Together again?

Milly and her best friend Sue were having a sleepover because they were going to see One Direction and they had front row seats but Milly had kept a secret from Sue for a while and soon she and maybe the whole world will know it what is it? Is it good? Or is it bad?


4. Catch up and dinner at nandos

We were finished at the venue we decided to go to dinner before we could even suggest anywhere 'Nando's' was shouted but not by Niall but  by Sue what a coincidence they both love Nando's, we all looked at her and laughed while both Niall and her blushed 


Milliy's POV

We all hopped into the mini bus I sat next to louis and thought about a few things then realised what the day was, its the day my dad gets out of prison, I really don't like my dad I never ever ever talk about him and Louis was the only friend which had met him and knows why I hate the guts out of him. Louis obviously noticed that I was worried because he whispered to me 'are you alright' I told him 'dad's coming out of prison today I don't know what to do' he gave me a hug and said 'I'll protect you, because you'd do the same I hope' he then let go and winked which made me giggle a bit. We arrived at Nandos we got placed in a both where no one could see us but the people eating and working there because the boys deserve some privacy.  I looked around incase there was anyone I knew here because it is near my home village and the prison I just hope no one sees me here because Im here to have a nice time not a horrible time. 


Louis POV
We had arrived at Nandos and I looked over at mil she looked kinda worried but we sat down I obviously sat next to Milly with Harry on the other side then it was Zayn, Liam and Niall and next to Niall was sue, we were all having a laugh then the door opened and Milly looked paler than she had been so I looked up and saw her dad and two people I looked at her worried and whispered in her ear 'do you want to leave' she slowly nodded and we made sure we had all payed and left the building. It felt like we were being followed so I quickly grabbed her hand and hoped in the mini van, she quickly put her seat belt on and hugged up to me and I snuggled back the boys and sue then entered and let out ohhs and awwws to us both we both went bright red.


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