Nightmare come true

A girl named Kate who a trouble in the past couple of years, that had toget away from her step-dad and step-mom just to excape the torment and torture. 10 years afte her parents died in car crash when she was only 3. She goes on telling the story through her point of view. Also the reasons why she did what she did through letters she wrote.


1. Kate's early years

After my parents died in the car crash when I was 3 I spent a week in foster care. Then I got what I thought was going to be a good family with a loveing mom and dad. I settled in realy fast. We lived in a Beautiful house, it was only 1 story and it had a basement. I had my own room down the hallway from my new parents. They gave me everything I wanted, like toys, flat screen T.V, and even a puppy. I named him Coco. The first night I got there they helped me unpack.

They told me," You know we would never hurt you in any way right?"

I said," I know."

"We LOVE you Kate, good night."

"Good night."

  I still had nightmares from the night my real parents died. I tried to covence myself that everything would be okay even though I was only 3. They came to check on me every hour.

A year later I started school I was so happy that i didn't have to say at home all day long. Fom then on i was happy, i got everything that  i wanted, i never had to ask for anything at all. I was never mistreated. I never got in trouble either. It was like a little kids paradise, well it was for me any way. Which a little kid probably can't tell when something is suspicious any way. I never had any reason to be either. That was until it got really close to my 8th birth day. Then one day they started acting funny, it was after my birth day. They would start hugging me more and being friendlier also way more touchier. That is when I started having my concerns about them. They told me that they weren't treating me any different then they normally did. Which i found verry odd because it seemed as if they where. Which I never got hugged or kissed that much ever, by them. I never wanted to think something was up just because they were acting funny. 

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