A band,an angel and a messed up teenager

What would you do if you meet a male angel? what if that angel tells you you're his, and asks for your permission to let him stay in your head and in exchange he will give you superpowers?

Sam's life was dull and boring until she met Eric (half angel) and made a deal with him. And using her new powers she went to see ‘One Direction’ and became close to her favorite band member, Niall Horan.
But with powers comes great responsibilities, strange things are happening, angels are disappearing and her secret might not remain a secret anymore. This is a story about being a lost teenager, having dreams, and figuring out your purpose in life. With a little sprinkle of t-shirts and a sassy heroine.


2. chapter 2

“Ask me about my ability to annoy people”


A t- shirt . (Advice, do not wear if you want to make friends.)






“So?” he said nervously.


“Can I have a trial day? What would it be like to have you in my head and try the powers and all?” I wasn’t going to say no when I have no idea what I’m putting myself into. What if he was Satan and now he’s trying to convince me to sell him my soul or something.

Fuck no. I wasn’t going to trust him just because he has pretty eyes and steel hard muscles. I looked at him, he was studying me. I prayed the lord he’s not able to read my thoughts. If you can hear me, say Meow. i thought

He said nothing. Okay. I exhaled.

“I can’t get into your head until you swear on the light, to be faithful to me. It’s the rules, and if you don’t like it I will leave you alone. I will swear on it first. Trust me?”

I nodded.

He held up his index finger and told me to touch it with mine. His finger light up. I gasped when the light started to go into my flesh.

“I, Eric son of Godric. I swear on the light that if my human asks me to leave I will obey and never return unless she asks me to.”

The light dimmed and I said “amen” he chuckled then said “your turn.”


I held up my finger and he touched it and they light up together. They look like fireflies mating. I ignored this disturbing idea and I tried to concentrate on my prayer or whatever it is.


“Hi! I Samantha Trey Davidson. Also known as STD, High school bullies liked to call me STD to irritate me but it never worked. Then they got depressed and I tried to make them feel better by faking being hurt. Anyway… I’m Daughter of Adam. No not Adam and Eve. The other Adam, you know, Adam and Katherine. Adam who was hit by a car.” Eric pinched me “ I-I swear that I will be faithful to my angel, and let him stay in my head whenever he feels like it, and give him chocolate and be high on sugar together.” He shaked his head in I-am-utterly-definitely-done-with-you kind of way.

“Amen” I said again.

“I can’t believe you did that” he said as if I ate a cat in front of him.

“Did what?” I asked

“Gossiped with the king of light” he pursed his lips and after a second his eyes widen “and I can’t believe they accepted it.”

“How do you know?” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“I can see your aura, they sent you light. A lot of it. Hold up your finger” I did as I’m told and I almost fainted when it light up. “Apparently the king -aka dad- likes gossip”

I gaped at him. Dad? He’s son of the king of the light?

“Remind me to buy him a Hollywood scandals and rumour’s mag when I piss him off” he smirked, and almost instantly he hits the floor and groans a horrified “Sorry dad.” That’s when I lost it and laughed my ass out at him. Whatever just happened to him he well deserved it.

“I love your dad” I said when I sobered up a little.

“Do you now? He just poured a force of a lightening into Me.” he stood up and licked his thumb and pressed it against my forehead. I tried as hard as I can not to grimace.

“May the light be upon you,” he said in a serious way.

“Amen” I mumbled getting into the mood of rituals and shit.

“Can you stop saying that at every protocol, please?” he mumbled irritation oozing out of his tone. I yawned then raised my eyebrows up and down, he growled at me. Good thing I wasn’t fond of pleasing people.


“You going back to bed?” he asked impatiently

“Yeah” I said

“Good” he whimpered before disappearing between my eyes. WHAT THE FUCK.

I’m in your mind, can you please stop thinking about celebrities who are having butt sex in the moment. It’s disturbing.

Joy of joys. What now?



I wrap myself in blankets and close my eyes.



I might not sound like meaning it. But I’m really glad you’re my human.

It might not look like it but I’m glad I have an angel

Aww, how sweet. I’m your angel.

My inbetweener.


I start to drift into sleep.


Wtf eric, I’m trying to sleep here. Will you shut the fuck up?

Sorry But is it real that you think I’m attractive.?

Goddamit, Eric stops messing around in my head.

I think you’re pretty too.

Shut up

Goodnight Sam.


I sat on a chair facing what must be the most beautiful carousel I’ve ever seen. Eric kneeled beside me.

“What the fuck are you doing in my dream?” I hissed

“Part of the deal, baby” he grinned.

