Today is the Day ~One Direction Fanfiction~

Niall's life was totally normal until one day when he gets told to babysit 17 year old Audrey. He instantly falls for her, but it seems like the other lads do too. Will Audrey ruin the boys relationship? Or will they be able to keep it together?


3. I hope you die there.....

“I'm the kind of boy that can fall in love with any girl because I love with the heart, not the eyes.” ~Niall Horan



    After I dropped Audrey off, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Should I have kissed her? She obviously enjoyed it. But I barely knew her. I mean should I see her again? All these thoughts were going through my head as I made my way back to my flat. I bet the lads would be there. I wonder why Audrey didn’t want to go home. Maybe somethi-


I reached into my pocket and pulled out my iPhone. It wasn’t buzzing… I pulled the car over to the side of the road. I turned on the cab light and looked around. Then I saw Audrey’s phone sitting on the floor of my car. I picked it up and “accidentally” hit the home button. The screen lit up and I saw a text message from Harry. Wait…..Harry? Why him? I slide the lock. Damn it! It had a pass-code. Ehhh what the hell? I punched in 2-5-8-3. It unlocked…. YESSS!! It must have been my sexy Irish talent. I saw two messages from Harry…

Harry: Hey Babe! Had fun last night! Let’s hang out again some time! Xx Harry

Harry: You + Me – My flat. Now.

“Ughhhh” I groaned. Not again… It seems like every girl I go for Hazza sweeps them away… And I’m left just a memory… But NOT THIS TIME HAZZA! Audrey is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I won’t let her out of my grasp. I can’t lose her….I typed back:

Me: Listen Harry.. I’m not interested in you.. Leave me alone, I’ve got someone else.

“Perfect!” I sent it, deleted his contact, blocked it, and erased the messages. I set her phone down on the passenger seat and picked up my phone and typed in Liam’s, Zayn’s, Harry’s, and Louis’ numbers.

Me: Hey Lads! I’m dropping off something at a friend’s house. Be home soon! Xx

I sent the message and put my phone away. I turned the vab lights off, turned the car around and headed back toward Audrey’s house.



“AUDREY DALIA BEGS! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?”  My Aunt Amber yelled as I walked into the house. MY younger sister Paisley was sitting at the kitchen table. She saw me walk in and jumped from her chair. She ran over to me hugging me, she whispered in my ear quietly, “Thank god your home.. Amber has been going psycho on all of us… Even Travis.” Travis was my Labrador/Terrier mix puppy. He was only 10 months old and he was adorable. “Don’t worry about her Paisley. She’ll get over it.” I whispered back. Paisley nodded and went back to her pasta. Paisley and I were twins. Both 17 but I was born first.

Amber walked around the corner. She had her hands on her hips and she smirked at me. She…. Oh… that’s wrong…. She was the one who had turned on the porch lights when I was with Niall…..That.. B.I.C.T.H.

“Where in the hell have you been Audrey?”

“Oh don’t get your panties in a wad.” I spat. I mocked her by putting my hands on my hips and giving her a smirk back. She just ignored my attempt to piss her off and walked over to the door. She flicked the switch for the porch light off and went back into the kitchen. My jaw dropped and I whispered under my breath, “Bitch.” She’s just jealous. That bitch couldn’t get a hobo if she tried. I laughed to myself. Whatever. I grabbed a plate of pasta off the counter in the kitchen, a Pepsi out of the fridge and made a break for my room. 

“AUDREY!!” Amber yelled. “YOU KNOW THE RULES!!”

“WHATEVER BITCH!!” I ran down the hall. Travis spotted me and took off down the hall after me.

“EVENING DAVID!” I shouted to my butler as I sprinted past him. He didn’t have time to reply because Travis came barreling down the hall toward us. I leapt up the stairs two at a time, while Travis knocked David off his feet and onto his ass. I busted out laughing as I rounded the corner for my room.

I got up onto my bed and set my pasta down next to me. I pulled my laptop up in front of me and reached into my pocket for my phone. What? It wasn’t there…. “PAI-” Damn it! I thought to myself. I left it in Niall’s car. It most likely fell off my lap and onto the floor while we were making out. “UGHH” I moaned. Well I’ll just find Niall on twitter and tweet him about it.

I went on to twitter and searched ‘Niall Horan’. Wow there were a lot… But I knew that ‘@NiallOfficial’ was him. I typed @AudreyxDalilaxBergsx: 

@NiallOfficial I left my phone in your car….:p Woops…Bring it by later? Plz? Xxx Audrey (: 

YAYY!!! My first tweet! Hahaha. Well there’s a first for everything! I started eating my pasta.

