Today is the Day ~One Direction Fanfiction~

Niall's life was totally normal until one day when he gets told to babysit 17 year old Audrey. He instantly falls for her, but it seems like the other lads do too. Will Audrey ruin the boys relationship? Or will they be able to keep it together?


1. What Happened.....

“One Band, One Dream, One Direction” ~ One Direction

I glanced up at the clock. 3:45. Only 20 minutes until summer break. 20 minutes until I’m out of this son of a bitch school and onto college. A new start, new people, new teachers, a new place.  Only 20 minutes.    

I’m a senior at Ridgeway High in London, England. The teachers here are bitches and most of the students are either sluts or dumb as sticks…. The average GPA at my school is a 1.0. Yah…. But mine and a few other kids, (The smart ones of course) have about an average of  3.6 to a 4.0. So this school isn’t all dumb asses.     I slipped out of my 8th block class (biology) so I could empty out my locker.

I snuck down the quiet hall. I noticed several other seniors at their lockers too. We all had the same idea, get in before the “wave” comes. I reached my locker and began to fiddle with the lock. I put in my combination and pulled the lock… nothing… ughhh really? Now? I kept trying. I finally got fed up and kicked my locker. The metal rattled and sent a thundering roar down the halls… Shit… Everyone glared at me, but kept on doing what they were doing.  

  “Need some help there?” I turned to see a tall guy with brown spiked up hair and caramel eyes looking sweetly at me.   

  “oh.. Uhhh.. S-u-u re.” He wore an orange t-shirt with blue jeans that hung slightly off his waist revealing his black boxer briefs.  He looked at me questionably as if waiting for something..     “OH! Umm… it’s 28-38-04.” I shifted nervously as his large hands twisted the knob. Once, twice, three times and POP! The lock opened right up. WOW! He must have a magic touch. I laughed to myself. No that would be stupid.  

  “There you go!” He said as he pushed open my locker and turned to look at me. He gave me a smile and stepped out of my way. But he didn’t leave. I stepped forward and began pulling stuff out of my locker and into my bag.

“Thanks.. uh… um….” I stuttered.  

  “Liam.” He gave me another sweet smile. Why was he being so nice to me? I didn’t even know him.   

  “Oh. Thanks Liam.” I flustered a smile as I put my biology book into my bag.

 “I’m Audrey.”    

“Nice to meet you Audrey! Say… are you going to the party tonight?” he questioned. There was a party going on at Josh Devine’s house. I was in fact invited and planning on going…. Even if my Aunt didn’t want me to go.    

“I am! What about you Liam? I’d love to see you there!” I gave him a flirty smile.  

  “I guess I will… I was thinking about not going… but since you are I will!” He winked back.     

“Great! I guess I’ll see you tonight then?” I bit my bottom lip. He was kind of cute… No he was really cute. He was hot… I still couldn’t figure out why he was talking to me…    

“Defiantly! It was nice meeting you Audrey! Maybe we can hangout another time.” His caramel eyes sparkled in the light. I could tell he was interested in me by the way he looked at me. His eyes never leaving mine. He was a gentleman too, his eyes weren’t wandering or full of lust. He wasn’t like the other boys. He was different.  

  “Of course! I’d love that! Say.. Liam are you a senior?”  

  “I am. I’m assuming you are too?”    

“I am!” His eyes lit up and a smile appeared on his face.  

 “Well the bell’s going to ring, so I’m going to head outside. It was nice chatting with you Liam!” His mood sunk but the a tint of hope glimmered in his eyes.  

  “Here, I’ll walk you out.”  

  “Alright.”     We walked side by side off toward the front of the building.      




  “Sup Josh?” I yelled over the loud music. Josh had changed the party location to Rocky’s Hightop Bar. His parents had decided to comeback 5 days early.  

  “Liam!! Ma-man!!” Josh yelled from across the bar. I waved Hi to several people and I spotted Niall over at the bar seats. I slid into the seat next to him.  

  “Niall! How many drinks have you had?” My inner father coming out…  

  “Only about 5 li-yum!” He slurred.    

“Ahhh!! Niall that’s enough!” I yanked the drink from his hand and handed him a glass of water.    

“Now get! Go dance or something! And no more drinking. You need to sober up!” I pushed him gently toward the dance floor.     Now… I needed to find Audrey. I know she’s around here somewhere…. She had said she was going to be here… I looked around the bar.. Nope! I started pushing around the dance floor.. Nope… Where could she be?? Maybe she didn’t come.. I really liked her. She was beautiful, intelligent, funny, and flirty. But… I had Danielle.. Just when I had almost lost all hope, I saw a small figured brunette walking my way. She had a smile on her face and her blue dress looked stunning on her. She was about to reach me, but she turned and started talking to Harry…. Oh god…. Nooooo!! Not Harry…. Anyone but Harry! But It was too late. It was the bro code. Whoever gets to the girl “romantically” first, gets them, unless they break up and they don’t want anything to do with each other…so now.. I can’t do anything but hope…     I stood there…. Like a deet in the head lights… She was totally drunk. He was taking advantage of her. She was going to be his Friday Night shag. I couldn’t let this happen… I just couldn’t.. But there was nothing I could do… Plus I had Dani… I had Dani… Dani… Dani…I kept thinking her name.      I could’ve fallen to my knees right then and there, as Harry led a fully Drunken Audrey away and out of the bar.    


  ~*15 MINUTES LATER*~   I was headed toward the Men’s restroom. I reached the bathroom door and I heard quiet sniffles from inside. I pushed open the door and saw a very emotional Audrey sitting on the tile floor.     “What happened?” I asked her. She glanced up at me, her brown eyes dark and full of tears. She was too upset to say anything to me.     “Audrey…. What happened to you?” Still no answer… just soft sniffling. I sunk down to the floor next to her, pushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear. I discovered a dark fresh bruise. It was printed along her jaw. She flinched when I pulled her close to me. Then all her tears came flowing down. Who would do this to her? And why? Just who? And Why? Why? Why? She’s too sweet and adorable for someone to lie a hand on her… who? And why? Harry…….. Harry would……  


  *END OF CHAPTER 1*   CHAPTER 2 PREVIEW: My stomach turned to butterflies as I felt his warm breath closer to my face. HE leaned towrd me, his plump soft lips touching mine.  

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