I sighed. And in a Nano-second the carousel’s horses became real and ran away.  I looked at Eric who had a horrified look on his face. I was about to ask him what’s wrong when I noticed a baby monkey sitting on my shoulder, His little hands encircling my head, hugging it to him. Then he started looking in my hair and searching for bugs to eat, he found a little bug and put it in his little mouth.

“Awwwh” I said, trying to keep myself from hugging the monkey back and distracting him from his meal.

What the fuck” Eric murmured, with a priceless face expression. It was funny.



Wake up sleepy head” a soft voice said. I opened my eyes and struggled to see who’s waking me up. I saw long brown hair, oh mum.

Hi” I said sleepily

You over slept. You were looking so peaceful I didn’t want to disturb you, you were studying at night” It took me a minute to absorb what she’s saying... Yeah I studied last night, sure. I nodded anyway.  She kissed my forehead before leaving the room. Then it hit me. Crap, last night! Eric, are you still there in my mind? I waited and got no response.

 I wonder where he went, maybe he changed his mind and went back to wondering or wherever the fuck he lives. Or perhaps I was losing my mind last night was a very strange dream. I heard a throat clearing and found him standing by my closet when I looked up. Speak of the devil.

“You need some serious closet makeover” he said while studying a t-shirt that says ‘I thought Christian grey all that shit' he put it back, then walked to me and gave me his hand, I took it and he pulled me out of the bed, “Get ready, we are leaving in half an hour” he said then folded his hands and tapped is boot on the floor, I gesture to the door. He sighed and said “I was wishing for a more exiting beginning for today” I glared at him. He leaned down and whispered “Whatever you want, my lady!” then gave me a quick peck on the cheek before disappearing. The flirt that he is.


In twenty minutes I’m showered and dressed in jeans, a white t shirt that says JUICY under a blue hoodie with NERDY written on its back and left the zipper open. I was spraying perfume when Eric materialized in front of me.

“How did you know I’m ready?” I asked, irritated.

 He moved his eyebrows playfully then winked. I stepped closer to him trying as hard as I can to look seductive. Stopped when the tip of my converse touched his boot, Got on my toes till I was able to reach to his head, I ran my fingers through his long locks, his eyes fluttered and started to lean down. That’s when I pulled his hair as hard as I can. He yelped. “Do not spy on me ever again” I said through gritted teeth. He took my free hand –the one that wasn’t about to pull his scalp out- lad it to his mouth and kissed it then said “I’m sorry, I will never do it again Sammy.” I pulled harder “I swear on the light” He gave me the puppy eyes face. I loosened my grip massaged his scalp. Damn my fragile heart.


“Remind me to never make you angry again” he said. I smirked and gave him a gentle pat on the back in a we-are-cool-now-bro kind of way, hopefully it’ll kill his desire to watch me shower and change.


“You should probably call your mother cause it’s going to take long” he was right. I called her and told her I was passing the day with old high school friends, she was delighted. Going out wasn’t my thing, and that seemed to irritate my super socially active mother.


“Where are we going?” I asked.

“I was thinking to start with teaching you how to open portals” I clapped my hands in glee, that portal thing was cool as shit.


“All you have to do is to redraw the symbol you got when we made our deal while thinking about the destination” He explained, I got a symbol?


“What symbol?” I gaped at him, he sighed and took me in front a mirror and pointed out to a tiny heart filled in, leaving a skin coloured infinity symbol inside it. Whoever sent me this mark, I loved him.


I drew the symbol with my new firefly finger while thinking about Godiva chocolate shop. A hole appeared out of nowhere; on its other side was the shop. I was about to step in when Eric grabbed my arm “You can’t show up out of the wall in front of people” he said


“I’ll do the invisible thingie”

“You haven’t choose your superpower yet and thus you can’t use It.” he explained

Hmm I haven’t thought of that.


“And what are the ‘superpowers’ I can choose from?” I asked


“There are emotions reading, mind reading, and invisibility. I don’t recommend the first two though. You can’t shut them down and it’ll be hard on you to be in a room full of people.”


“What the hell, invisibility it is.” I wanted to disappear like him.


“Okie dokie” He licked his finger and pressed it against my forehead.

“Is the saliva part necessary?” I scowl.

“No, but I like the face you make when I do it” I was about to pull his hair when he grabbed my hands and kissed them.

“I need to get a haircut,” he smirked



After Eric explained to me how to switch to the invisible mode, I opened a hole to a hair dresser.


“We’re getting you a haircut, because quite honestly long hair does not suit you,” I told him. He sighed but said nothing.


After a very interesting show of two very leggy hairdressers taking care of Eric, who every ten seconds looks at me and moved his eyebrows in a I’m sexy and I know it way his head was washed, massaged, cut and styled.