Less than a minute had passed and I halready had 30 mentions. “What the hell?” I said to myself. Here are some of the mentions that stuck out to me:

@1Dscreams: @AudreyxDalilaxBergsx FUCK OFF! NIALLER’S MINE!! @NiallOfficial don’t talk to this bitch she’s nothing. She’s just gonna break your heart Niall! #YOUCANDOBETTERNIALL

@comonesuckitNiallxx: @AudreyxDalilaxBergsx are you and @NiallOfficial a couple? #Youcandobetterniall

@NIALLNOTICEMEXXX: @NiallOfficial are you and @AudreyxDalilaxBergsx like a “thing” cause she doesn’t even have good boobs. #YOUCANDOBETTERNIALL

@ILOVENH: @AudreyxDalilaxBergsx @Niall Official I like you guys! I ship you guys! #Nudrey

@SUCKIT: @NiallOfficial I like her @AudreyxDalilaxBergsx I ship you! Your really pretty too! Don’t worry about those sick crazy fans like @NIALLNOTICEMEXXX. #NUDREY

This was crazy! I had over 20,000 followers now. Before I had 2…. I also had over 200,000 mentions. #YOUCANDOBETTERNIALL and #NUDREY were trending. But then I got a reply from Niall:

@NiallOfficial: At your house now love! Xx @AudreyxDalilaxBergsx ;) #NUDREY

“Awww” I shut off my laptop, jumped off the bed and scrambled downstairs.

When I finally reached the door, Amber came out of the family room. She cleared her throat and said, “Where do you think you’re going missy?”



Tears slowly stung my face and I ran upstairs. I ran into my room, yanked the blinds open and looked down into the drive way. Niall stood outside of his car leaning against its black gleaming frame. I held up my finger signaling one minute. I grabbed a Vera Bradly bag and started shoving stuff in. My laptop, 10 pairs of panties, 5 shirts, 3 pairs of jeans, socks, bras, hair ties, make up, a snap back (it was my favorite), sweat pants, leggings, and my chargers. I swiftly turned on my heels and walked downstairs and strait out the door. Tears were still falling from my eyes. I walked down the porch steps and lifted my eyes to see an amazing smile sparkling on Niall’s face. Once I got closer and he saw that I was crying he frowned. I started to break down. I ran to Niall and was welcomed by his large arms. He wrapped them around my small body, and we didn’t speak. He slipped my phone into my back pocket and kissed the top of my head. I slowly pulled away from the hug and looked into those perfect crystal blue eyes. I flustered a smile and he picked up my bag and put it in the back of his car. He then walked to the passenger door and opened it. He stood there waiting for me to get in. I did. He closed the door and got into the driver’s seat. He started the car and we sped out of the drive way.

“Niall? Where are we gonna go?”

“Love, we are going to go back to my flat…. If that’s alright with you….”

“That’s perfect. Thank you Niall.”


I smiled and a giggled escaped my lips. Niall looked over at me and smiled. I turned in my seat and reached back into my bag to grab a hair tie and my snapback. I quickly braided my hair off to one side and threw on my snapback.

“You look adorable.” Niall flirted. I blushed and giggled.

“Thanks Nialler.”

“Always.. And umm Audrey?”

“Yes babe?”

“You’re going to have to meet the lads.”

“I would love to Niall!”

“No Audrey…. Like tonight in about 10 minutes…”

“Oh…. And I look like shit…. Great!” I sighed. Oh well I tried.

“They will love you! And no you don’t you look beautiful Audrey. And don’t ever think less.”

“Niall, you always know what to say.” I leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Thank you.”


I made Niall stop at a gas station right by his flat so I could clean up a bit and change out of my dress. I ran into the bathrooms and locked the door. This was one of those single person bathrooms. I stood in front of the mirror. I peeled off the dress and kicked off my converse. I pulled on some jeans and threw a black bat man tank top over my head. I re-braided my hair to the side and threw my bat man snap back on. My make up hadn’t smeared or run. Thank god! I slipped my converse back on, grabbed my dress and glanced at my reflection in the mirror once more. What the hell? My finger tips traced the black and yellow bruise on my jaw. Niall didn’t do this did he? I tried to think back. No. Niall was gentle with me. Wait. That guy…… Harry…. It was him…. He did this to me… That bastard…. What a douche… He had hurt me… Maybe it was an accident though….. I grabbed my makeup out of my bag and began to cover the bruise.


I watched Audrey walk off toward the bathrooms. Her hips were swaying and damn dat ass…. God she was making me horny and she wasn’t even trying… GAHHHHH!!  I ripped my eyes off her and forced them to look at my phone. I dialed up Liam’s number.




“Yes Niall?”

“Are you and the lads still at my flat?”

“Yah why?”

“Well….I’m bringing Audrey over.”


