A band,an angel and a messed up teenager

What would you do if you meet a male angel? what if that angel tells you you're his, and asks for your permission to let him stay in your head and in exchange he will give you superpowers?

Sam's life was dull and boring until she met Eric (half angel) and made a deal with him. And using her new powers she went to see ‘One Direction’ and became close to her favorite band member, Niall Horan.
But with powers comes great responsibilities, strange things are happening, angels are disappearing and her secret might not remain a secret anymore. This is a story about being a lost teenager, having dreams, and figuring out your purpose in life. With a little sprinkle of t-shirts and a sassy heroine.


10. Chapter 8

“Insanity does not run in my family. It strolls around, takes its time and gets to Know each one personally”




Turned out the guys were searching for us to have the arrival interview for the show. The crew was nice and it was fun working with them, it took us two hours. And by the time we finished it was lunch time. The crew left and Niall led me to a long corridor I haven’t earlier in the little tour he gave me. He did mention that the house is big and it would take us hours to tour it all, especially without little break stops, or should I say make out stops. We stepped into an elevator and he pressed the -1 button. Why are we going to the basement? And before I get to predict we were in the most beautiful open space kitchen dining room. it was all white and vintage wooden roof, a big dining wooden table with 12 chairs a TV, a breakfast counter, snack machine. In the end of the open space there was a French glass door to the coolest looking indoor pool I’ve ever been into. There was a friendly looking mid age woman in stirring something she had on the stove. As we approached the smell hit us and we all sniffed in the air and made happy voices. She turned around and gave us a warm smile.

Harry gave her a hug and presented us. Her name was Martha. And she had a heavy Irish accent and apparently she knew the boys for a while. She told us that the table would be ready in ten minutes. So we used that time to explore the indoor pool part of this floor. The water was warm. And there was also an oval Jacuzzi. “What about some water volleyball game this night?” Louis suggested and we all agreed except Zayn who looked green. I gave Niall a questioning look and nodded to Zayn’s direction he chuckled and whispered into my ear
 “He can’t swim.”

That’s when my phone rang and I picked it up without checking the ID thanking god that my phone company has international offer.

“Honey did your clothes arrive?”  My mom said.

“Hi mom, how are you?”

“Great, did you like?”

“We just arrived how that is even possible”

“Oh a nice good looking guy came home and told me he’s your friend and he was flying to London too, he promised to give them to you in record time,” she said, damn Eric!

“He had the most beautiful deep blue eyes, Sam, how come you started to know all those hot guys lately, how’s Niall? Pass him on I want to talk with my soon to be daughter’s boyfriend,” she continued, I growled and handed the phone to Niall. I glanced up and Stephan was walking toward me.

“Sam a young man brought your stuff; he’s in the waiting room he insisted on handing them personally,”

“Okay I’ll meet him” Niall’s eyes were on me. He was still on the phone with my mom, smiling, he tried to walk out with me, but I waved his offer off. And let Stephan escort me to my guest.

Before I entered the room I could sense him, it’s like the air changed, and you could almost see blue ribbons of energy. And I couldn’t wait anymore I slid the door as fast as I can and Eric was halfway to the door, gasping for air. I ran to him and hugged him. H buried his nose in my neck.

“Did you feel it too?” he whispered.

“Yes, god, I missed you” the words came out of my mouth before I could hold my tongue and stop them.  His hold grew tighter and he murmured “I missed you too, more than you could ever imagine,” I forgot that Stephan was at the door until he cleared his throat. Eric glanced up at him, nodded, but never let me out of his arms. I understood that he needed this, but what confused me was my need for him to be around. Okay I need to breathe “Air” I whimpered and his hold loosened. I stepped back; he grabbed me by the hips, his fingers caressing the skin that was showing between the end of my shirt and my jeans. He pulled me back against him, his fingers sending burning sensations while they stroke my skin. My eyes started to flutter and I felt his erection digging into my stomach. Damn it. I snapped back from Lala land and looked at him and pulled back. He was smirking, the bastard. “Cut the crap out, Eric,” I growled. He threw his head back and started laughing. Then I felt Niall’s arm around my hip, pulling me to him.

