1. From the day I met her

Danny's POV


     Strolling around London, I felt happy. I'm Danny Donovan, up-and-coming singer and actor. People waved when they saw me and asked for autographs. At the moment I'm only big in the UK. I'm going to Paris though to promote my music career in France and then on to New York to try and conquer the USA.

     I met my best mate Chris at Starbucks and we had a great afternoon laughing and I smiled a lot at fans. We talked about my tour to Paris. We had been friends since high school. He had supported me and helped me through the tough times, and we had had a laugh. But now, I had to leave him to travel the world.


     Back at my flat I packed a suitcase of clothes and a few other essentials. I turned the key in the lock and got into the cab. Jumping into my private jet at the airport the driver helped me with the luggage. I sprawled across the seats and but my headphones on. I settled down for the journey, feeling very lonely.

     When the plane landed I was jolted awake. Letting my manager Kathy take care of my bags, I walked down the steps to a crowd of French people. They were all shouting my name and it was an amazing feeling.

     Somehow Kathy had reached the bottom of the steps before me and was standing next to a gorgeous girl who looked familier...

     "Hey, I'm Sienna!" She smiled brightly

     "As in Sienna Scott?" I asked

     "Yeah, that's me, I'm over from the States for my Paris tour and then I'm heading back," She said, her soft ginger hair blowing in the gentle breeze. I couldn't help but notice her chocolate brown eyes, the way her pale blue dress clung to her curves and the way it complimented her tanned skin.

     "When are you going back?" I asked another question

     "The beginning of next month," Her smooth American voice melted my heart.

     "Hey, I am too!" I laughed

     "Do you want to come on my jet?" She asked

     "I'm sure that would be much better fun than going by myself," I smiled at Kathy

     "Sure you can Danny," Kathy replied. I loved that woman, she always understands

     "That's great, I'll tell my pilot!" Sienna took out her phone

     When she put her phone down we fought through the crowds, waving and smiling. We posed for photos and signed autograph books. When we reached the hotel where I was staying Sienna gave me her number and hailed a taxi.

     "Call me tomorrow, I'll be free for a coffee!" She called as she jumped in, leaving me stranded on the pavement.

     I walked towards the hotel and collapsed on the bed, exhausted and excited. I couldn't wait for tomorrow. I was gonna have coffee with Sienna Scott!

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