Today is the Day ~One Direction Fanfiction~

Niall's life was totally normal until one day when he gets told to babysit 17 year old Audrey. He instantly falls for her, but it seems like the other lads do too. Will Audrey ruin the boys relationship? Or will they be able to keep it together?


13. The tweet

“We have a choice..To Live or To Exist.” ~Harry Styles


ATTENTION: don't panic this is still Shadows into light! I just changed the title and picture. Happy reading! :)

-One Year later-
-August 12th-

I plopped down onto my bed and logged onto twitter on my laptop. As I waited for the page to load my eyes scanned around my room. A certain orange, white, and green flag caught my attention. 
Gosh I missed him so much. I was still staying at Liam's flat and we were extremely close friends now, but nothing more. 
My laptop dinged signally I was in. I scrolled through my news feed and spotted a tweet that Harry had sent. 

@Harry_Styles:" I miss the lads... This is bull!!! I wish I could just tell everything to you guys but I can't! x"

A tear slipped down my cheek. I hadn't even been able to talk to any of the boys since I had last seen... Niall. Management had sent each of them all over the world. Niall was in America, Zayn was in Hawaii, Liam and I were here in London, Harry was in Australia, and Louis was in Africa. 
I was full out bawling now. I haven't broken down like for 4 months. Liam came rushing into my room.
"Audrey?!? What's wrong?" 
"Nothing Li. I just miss them."
Liam sighed and sat down on the edge of my bed. 
"Me too Aud, me too. But we can't do anything about it. Management rules."
"You can't."
"What?" He perked up. I repeated myself. "You can't do anything about it... But I can." His eyes lit up for the first time since he brought me home from the airport. 
"You're right Audrey!! You didn't sign anything with management!!! You're merely a fan! TWEET IT!!! TWEET IT!!!!"
I laughed. "Geez Li! Calm down!" I positioned my fingers on the keyboard and typed. 

@AudreyxDalilaxBergsx: "listen up 1D fans....

*end of chapter 13*

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Regular updates soon! Ill try for very Monday updates soon! Please comment! I love reading your comments! 

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