“So, Sam, your mom says hi and she hopes you like the stuff she sent you,” Eric said casually. “Hi,” he nodded to Niall, I glanced up to him he nodded back be he was tense. I ran my hand up his arm. And his hand squeezed my hip.

“May I have my goodbye hug?” Eric smiled at me. Niall let me go with a sigh.

I hugged him and he whispered to my ear as we were parting “You know you want me,” and then he walked away.

“Will you ever tell me about you two?” Niall asked.

“I will, some day.” I’d tell you, Niall, but you’d think I’m nuts. And with that dark drama I wouldn’t put you in this kind of danger I thought.

We made our way back and eat lunch. Niall was acting a little more overprotective toward me than usual. Not that I mind it. After we finished eating, we visited out room. Mine was grey and blue with a black metal bed, TV, A desk. Make up stand and it also included a bathroom. A little dressing section and Floor length window and I were in seventh heaven. They let me unpack my clothes and explore those two suitcases that my mom sent me, and went to meet Simon.

Apparently, one was mine and the other was for the boys. Since one had a Sam tag and the other said 1D. Yes. 1D! My mom is doing her research, wouldn’t be surprised if I found her post things on the one direction tag on tumblr. In fact I need to check if she has a tumblr. I dialed her number.

“SO?” she said exited.

“Do you have a tumblr,” I asked

“What? What is that?” she sounded confused. I let out a breath of relief

“Thank you mom I love the stuff,” I haven’t even seen them yet

“Really,” she sounded so surprised. Damn it. Wonder what she sent. I should find out ASAP. I said my goodbye quickly and hung up. Opened the suitcase and the first thing I saw was a red sequin dress and 6 inches high heeled black shoes. You’ve got to be kidding me.

I unpacked my hoodies and jeans and t shirts first then I moved into my new clothes. Most of them were dresses. Skirts and lingerie! Holy crap mom! On the bright side the shirts were cute and I kind of liked the shoes she sent. Not that I’m used to high heels.

And before I knew it, time passed and it was 7pm. And suddenly I felt a set of arms squeeze me from behind, those arms I knew so well right now.
“Were you bored?” Niall murmured to my ear and nuzzled me. I shook my head “No I unpacked my stuff,” I said and he tightened his grip around my upper body I almost couldn’t breathe.

“Jack and Dan hurt,” I giggled, he pulled back and turned me to face him.

Who is jack and Dan?” he asked confused

“You know…” I blushed “My boobs” He burst off laughing then fell on the floor. It took him five minutes to sober up.

“You named your boobs? Incredible” he giggled “what else did you name?”  He looked me straight in the eye, trying to look serious.

“Well, my lest ovaries’ name is Danger”

“God what I’d like to do to you,” he chuckled and hugged me.


After I gave the guys their suitcase, which contained all their favorite comics and video game CDs, my mom was involved in some serious fandom group I’d bet my last piece of chocolate on it. We went to the basement part of the house again; the guys were playing a game in the pool while Zayn and I stayed in the kitchen. I volunteered to make dinner and Zayn asked to help me out since he didn’t swim.

“How do you chop this,” he asked. I showed him how and got back to my marinade. We were making chicken stir fry with vegetables and vanilla Panna Cotta for dessert. Since the dessert needed to set I started with it and put it in the fridge then we moved into the stir fry.

“He talks about you a lot, you know,” he said out of the blue.



He handed me the chopped veggies and I threw them into the pan.

“What did he say about me?” I asked

He smirked and raised his eyebrows playfully

“No, really, did he mention my ass?”

He laughed out loud. Niall joined us “What’s funny?”

“Buns” I said quickly and it only made Zayn laugh harder




We eat dinner then played video games until it was midnight, Niall escorted me to my room and kissed me goodnight then left to his own.

I opened the door and Eric was lying on the huge bed watching tv.

“What took you too long sweetheart,” he said then patted the empty side of the bed, inviting me in.

I sat next to him, “what’s going on? You look tired” I asked

“I was tracking down a dark one; I almost got caught if it wasn’t for Godric pulling me into safety,”

“what do they want?”

