Together again?

Milly and her best friend Sue were having a sleepover because they were going to see One Direction and they had front row seats but Milly had kept a secret from Sue for a while and soon she and maybe the whole world will know it what is it? Is it good? Or is it bad?


6. Whats going on here?

Harrys POV
I woke up at 8o'clock and I was the only one awake so I decided to go and get some breakfast, I made some pancakes, they were the best once I had finished I decided to go wake the others up I went to Niall's room first because his the easiest to wake up 'pancakes, syrup and sugar YUM' his eyes instantly opened and he zoomed out of the room to the kitchen, god that boy makes me laugh. I then walked to Liam's room and shouted 'Niall's nearly finished the food quick before its all gone' he looked up and Mumbled 'I told you to wake all of us up before Niall so we get some food' I just stood there and giggled.

Now to wake Zayn. I walked into his room looked at him then looked around the room and noticed his hair products, picked up the hair gel put it all under his bed, walked out then knocked on the door acted like nothing happened he opened his eyes smiled lazily, then said 'what do you want curls', I politely smiled and asked to borrow some hair gel, he got out of his bed went to get some and almost screamed 'WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH IT CURLS!!!!'

 I turned and ran out of the door to louis room knowing that he would fight for me, bit he wasn't there I panicked and hid in the wardrobe. Damn it was so messy in here but I needed to hide, I found the door which leads to the spare room I walked in and tripped over some shoes, they were Louis, I looked to one of the beds and saw him lying there so I decided to pull his covers of and dive to the other side of the be, his eyes opened wide and gave me a glare as if to say get out or your dead!! 

Louis POV
Harry had just walked through my wardrobe, grabbed my duvet and taken cover from something , I gave him the biggest 'get out or your dead' glare ever, he completely ignored it, then all of a sudden Zayn came bursting in I jumped out of the bed ran to Millie's bed and she was awake so I grabbed her hand and we ran out of the door to the kitchen, followed by Harry and Zayn. I refused to help Harry out today he can get himself out of the trouble with Zayn which he did and Zayn said 'I shall get revenge curls' we all sat and giggled where as Hazza was just worried incase it was really bad, anyway we all ate our breakfast luckily Niall was told he had to wait for us all to get ours till he could have his. Harry decided to make it awkward and ask 'whats going on between Milly and you?' Before I could answer Mill said 'I asked Lou to stay in the room last night because I was still a little shaken up from yesterday' her cheeks turned slightly red it was really cute, the boys all nodded and gave us both a suspicious look and they went back to what they were doing.

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