Today is the Day ~One Direction Fanfiction~

Niall's life was totally normal until one day when he gets told to babysit 17 year old Audrey. He instantly falls for her, but it seems like the other lads do too. Will Audrey ruin the boys relationship? Or will they be able to keep it together?


2. This isn't right.... Or is it...

       “I'd rather be called a boy and play with paper airplanes than be called a man and play with a girl's heart.” ~ Niall Horan

                I jolted awake, my eyes darting from side to side. I sat up slowly, not remembering anything that had happened last night. I slid out of bed, my feet hitting the hard wood floor. Instantly I felt the painful hangover wash over me.  I squeezed my eyes shut and sank to the floor, waiting for the nausea to pass over. After a moment or two, I slowly opened my eyes. I studied the dark blue walls of the room. Wait a second……. My walls aren’t blue; they are purple….and this isn’t my bed… Where am I? I slowly pulled myself to my feet. I ignored the hammering headache that was pounding in my head, and opened the door. This place was entirely different for me. Not only did I not know where I was, but I didn’t know WHO might be here. I swallowed a breath as I heard soft singing coming from down the hall.

                The wood boards creaked as I tiptoed down the hall. I was drawn to this voice. When I reached the kitchen, I peeked around the corner to see a tall blonde headed boy standing by the pantry. He was probably 17 or 18. He wore flannel Justin Bieber pajama pants with a plain white shirt. I shifted the weight from one leg to another, making the wooden floorboards creek. His head turned in my direction, and the first thing I noticed about him were his EYES. They were a brilliant, sparkling, crystal blue.

                “Oh! You’re awake!” His heavy Irish accent lingering in the air long after he had stopped speaking.

                “ummm. Y-y-yah.” I couldn’t keep my eyes off him, he was amazing. His hair was ruffled, giving him an after sex look.

                “Oh! Do you remember who I am?” His question snapping me out of my trance.

                “umm, no. To be honest I don’t remember anything that happened last night.” I rubbed my eyes, trying to ignore the pounding headache that was demanding my attention.

                “Oh, ok, umm. Well, I’m Niall and umm, well, this is my flat. And well, last night I found you sitting out by the dock with my lad Liam. I don’t know what happened to you, I just know that Liam couldn’t take you back to his flat because he was hoping to get lucky with Danielle. If you know what I mean.” He gave me a wink. “So I offered to bring you back here. End of story.”

                “Oh. Well. Thanks Niall.” I stood there for a little not really knowing what to say.

                “The bathrooms right around the corner and you can borrow a shirt of mine… If you want.” His eyes dropped to the ground and he shifted in unease. “Third drawer down.” He smiled at the ground.

                “Umm well thanks.” I wandered down the hall again, and back into the room I had come from. I found my iphone on the floor by the bedside. I picked it up and scrolled through my notifications. I had 9 messages and 3 missed calls. I decided to look through my calls first. The first one was from my Aunt Amber around 11pm yesterday. She was probably wondering where I was and what I was doing. “I’ll return her call later.” I whispered to myself. The next two were from a contact name of : Liam . He had called me around 10 am today. I’m guessing he was one of the guys I had met last night. The one Niall was talking about. I went into my messages and saw 3 from Liam, 3 from my Aunt, 2 from my best friend Haley, and 1 from some guy named: Harry <3. I opened the first messages from Liam.


Liam:): Hey Aud! Just wanted to make sure you’re okay! Xx-Liam

Liam:): Audrey… I’m getting a little worried…. Normal people don’t sleep unitl 3 in the afternoon…. Text me when you wake! Xx


I answered back:

Me: I’m fine Liam. Just a little confused… Maybe we can talk later

I scrolled through y messages from Aunt Amber. They were pretty much just her saying don’t do anything stupid and use a condom. I decided not to answer. The next messages were from Haley.


Haley: WOW! Looks like you’re having fun over there! Be safe! Xx



The last message was from Harry? Who was this guy?


Harry <3: Hey Babe! Had fun last night! Let’s hang out again sometime! Xx


I decided I would ask Niall about him later. I walked to the bathroom to get a shower.


                Okay, well I wasn’t telling Audrey the full story. Last night Liam had called me telling me that he had found a girl named Audrey….


                I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket. It was Liam, I answered it.

“Yes daddy?” I asked. He said something back but I couldn’t hear him. Which was understandable because I was standing in the middle of  Rocky’s High-top Bar. The music was blaring and people were screaming and having a good time.

“Wait hang on. I can’t really hear you.” I yelled into the phone. I ran outside as quickly as I could. I pushed and shoved people out of my way. When I finally reached the door I shoved it open.

“Yes daddy?” I repeated again. This time Liam answered back. Louder…


“Whoa there lad, there’s no need to get mean. Do you have any food?” I heard him digging into his pockets, searching for last week’s Nando’s leftovers. Finally after about 2 minutes of looking he answered.

“I’ve got a lollypop. But that’s it. Please Niall.” He begged into the phone.

“I guess that’ll do…” I pouted. I started trudging down the path toward the water.

“10 times faster and I’ll buy you Nando’s tomorrow!” Liam bribed.

“DEAL!” I started sprinting.

I reached the dock in a matter of seconds. My breath was heavy and I was a little shaky from the large amount of alcohol I had consumed.

“What’s up Li- oh……” I had just noticed the small brown headed girl sitting on the bench. She looked to be about 17 or 18, yet her body was so small and fragile. She wore a blue silk dress that frilled out below the waist. Her black pumps had been removed and they now sat on the bench spot next to her. She glanced up at me her face filled with sadness. Her brown eyes glassy with tears. Her face was perfect except for the large bruise printed on her jaw line. Liam had noticed her looking up and interrupted my day dream.

