and lips slightly parted. The look that he gave me was enough to send a shiver all over my body and a delicious electrifying feel to my core.

Am I doing it right?” I asked him then took his hand and put it over mine while I held him. “Show me how you like it,”

He looked surprised, “You’re doing just fine, sweetheart” he said and I took him into my mouth over and over again. Until he pulled me up to his mouth and kissed me, then flipped me over and pressed against me again.

“So, you’ve done this before?” he asked while nuzzling me neck, I shook my head and he met my eyes, and gave me a heart-breakingly beautiful boyish smile. Damn it, why does he get to be so adorable it’s not fair.

“I’ve never expected I’d say that, but I’m glad it’s your first” he kissed my lips briefly then his hands flew to my shorts and he pulled them down. Then he stood at the end of the bed. Gloriously naked, watching me, naked, on his bed. And at that moment I thanked god for the dim light of the room and the jar of Nutella i have in my room. I felt so exposed, tried to cover up my breasts with my arm, but Niall shook his head and growled “don’t hide from me, baby” so instead I decided to enjoy the sight of him, standing in front of me, deliciously naked. He had his erection in hand, stroking it. And the sight of him pleasuring himself almost sent me to the edge.

“Do you know how exquisite you look,” he said his voice hoarse and sexy. He kneeled at the end of the bed and grabbed my legs and pulled me toward him, until my behind was at the edge of the mattress. I tried to sit up but he didn’t let me, he put his hand on my upper body, forcing me back into the mattress. And when his mouth touched me…

“Please” I begged again, damn it I’ve been begging him for the last twenty minutes.

I felt him smirk into my skin, “what do you want?” he asked, he choose this game, two can play.

“You” I purred.

“You have me, sweetheart” he said then he sucked on my clit so hard, and I felt his finger enter me. It didn’t hurt, but it felt a bit unusual. “In fact, you had me since day one, with that juicy/nerdy outfit” he continued, then I felt him adding another finger, oh yeah this was going to hurt a little.

“You’re so wet, and tight, oh my god Sam what are you doing to me” he growled then dipped his head between my thighs again, sucking, licking, and gently moving his fingers inside me until I cried his name as I found my release. He laid at me again, resting his head into my chest until I found the words and all I said was “whoa” he put a finger against my mouth and I kissed it.

“Suck,” he ordered and I obeyed him instantly. His hand was on my crotch again rubbing gently then he withdrew his finger out of my mouth and grabbed my hair, pulling me toward him, his tongue invading my mouth, I could taste myself on him. He broke the kiss to speak

“Condom, drawer,” he whimpered and I reached into the drawer and pulled out a packet. When I turned my head and he was on his back. Oh well, he was going to let me do it for him. I kneeled beside him.

“I don’t know how to do it, you know.” I told him as I tore the condom’s package.

“Just pinch the tip and roll it out, make sure you don’t let any air in there,” he said. I did as he told me he flipped me into my back and positioned himself at my entrance.

“I’ll be gentle, this will hurt a little okay, love?” I nodded and he slowly made his way into me, and then I felt a burning sensation. As if he sensed me. He rubbed my clit gently, distracting me from the burn. He didn’t take his eyes out of mine, and I got to see him, his expression changing from pleasure to confusion back to pleasure, his lids heavy, eyes glossy and lips slightly parted. Until he was fully inside me, I enjoyed the fullness and the fact that I’m one of the few lucky people got to see him like this made me adore him even more. And I was more than grateful that he was not a porn star and everyone saw this face.

“Are you okay?”  He asked.

“Yes” I whimpered and he started to move, slowly, long strokes until I found myself grabbing his buttocks again, bringing him to me, and begging him for more. And more he gave me. His rhythm grew relentless, he added his talented fingers, caressing that spot and he got me to collapse again, screaming his name. I wasn’t sure it was even possible. And one, two, three other strokes and he collapsed on top of me.

We sat there for a long ten minutes, catching our breaths. Then he broke the silence

“How are you?”

“I’m pretty good, how are you?”

“I don’t know about you Sam, but that was phenomenal”

“I don’t have anything to compare to it, but it was pretty good”

He put his arm across my belly, letting his thumb caress my skin

“Did it hurt?” he asked me

“Not really,” I smiled

“Tomorrow morning we’ll go explore the city, sounds good for you?”

“Sounds good,”

“But for now, let’s get you into the shower; you’re spending the night in my room” he took my head and led me to the shower, I didn’t know if we were dating, or just two messing around, and I didn’t really care, but what I cared about what the thought of leaving London when my time is up, I used to crave loneliness but after I spent those few days with him, I couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing his angel face every day.

As much as I want to deny it, the little monkey grew on me and I’d share my last fererro rocher with him. and I really like fererro rocher.











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