Together again?

Milly and her best friend Sue were having a sleepover because they were going to see One Direction and they had front row seats but Milly had kept a secret from Sue for a while and soon she and maybe the whole world will know it what is it? Is it good? Or is it bad?


1. The Concert

Louis POV
We had just started our world tour and this was our third show we went on stage and started to sing Live while we're young to open the show, I looked into the audience and in the front row I saw someone very familiar I was thinking is it her. Once we had sung the last song of that section we went of the get changed but I quickly got put my phone and text her hoping so badly she still had the same number and to know it it was defiantly her, well we went back on stage after I text her and I noticed she was checking her phone maybe it was her? Maybe we can catch up? She then looked at me like she was glad I remembered her, she then text back and I had my phone in my pocket so I ran of stage checked it at this point i didn't care what Paul or the boys thought it was her yes i thought in my head. I asked Paul to bring her and her friend backstage and he agreed I was so happy so I went back on stage and sung like there was no tomorrow, all the boys stared at me but I just ignored them and got on with it I can't wait to catch up with her!!

Milly's POV
Sue and I were getting ready for the concert to start and I was thinking is he going to remember me? The concert started and they started singing live while we're young and Louis kept looking at me with a concentrated face they finished that section and went to get changed, I felt my phone go of so I checked it and guess what it was Louis he texted me saying what I was up to so I replied "watching you ;)" it sounded kinda odd but he knew what I meant. They came back on stage and we both smiled at each other he got out his phone and ran of stage, a few minutes later he ran back on looking at me smiling then to my surprise Paul came and asked me and sue to go backstage with him, sue looked at me funny but I just ignored her and carried on I'm so happy and exited to catch up with him.
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