Today is the Day ~One Direction Fanfiction~

Niall's life was totally normal until one day when he gets told to babysit 17 year old Audrey. He instantly falls for her, but it seems like the other lads do too. Will Audrey ruin the boys relationship? Or will they be able to keep it together?


5. Secrets or Lies.....

“A dream is only a dream.. until you decide to make it real” ~Harry Styles

"Well.... You....see....Za-"

"I punched a tree." Zayn butted in. Liam and Niall turned to Zayn. Their mouths dropped open. Liam was the first one to speak.

"Why? Zayn? Did someone say something about Perrie?" Zayn rubbed the back of his neck.

"Uhhhh... Yah..." I glared at Zayn. He was a coward. COWARD. He also wasn't telling me something... Maybe the fact that he had a girlfriend? Perrie?

"What did they say man?" Liam asked again.

"Ehh... I don't want to talk about it......"

"I understand lad. being blamed for cheating is hard." I was pretty sure i could burn a hole through his chest if I stared any longer. There was a long awkward pause.

"Well... I better get going. Niall can you take me home?" I asked.

"Home?" He questioned.

"Yes. Home... Like your flat.: His face lit up and a beautiful smile danced on his lips.

"Of course! Bye lads!" Niall said as I grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the hospital room. Our fingers tangling together. "Poor lad.. I feel bad for him... This isn't the first time Zayn has been blamed for cheating...." Niall sighed as we walked out to the car. We both slid into the car. I just nodded at everything he said. I was afraid if i was to say something, it would all come out.

"Would Zayn ever cheat on Perrie?" Niall was taken back y my question. He looked at me like I was a kid who had just eaten a 4 week old Oreo off of the Gym floor.

"Why of course not! Zayn is a very loyal man. I have never known him to not be... Why would you ask?"

"Oh. No reason.. Just curious."

"Ahhhh. I see." Niall winked at me.




I was still sitting in the small hospital room. Zayn had seemed on edge and very nervous ever since Niall and Audrey had left. He was laying in the hospital bed, patting his legs with his hands. At every noise he would jump and his eyes would dart to the door.

"Liam?" Zayn asked me as he watched the door closely.

"Yea lad? What is it?" Zayn sighed and looked at his hands.

"Never mind."

"Okay." I went back to texting Danielle. Zayn had been doing that, I could tell he wanted to tell me something very important, but he couldn't seem to get the courage to tell me.

It was about 10:30 and I still needed to eat. Dani was on her way to pick me up and we were going to pick up  some Chinese food and a movie.

"Zayn, mate, Dani's coming soon to get me, but I'll come by in the morning to bring you home. Does Perrie know you are here?" Zayn sucked in a breath and looked up at me. This is the first time I saw it... His eyes were full of worry and defeat.

"Liam.... I've done something terrible."




After sleeping on a couch last night, I was tired and wanted to sleep.  The car rounded the corner and pulled into the driveway. There were already two cars there; the first one was Liam's blue convertible and a red Mustang.

"Niall, who's car is that?" I asked, pointing at the red car.

"OH! That's Louis' car!" Niall got really excited as soon as I mentioned it. He parked the car really quickly, opening my door and dragging me toward the house. "You have to meet him! You will love him!" I nodded and apparently I wasn't running fast enought because Niall scooped me up off the ground and threw me over his shoulder. I just hung there.... He set me down just outside of the front door and ran into the house. Leaving me outside all alone.

"LOU!!!" I heard Niall yell.

"NIALLER!!!" I heard a higher pitched guy's voice scream. I walked quietly into the house. As I stepped into the house, all eyes were on me. There were a total of three boys standing in the room; Niall, a boy with a green beanie, who's curly brown hair was peaking out, he had green emerald eyes. The other boy had brown straight hair a wispy blue/grey eyes. The green eyed boy smiled and gave me a flirty wink. And the other boy stood there.....perfectly still... like he was taking everything in... The green eyed lad took a step toward me and stuck out his hand.

"Hi! I'm Harry!" I shot behind Niall, wrapping my arms around his fit torso. I felt a bad vibe coming from that Harry kid... I felt like I knew him from somewhere. The boys talked quietly while I still held onto Niall. I peeked around Niall and caught the dusty eyed boy looking at me again. He had a playful smile and in his eyes there was a spark of curiosity. He reminded me very much of a little kid. He waved at me, causing Niall and Harry to look at me. Niall's arms wrapped around my small figure protectively and he pulled me close to his chest. He kissed the top of my head and whispered,

"It's okay Lou won't hurt you." I nodded and let go of Niall, turning myself around to face Louis and Harry. Niall's arms were still wrapped around me, giving me the strength to speak.