“Thank you ladies” he kissed the hairdresser’s hands who giggled like school girls before we left the shop.


“They are very nice” he sighed.

“Damn straight they are,” I grinned, please like them and stop stalking me while I change my clothes. He hugged me “But you’re the best” I sighed.


We walked downtown, like two friends who knew each other for a long time. I got to admit, it feels good to have him around


I looked up at the big screen in the screen, it read: news flash: One Direction arrived in NY’s airport thousands of teenagers are there to make them feel home.

I nod my head to the screen’s direction.

“I think I know where we’re going” I tell him then pull him to the back of a building. We are going to New York, here we come.



We stood invisible, in a crowd of screaming, crying, fainting girls. It’s not like I blamed them. I completely understood. But from where we’re standing we can’t even see the boys, and they’re screaming even though they see nothing. Save the energy and rest your vocal cords for later girlfriends.


I passed the security, Eric followed.  Invisibility was the right choice I thought as I walked closer to the boys. My hands started to shake. God, being near them could give a healthy person a heart attack.


I stood near harry and studied his dimple, curls. And believe me you; it looked even better in person. It took all I have of self-control not to use my hands.

Zayn’s eyelashes were longer than Kate moss’s legs. And even darker than dark chocolate. I felt a ping of jealousy then decided to go near Liam to get a better look at his birth mark. I liked it. Then I smelled something too nice, I followed the sent. It was Louis. I got as close as I could without actually touching him and smelled and smelled till Eric pulled me away and said “You’re being creepy” he sounded amused. Hell, He doesn’t know what I’m feeling right now. I ignored him and went near to the Irish crème. I saved the best for last. He was wearing a blue hoodie and jeans and converse, I smiled at the resemblance of outfits. He had the most beautiful blue eyes, the best shaped lips, then he smiled and the gates of heaven opened and thank god Eric pulled me away before I do something stupid. But before we were far enough I heard Louis say the name of the restaurant where they were having launch. And immediately I knew what to do.


“We’re going to meet my dad” Eric said

“We’re going to poke-land?” I asked, is it even possible for me to go there, since I was just a human.

“No honey, dad is waiting for us in a Starbucks, he came to earth to visit his human and visit you,” he told me, so the king of light liked Starbucks. This is priceless.

“Is it a protocol for the king of light to meet his son’s friend” I didn’t like the word human, it sounds wrong.

“No” he frowns “But he likes you, he thinks you’re funny,”

“How do you know?” I asked.

“I had a vision from him yesterday when I was in your head”

“But, How? I haven’t seen anything…”

“You can’t see the visions that are meant for me; unless I let you see it” the bastard.


“Let’s go do coffee with the king of light” I told him as we stepped into a restroom in a Starbucks shop.

We headed to a table where a very handsome man was sitting, in front of him three drinks. When he saw us he stood up and hugged Eric then hugged me. Eric pulled me out of his hug. “Okay dad, that’s enough, she’s my Sammy” DAD? How? He couldn’t be more than 25 years old.

“We’re immortals, sweetie, we reach an age and cease getting old” he answered my unspoken question and I knew what his superpower is.

“No, that’s not my only superpower, I’m the king for a reason” he winked at me and I flushed.

“So you’re Adam’s daughter? The other Adam?” He chuckled I flushed even more.

“I’m sorry about that sir,” I muttered. “Call me Godric, please,” He hugged me again and zapped Eric with electricity when he tried to pull me out of his hug this time.

He sat down trying as hard to hide his pain. I felt bad for him.

He’ll get over it,” Godric told me. I smiled at him. It’s hard not to like him, he winked at me.

I need to control my thoughts. Niall, Niall, Niall, I thought as I sipped the chai latte the king of light bought me. How he knew it was my favourite. I have no idea.

I sat silently while Eric and his father were discussing what they found out about the disappearing angels.


“All those who disappeared had humans, we need to find their humans to see if they know something about them,” Eric said

“I will do my research and send you the human’s names”

“Do you think they have a relation to the disappearance?” Eric asked

“Possibly” Godric sighed then looked at his watch “Now, excuse me I have to go back, I have a meeting” he stood up and so did we.

“It was a pleasure meeting you, darling girl” he hugged me. Eric tapped his feet on the floor, irritated, I wonder what is it with him and the whole me being his thing. He’s taking it too seriously.


Godric gave me a peck on the cheek before mumbling something to Eric about taking care of Sam and telling her everything about our nature. Then he walked out followed by the stares of all girls in the shop. It’s not that I blame them.


We sat down, and Eric cleared his throat.