“They want our world too, Sam, he was visiting that Mrs Newlin,”

“I kneeew it!” I knew I didn’t like the woman for a reason.

“Yeah I suspected that woman too,”

“Will you let me sleep here every night? You know I need to get into your head to get visions”

“Of course” I said and kicked my shoes and laid beside him, he held my hand.

“Thank you,” he said and I drifted into sleep.


“THEY’RE COMING THEY’RE COMING RUN” Eric was shouting to me while I sat on a garden bench, the sky went gray and I ran and ran I looked back to see Eric fist fighting with a huge bald man while another one who looked just like the first man was walking slowly toward Eric’s back having this evil smirk on his face, damn it. I ran back to the man and threw a rock at his head, that seemed to bring his attention to me. and damn he looked angry. I was so screwed. He walked toward me slowly I walked away but tripped and fell he reached to my face I tried to stumble away but it was too late. He pressed a finger under my ear, right above the His touch felt like fire. It burned and I felt my skin getting hotter and hotter I closed my eyes, giving up. Then the guys weight fell on me. and I drifted off.

I was cold, so cold and wet. “Sam, sam wake up for the love of god please.”eric was saying

I opened my eyes and he hugged me harder. I was in his arms, under the shower with our clothes on.

“why are we in the shower?” I asked, then I tried to pull back from his hold, my legs wobbled beneath me so I gave up and rested my cheek against his heart.

“They almost had you; he was taking your light changing it with darkness. He wanted to take you”

“Why” I whimpered

“You’re a portal, the prince’s human, they know I’d do anything for you,” he shivered

“I’m here, its okay,”

“It’s all because of me”

“shhh Eric, it’s their fault. They’re evil, you’re not.” I hugged him tighter


“No buts, let’s go back to sleep.” I pulled him out of the shower with me

“No, I’m not putting you into risk again; I have to go talk to Godric,” he kissed my forehead, opened a portal and he was gone.


I was still shaken up but and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep alone, so, I grabbed my laptop and walked to Niall’s room, knocked and Zayn opened the door. I stood still studying him, my vision stull fuzzy.

His hair was fluffy and in need of a trim, his beard grew a bit since I last saw him, it was also in need of a trim. He was shirtless his chest hair also in need of a trim… “Oh My god you’re naked” I banged my head against the door. I’ve heard Niall Laughing in the back of the room

“No I’m wearing pants,” he said. Well, that was embarrassing.

“I came and brought misery with me” I announced

“Misery? What’s going on? Is everything alright” they asked

“Oh no Misery, My laptop,”  

“You named your laptop?” Zayn chuckled

“You don’t wanna know what else she’d named” Niall giggled.

“You need help! Give me your mom’s number” Zayn said

I walked in gave niall a wet kiss on the lips before laying down next to him on the bed and opening my laptop.

“is everything alright?” he asked, and of course I wasn’t going to tell him about what happened so I just mumbled “Nightmare” and he hugged me.

“You haven’t told me what your other ovaries’ name?” Niall giggled trying to get me out of my dark mood.

“His name is ubie,” I smiled at him.

Zayn sat next to us, interested in what we say

“What else did you name?” he asked me

I pointed to my toes “I’ll start from the right to left, queen Elizabeth, Charles, Mic, kurt, sweetie, beam me up, mrs robinson, terry, mimi and peeta”

They shook their heads and laughed out loud,

“No, seriously you need therapy,” Zayn said still laughing

“Did you name your fingers?” he added

I looked at him, wide eyed, utterly chocked “Oh My God would anybody name their fingers?” I said

He fell into the floor laughing harder, “It’s your world Sam!” he said then sobered up. “But seriously give me your mom’s number to tell her to get you into counseling or something,”

“Desperate much? I’m not giving you my mom’s number, you’re not her type” I said and he raised his hands above his head in sign of surrender while still laughing and then he walked out.





i hope you liked the update, let me know what you think on the comments below. also would it be okay to add some sexy time in the future chapters ( i won't be trashy i promise)

thanks for reading my story








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