"I'm Audrey." I said shyly, never looking up except once or twice, only glancing at Louis. Something about the boy in the beanie scared me.

"What a pretty name!!!" Louis yelled. "My Names Louis!!!!"

"BOO BEAR!!!" Harry squealed. I relaxed a little. He was just as much of a kid as Louis was. Niall had felt me relax and kissed my head.

"And I'm Harry." Harry's voice was deep and raspy.

"Nice to meet you both!" I giggled when Louis leaned over and bit Harry's polo. Louis growled playfully and pulled at the hem of Harry's blue polo. Once they had finished their "Larry Stylinson" moment, Louis spoke.

"Well, I guess we should head out!" He winked at me and headed toward the door, "C'mon, C'mon Hazza!" Louis screamed. Harry started walking toward Louis, but before he got to him they broke out in song.

<Harry>: "Show me what you're all about,"

<Louis & Harry>: "Yeah,

I've been watching you all night,

There's something in you're eyes,

Saying, C'mon, C'mon

and dance with me baby.


The music is so loud,

I wanna be yours now,

So, C'mon, C'mon

And dance with me baby."

And then Niall joined in to take his solo.

<Niall>: "The one that I came with,

Didn't know how to move,

The way that you let your hair down,

I can tell that you do,

So C'mon, C'mon,

Move a little closer now,

C'mon, c'mon,

Ain't no way you're walkin' out,

C'mon, c'mon,"

<Harry>: "Show me what you're all about."

Louis started with his hip thrusts and the two danced out the door. I could still hear their two voices singing as loud as they could. Once Niall and I heard them drive away and the singing died away, he led me upstairs.

"This is where you will be sleeping." Niall said as he showed me his room.

"Where are you sleeping Nialler?" I asked curiously.

"The couch."

"Oh. No. No. No. Niall. Don't sleep on the couch."

"There's no where else to sleep."

"Oh.... Well.... You can sleep in here... With me Niall... I mean it is your bed..." My eyes dropped to the floor and I played with my bracelet.

"Are you sure Audrey?"

"Yes. Come here." I patted the spot on the bed next to me.


"Yea Niall?"

"The lads and I are heading to the States next week..... Would you like to come?"

"Of course Nialler!!! I'd love that!! Why are you guys going?"

"Yayyyy!!!" He laughed. "And because in 2 months we have our show there for the US  X-Factor. But we are going now to take a vacation in South Carolina."

"Oooo!! Goodie! I've been to South Carolina before.....With my dad....." The thought of my dad and I having a good time and the event that took place after that killed me inside. "Where are we going to be in South Carolina?"

"Beaufort, South Carolina."

"Wow... That's weird..."

"What? Why Aud?" I blushed at the nickname he had given me. I looked up into his crystal blue eyes.

"That's where I went with my dad...."

"Oh that's good right?" He searched my face, looking for any emotion.

No. This. Is. Not. This.... couldn't be worse.... Audrey... Suck it up... I gave him my best 'It's good' smile. "Yea." Wow that wasn't very convincing... Maybe he will buy it....

"Audrey? Why are you crying?" I hadn't realized the cool drops of water leaking from my eyes. Why was I crying? Was I crying because of the food memories? Was I crying because of the kiss with Zayn? Was I crying because of my Aunt kicking me out? The man who tried to rape me? Zayn's injury? Or just simply the fact that i missed my parents?

No. I was crying because......."That was the last time I saw my dad."

"What do you mean?" Niall stared at me, he had a very confused look on his face.

"My parents aren't dead Niall...."




"My parents aren't dead Niall....."

"What?" I was so confused... Everything... Everything she had told everyone about her parents.... Had been a lie?

"You heard me...." She sobbed. "But please don't be mad Niall. Please don't leave me." I wrapped my arms around her small body.

"I'm not going anywhere princess."

"Really?" She looked up at me, her brown eyes full of sadness.

"Really." I kissed her nose. "But."

"But?" She started to cry again.

"We have to be honest and truthful with each other. No secrets or lies okay?"


"Now before we do anything else. We need to clear the air. Anything else you want to tell me?"

"Ummm... Well....." She stuttered and shifted uncomfortably.

"What is it? Just tell me."



"I kissed Zayn." Her eyes got wider and she slapped her hands over her mouth.

"You did what?" I growled.




"You did what?" His jaw was clenched and he pushed me away from him.

"Please Niall." I cried. "You said you wouldn't leave me! Please Niall!" He said nothing, but got up and walked out of the room.

My heart was shattered.

I picked up my phone and started to call the only person I knew could calm me down and talk some sense into Niall....








Do you guys think Audrey should spend some time with Harry? Louis? Zayn? Or try and fix things with Niall? Should she still go on vacation with them?

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