“I don’t like it when someone gets near you,” he said

“I’ve noticed”

“It’s my nature, Sammy, I want you for myself, talk to you, feel your life rush trough me as I hold your hand, that’s why we’re so physical”

“I’ve noticed that too” I murmured

“Does it bother you? We’re not like humans; we do not take it in a romantic way. It’s something beyond it” he explained

“Not really” it really didn’t. “Let’s go get launch?”

“Yes, why not, By the way, you can make another person invisible too if you touch him while you’re in the invisible mode. Just thought you should know.” this is cool.

We walk out the shop and my mouth fell open.

“Where are we?” I as I study the Arabian looking buildings

“Turkey” he smirked. Will I ever get used to this?




“So where are we going?” he asked me. I ignored him and drew a heart and an infinity symbol. A hole appeared. I looked at him “I’m going to see my future boyfriend,” he sighed and grabbed my hand and we stepped into the restaurant’s restroom.


There weren’t much people, I glanced around and my eye held Niall’s gaze. He smiled at me, I melted and gave him a small shy smile, then a girl who was sitting next to him poked his shoulder, she looked at me, gave me glare and continued her talk with the other band members.

Oh my god. Niall James Horan smiled at me. I Pulled Eric to a table and took a look at the menu.

“Jeez, Sam you’re shaking” he took my hands “Relax” he murmured, then I had the feeling that it wasn’t for the sake of making me calm, his hands strayed to my arms and I had something more important than Eric’s booty call, or whatever it is. Nature was calling and I had to go to the restroom ASAP.


I gave Eric the permission to choose the food for me and went to the restroom.

The girl who was standing next to Niall followed. She stood in front of the mirror re-applying makeup, she definitely believed in so much lipstick. I washed my hands and she blocked my way out. I smiled, my smile was more of a ‘Niiiiiiiice doggy’ the smile you do when you’re passing by an angry pit-bull, and believe me you, she was pissed.


“Listen, bitch, you stay away from him he is mine” she barked.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Don’t play innocent with me, creep, stay away from him.”

“Fascinating” I said, faking an interested face “I came here to have a meal, who thought I would find out this information, Thanks a lot,” I smirked, and then pushed myself past her. I needed to buy myself a ‘how to make people like you’ guide, but it requires an immense desire to make people like me and win friends, and quite honesty my desire’s capacity was already full of far more important things, like telling people to piss off and eating food while reading a good fanfiction.

Does the word mine means something to you?” she was being a sore loser.

“It would if I gave a crap” I said as I stepped into the safety of public eye. Wow, that was something. Niall was at the door he looked amused, smiled at me and I smiled back. Take that, bitch.


Eric ordered cordon blue and fries for both of us.

We ate in comfortable silence


I finished my meal and decided to visit the restroom before leaving. And since it was a big room the mirror and hand driers were for both genders. I was washing my hands; I glanced in the mirror, and saw that Niall was behind me. He Looked at my reflexion in the mirror and smiled. Wow, 4 smiles in less than an hour, if I was counting, that was a record.


“Hi there,” He said.

“Hi, how do you like new York” I decided to have small talk with him.

“New York is fine, you live here?” he asked

“No, came here in a trip,”

“Makes two of us, you’re staying here long?”

“Couple of days,” I smiled, He smiled back, smile number five, okay I was counting, sue me.

“Where are you staying?” Crap, what hotel name should I tell him?

“I just arrived today, haven’t decided yet,”

“I’m staying in a hotel two blocks from here, it’s not bad” he smirked. Oh my, he just told me where he was staying, that was something. Right?

“What’s taking so long” a sharp voice broke in we both glanced. Oh, not again, I haven’t appreciated her bitchiness. But I understood it, she was hungry. Skinny legs do not come free.

“Lorena, Wait in the car I’m coming,” the devil has a name, and its exotic. She scowled at him, glared at me then stormed out.

“I’ve heard you guys earlier, and I wanted to apologize for her behaviour, when she’s irritated things happen…” he trailed off.

“Yeah that’s the thing about things, they tend to happen. No biggie” I gave him what I hopped was a confident girl grin.

“So what’s your name?” He asked.


“Nice tattoo by the way” he touched it, by it, I mean the base of my neck, I got Goosebumps all over my body “It seems so real, alive,” he murmured then looked me in the eye, dropped his hand.

“See you around Sam,” He waved and walked toward the door.

“I think there are plenty empty rooms in the hotel I’m staying in,” He winked at me before walking continuing his way out. Oh dear.

“I’ll take it under consideration” I whimpered to myself.

He stopped again. “One more thing, are you juicy or nerdy?” I was a goner.










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