Together again?

Milly and her best friend Sue were having a sleepover because they were going to see One Direction and they had front row seats but Milly had kept a secret from Sue for a while and soon she and maybe the whole world will know it what is it? Is it good? Or is it bad?


3. After the concert

Louis POV

Once the concert had finished we all walked backstage, I looked around and saw Milly and ran over to her and gave her a massive hug which felt like forever because we hadn't seen or spoken to each other since I left for the X factor, but then I was interrupted from my thoughts with a grunt from Harry, I introduced them to Milly and they all started to chat and got on really well then she introduced us to her friend Sue. Sue was brunette with blonde highlights and blue eyes, her and Niall got along like a house on fire. We were finished at the venue we decided to go to dinner before we could even suggest anywhere 'Nando's' was shouted but not by Niall but  by Sue what a coincidence they both love Nandos 



sorry its a small chapter I had to do some important coursework for school hope you all love it so far

Maisie Jay xxxx

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