“Audrey, this is Niall. One of my good lads.” His voice was full of concern. She nodded and turned back to me. She was absolutely beautiful.

“Niall?” Liam whispered.

“Yah?” I answered, without breaking eye contact with Audrey. But when Liam spoke again, Audrey looked away.

“Niall. I need you to take Audrey back to your place. Please?”

“Whhyyyyyyy?? Why can’t she go home?” I complained. Wait….. why was I complaining? Liam wanted me to take this beautiful girl back to my house…. WOW I had been completely blind.

“Niall please? I found her in the guys bathroom…. Crying on the floor… All I got was her name… And she told me that she doesn’t want to go home. I would take her but, Dani and I were hopin-…”

“Say no more lad.” I winked at him. “I’ll take her home.”

“Eh-m.. Niall…. No sex…..”

I turned to Liam.

“I barley know her of course not. What were you thinking?” But Liam had read my mind. Wow how could I think that way? She was obviously hurting. And I wanted sex? How could I be so careless?

“You’re right Liam. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.” I apologized.

“THERE’S MA-BOY!” Liam laughed.

“Now be good! It’d be best to take her now Niall.”

“Alright daddy.” I walked over to Audrey, who had fallen asleep… or passed out… I lifted her up away from the bench. Carrying her bridle style and started walking toward the car.



                I was letting the warm water run down my back, when I heard a knock on the door.

“Yes?” I was hoping Niall wouldn’t open the door.

“Oh good.” Niall let out a sigh from behind the door. “I was just checking on you….. Just because you have been in there for over 45 minutes.” His sweet Irish accent flowing through the door. I stopped the water.

“Oh shit! Really?”

“Yea. But don’t sweat it. Take your time. I just had thought you died or something.”

“Oh.” I laughed “Sorry Niall.”

“It’s fine!” I heard him turn and walk away. I let out a sigh of relief. I realized my heart rate had elevated and I had goose bumps running up my arms. I shook it off and grabbed a towel to dry myself off.


“Ready to go?” Niall looked at me with those crystal blue eyes. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Ehhh no. I wish I could stay here forever… but I can’t.”

“Well you are welcome anytime.” He winked at me, making a small giggle escape my lips. “Let’s go now.” We were standing by the door side by side. “Take my hand love.” He held out his large hand and I took it.

“Just out of curiosity… Why?” I studied how my hand looked in his. My fingers were so tiny intertwined in his.

“Because there is a massive crowd of girls outside my flat. AND! I don’t want to lose you.” He turned toward me and pecked the bridge of my nose.

“Thank you Niall…. For everything.” I whispered to him. His blue eyes were burning into my soul and his smile made my heart melt. I know I’m starting to have feelings for Niall and by the way he looks at me I can tell he has feelings for me too. He looked me straight in the eyes one last time before grabbing the door to his flat and swinging it open and just as he did a loud wave of screaming hit me straight in the face.

“NIALL I LOVE YOU!!!!” Screamed on girl. Another screamed “NIALL I’LL SUCK YOUR IRISH DICK IF YOU FOLLOW ME!!!!” “NIALL FOLLOW ME!!!” “DAMN FUCK ME NOW!!!” That last one stuck out the most. Niall ignored the fans he seemed more focused on getting me to the car safely. We reached the car, the fans still screaming from outside Niall’s gated property. He opened the passenger door for me. I climbed in and he closed it. Niall jogged around to the driver’s seat and jumped in. He started the car and we were off.


“It’s the one on the left.” I pointed as we pulled up toward my house.

“This one?” He asked as he turned the slowly into the driveway.

“Sadly yes.”

“Here we are then love.” He turned to me as he put the car into park. He studied my face and I bit my lip. I wasn’t used to a guy looking at me like this.


“Yes love?”

“Can- Can- Can I have your phone number?”

“You already have it.”

“I do?”

“Yes love you do.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out my iPhone 5. I searched through my contacts and quickly found Niall. “Oh… I do.” I looked up to see Niall’s beautiful blue eyes. They were full of lust. His face was so close to mine. He made my heart leap. Goosebumps began to run up and down my arms when I felt his warm breath on my skin. I was watching him closely, his eyes watching my face, his hand holding mine. I hadn’t noticed when he grabbed my hand. My stomach turned to butterflies as I felt his warm breath closer to my face. He leaned toward me his plump soft lips touching mine. I felt like my heart had just melted and my stomach dropped. My lips moved with his and he pulled at my bottom lip begging for entrance. I didn’t let him. He got hungrier and his hands began to wander my body. He was gentle though. He bit at my bottom lip once again, pleading for entrance. I gave it to him. His tongue explored every inch of my mouth and mine did the same to his mouth. His hands started traveling up my legs and my breathing began to get heavier.

            My hands tangled in his amazing blonde locks. The porch light flashed on and we both jumped back. I hadn’t realized how dark it had gotten, or how late. We had pulled up to the house around 5:30. It was now 6:45 and the sun had faded behind the trees. He didn’t say a word to me. He just opened the car door and came around to my side, opened the door and helped me out. He walked me up to the porch and turned to me.

“We need to hangout again Audrey. If you need anything, anything at all don’t hesitate to call or text me.”

“Ok Niall.” And with that he pecked me on the lips, sparks flying again and said goodbye. I watched him go and drive off until I couldn’t see him any longer. I sighed and opened the front door.








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