A band,an angel and a messed up teenager

What would you do if you meet a male angel? what if that angel tells you you're his, and asks for your permission to let him stay in your head and in exchange he will give you superpowers?

Sam's life was dull and boring until she met Eric (half angel) and made a deal with him. And using her new powers she went to see ‘One Direction’ and became close to her favorite band member, Niall Horan.
But with powers comes great responsibilities, strange things are happening, angels are disappearing and her secret might not remain a secret anymore. This is a story about being a lost teenager, having dreams, and figuring out your purpose in life. With a little sprinkle of t-shirts and a sassy heroine.


13. chapter 11

“Certified Badass“                    -t shirt. For obvious reasons 



It took all I have of self-control not to stand there and watch Niall’s car pull away, so i just glanced back one last time, the windows were tinted black so I couldn’t see if he was looking back at me. I turned around and let the tears I held spring free, free fall down my face, it didn’t take long for Eric to notice that I was ugly crying, he held me tight in his arms and all was left for me to do, was to be grateful for his presence.

Why did you kiss me?” I asked when I stopped sobbing

Because I can” he smirked

“No, seriously,” I frowned

“Well…” he trailed off and I pinched his arm to make him spill the beans

“I was trying to get him to define the relationship” he said softly

“Why?” I whimpered

“because I saw the way you look at him, I don’t want to leave before knowing you’re okay, and I couldn’t risk leaving you here with him without having any clue what his intentions were,”

I buried my face in the crook of his neck and let all the tears out again.

“You’ll be okay, we’re going to be okay” he whispered to me.



We met Godric in the lobby of a hotel in London. After 20 minutes of hugs and smiles we had to get to business. We made it upstairs to his room. Surprisingly the suite was filled with people that seemed to know both Eric and his father so I assumed they were from their kind.

“Before we start planning, can I have a word with Eric and Sam?” Godric said as he had each one of us on his sides and pulled us to a little study/library.

He looked straight at me straight in the eyes

“What we’re going to do is dangerous” he said slowly and I nodded

“And if you don’t want to be part of it we won’t force you, and you’ll still be one of our family.” He added

“I know it’s not going to be a piece of cake. But I wouldn’t walk out on you guys. You’re my family and I’d do anything in my power to help you.” I smiled

Eric hugged me to him and we made our way to the the crowd waiting for us to kick ass.



I walked to mrs newlin’s house and rang the bell, and the same guy talked to me

“How can I help you?” he said calmly

“Get me a chicken burrito with extra guacamole and…”

“You again! What do you want now?” he cut me off

“Hey, that’s not fair I was in the middle of telling you what I want,”

He just  growled

“Jeez I want to talk to mrs newlin”

“She’s busy”

“Tell her I want to be a part of the you know what and I know where they can get the big boss” I said

And ten seconds after, the door opened.

The doorbell guy met me and led me through the lobby and I had to force myself not to piss him off. I wanted to get out of this intact and alive.

The woman was sitting in the library. Her feet resting on top of the mahogany desk, she looked up, nodded to the seat in front of the huge desk. I took a seat, instantly regretting my stupid plan to trick her into leading us to the missing angels. Surly she is not stupid enough to believe me. Or is she? fuck fuckity fuck.

“Well well well, look who came to visit me,” she said with poisonous sweetness in her voice, a smug smile painted on her face.  “what brings you here?”

“well, since I’ve left last time I haven’t slept because I kept thinking how do you get your hair to be so shiny…”

“cut the crap,” she looked down at my t shirt “juicy,” she read

“I came here to get my revenge, and, well, surprisingly you’re the only one I know here that I can talk to,”

“Interesting, what about your little boybander boyfriend?” she raised her eyebrows

“well, that’s why I came here to talk to you. We’ve never been boyfriend/girlfriend because eric ruined it all for me, he made it seem like I was cheating with him and now my little boyfriend doesn’t want to have anything to do with me,”

“Poor thing, I’ve always found betweeners a little bit selfish,”

“I know, they keep taking and taking,” I said, looking straight at her eyes, damn I’ve gotten so good at lying my mom would be so proud of me.

“I still don’t get why you came here to me,”

“Eric told me that you have something to do with the missing people, “

“They are not people” she snapped “they are monsters”

I shrank to my chair and she stood up and walked to the book shelves, picked up a photo frame and handed it to me.

It was a picture of a younger version of her in the arms of a very handsome guy.

“We were perfect together, until he decided I wasn’t good enough, he dumped me for another one of his kind.” She explained, and then she put picture back in its place

“Wow,” I said, bitch must be crazy, wonder what happened to him.

 “I know, right? Son of a bitch paid for it” she smiled widely

“Then, I came to the right person,”

“Yes dear, that, you did. After I found out I’ve been heart broken, and then,”

“Go on, dear” I smiled and held her hand, pulling her to sit on the chair in front of me, Playing the compassionate friend role perfectly.

“one day, I’ve met a guy, jack, he was so perfect and I almost got over that bastard, then he came back and killed my new man, saying he was a dark one and that there’s a pact and he shouldn’t touch me cause basically I’m still his human, so I played along, got together with jack’s brother and together we agreed to bring down inbetweeners, I get my revenge and he gets to keep them and drain their essence as long as they live” she wiped her tears

“you poor thing,” I said, I understand she was hurt, but hurting all of them is absurd, I certainly don’t want anything or anyone to hurt Eric and his father and all the people I met from their world, they’ve been nothing but nice to me. I looked down at my watch and it was time for us to go.

“Now, wipe those tears and let’s go get some revenge,”

“but, I need to tell jack’s brother,”

“Yeah, you will text him, after we tie the great king and his son. And then, let the fun begin”

I opened a portal, crossing my fingers…







My only grandmother died and I had creativity crisis ever since. As soon as I got it back (thanks to 1dday and the release of midnight memories) I wrote. I’m so so sorry beloved fangirls. I have failed you.


But seriously, though, go buy some combat boots and let’s be badass together and sing along to midnight memories.


So Much Love 

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