“No, No, No. Liam not like that.. I’ll explain later. Just tell the lads to behave. I know you and Zayn will it’s just Lou and Hazza….”

“You got it Niall! When will you be home?”

“In bout 10 minutes. We stopped for gas.”

“Alrighty see you then!”

“Bye Daddy!”

“Bye Nialler!”

I ended the call and put my phone in my pocket. I turned to continue pumping gas. Once I had finished, I slid into the car and waited.


I had just walked out of the bathroom. I walked out the door of the 711. I looked across the parking lot and spotted Niall’s black vevo. I stepped off the curb and a blue can came speeding up right in front of me. The car stopped and the window was rolled down.

“Hey baby. Get in the car.”

“No. I have a ride.” I shook my head… I am not getting raped tonight… I started backing away from the car. I backed right into a guy’s crotch. He grabbed my hips and forced my butt into his dick. My bag was snatched out of my hands and I cried out. “NIALL!! HELP!!!”

“Shut up you worthless piece of shit!” The guy grabbed my shoulder, holding me up off the ground. He smashed me up against the van. He lifted his hand and struck down on my face. My face stung and tears streamed down my face. He opened the van side door and threw me in. The seats in the vans were put down and I was sitting on blankets. I spotted my bag in the passenger seat. If only I could reach it…. The van started to move but within seconds it was parked in the shadows of the building. I reached up and touched my face where the guy had struck me. It stung and hurt to touch. The guy driving turned off the car and crawled into the back. He sat next to me and took off his shirt. He pinned me down and whispered, “You should scream.. If you do…. You know what will happen. And we don’t want that…”  I whimpered as he stroked my hair and kissed my neck. He tried taking off my shirt but I fought and pushed him away. 


“What did I tell you?” He clenched his jaw, took his hand and slapped me across the face, creating another stinging sensation on my face.  This just made me cry louder. 


“SHUT UP YOUR SLUT!!” This time he took his fist and punched me right in the face. I heard my nose crack and blood started pouring everywhere. “GREAT! NOW LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!” Now he stood up and started kicking me. I felt pain everywhere, sharp pains from his foot. He didn’t ease off either. He kept going and after a few more kicks I started gasping for air. I found it hard to breath but I was able to scream once more. “NIALL!!! HELP!!” Tears were flowing from my eyes and I started seeing black. Where were you Niall? I prayed to God that he would find me. I took another blow to the stomach. 


Where was she? I t had been well over 15 minutes. I opened the car door and stepped out. I looked around the parking lot. I was getting really worried. I had called and texted her, she hadn’t answered. I grabbed some trash from my car and walked across the lot to the trashcan. 

“NIALL!!” Someone screamed. Oh Shit! I bet it’s a fan.. “NIALL!!!!” Wait that’s no fan….. That’s Audrey!! “NIALL!! HELP!!!” It had come from the van parked in the corner. I ran over to the van and ripped open the doors. What I saw….. A naked man… Was….. On top of MY Audrey… MY… Audrey…She was crying and shaking…

“GET THE HELL OFF OF MY GIRL!!!!” I jumped into the van. I yanked the guy off of her and punched him straight in the face. I threw a few more punches until I threw him out of the van. I climbed out, picking him up by his shoulder and I kneed him straight in the eggs. He whimpered and I threw him into the trees. “I HOPE YOU DIE THERE YOU DICK!!!” I stood there trying to catch my breath. I don’t know what came over me…. See this is what that girl does to me.. She makes me go crazy… Just for her… I heard crying from the van. Audrey…. I jumped into the van. She was curled into a ball, in her jeans and bra. Her nose was bleeding and tears were streaming out of her eyes. Wait….. He had hit her…. He laid a hand….on MY AUDREY…. I took a deep breath. “Here love.” I took my shirt and wiped away the blood and tears. “Don’t cry now, Niall’s here.” I picked up her shirt and pulled it over her head. I picked up her snap back and set it on her head. “C’mon bat girl let’s go home.” She laughed a little grabbed her bag and slid out of the car after me. She was shaking and having a hard time walking. I picked her up and carried her to the car. All the while she kissed my neck and held me tightly.


When we had finally reached my flat, Audrey was fast asleep. The lads had all gone home because it had gotten late and I texted them saying it was just a bad night. But when I pulled up the road and into the driveway, I saw two cars, Zayn’s and Liam’s. I understand Liam wanting to be here for Audrey but Zayn? Whatever. I parked and turned off the car, walked over to the passenger’s side, lifted Audrey out of the car and carried her into the house.

“NIALL! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON????” Liam yelled as I walked into the living room.

“What are you talking about?”

“Here.” Zayn said as he handed me his ipad. I had set Audrey down on the couch. “Look at these… care to explain??”




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