Together again?

Milly and her best friend Sue were having a sleepover because they were going to see One Direction and they had front row seats but Milly had kept a secret from Sue for a while and soon she and maybe the whole world will know it what is it? Is it good? Or is it bad?


5. I don't want to go home

Millys POV
We got back to the boys place and we decided to watch a movie, we watched Grease me and Louis looked at each other with smiles on our faces because when we were younger we both played Danny and Sandy in the school play, the film started we sat next to each other and we were saying the lines pretty much word for word, then the movie ended and we sung 'your the one that I want, you are the one I want oh oh ohh' and burst out laughing. We all got up it was 11pm and sue said 'I think we should get home' I instantly had a shocked expression on my face and said 'I don't want to go home' sue looked at me confused and asked 'why?' so I told her 'dads just gotten out of prison and obviously the first place he will go for somewhere to stay is mine and I really don't like my dad he was evil and used to abuse me and my mum' she looked at me with a sorry look as did the others and they all gave me a hug I told them all 'it doesn't matter I never really loved him anyway' sue then asked me a question nobody but louis and I knew the answer to 'what happened to your mum?'  I couldn't answer I went pale and Louis jumped in to answer the question, but obviously not until I gave him and ok look after that I walked out to the kitchen to let him tell them all.


Louis POV
Milly walked out of the room so i could tell the others what happened to her mum 'when we were younger her dad abused her and her mum and one day her mum couldn't take it so she snuck out when her dad popped to the shops and left a note saying I love you milly and always will, and s-she killed h-her s-self' I finished and i had a few tears in my eyes and as did the others they couldn't say anything, they were just way to shocked about what the just heard and what happened to Milly.
After I had told them I went to the kitchen and found Milly half asleep crying at the table I was concerned so I went to her and asked 'do you want to stay with us for a couple of days' she jumped a little and gave the smallest of smiles ever and replied 'I would love to, but I don't want to get in the way and also where would I sleep?' But me being me said 'you wont get in the way at all in fact it would be great for you to stay with us and we have way to many rooms you can have what ever one you want just not ours obviously' she let out a very slight giggle to that, I got up put out my hand and lead her to the free rooms, she decided on the nice red coloured one next door to mine and it has two beds incase we have family around. We sat on the bed talking for a bit I told her I was tired and thought I should got to bed as it is 10 past 1 in the morning and as I was walking towards the door I heard a small voice say 'wait Louis stay in my room for tonight to keep me company please' so I very kindly agreed and hopped into the spare bed next to hers and we both very quickly fell asleep.


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