Today is the Day ~One Direction Fanfiction~

Niall's life was totally normal until one day when he gets told to babysit 17 year old Audrey. He instantly falls for her, but it seems like the other lads do too. Will Audrey ruin the boys relationship? Or will they be able to keep it together?


8. Accidents Happen?

“No matter how hard life is, don't lose hope” ~Zayn Malik

~*Zayn’s POV*~


It was about 10am and Liam had just left me on my own after driving me home from the hospital. I had already called Audrey 4 times after she hung up on me and she hadn’t answered. So, I left her a text deep from me heart.


“I need you.”


It’s been an hour now, and I still haven’t heard from her. I’m losing hope. She hasn’t even seen the text yet. What have I done? I’ve been an open book to her, yet she’s locked and safe. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? That the girl is open and the guy is closed? Too late now…

The on my screen appears the words I have been longing to see.


And I practically fanboyed when I saw her reply.


Audrey Bergs: I need you too. I’m coming over. Xx


I leapt up from my position on the couch and frantically started running around my living room. I was completely confused at what was going on. Just yesterday she was completely upset with me for kissing her and suddenly she needed me?

My stomach fluttered with butterflies at just the thought of her coming to my house.

“Shit!” I didn’t even know what to wear! What did my hair look like? Gosh, I sound like a girl.. Oh well! I’m Zayn Malik….

I scrambled to get myself to look somewhat presentable. I stripped out of my clothes and threw on some gray jeans, a white collared polo, and on top of that, my jean jacket. I slipped into my white high tops as I scampered into my bathroom.

“Alright Zayny boy, let’s see what we can do here,” I pulled at different pieces of my black hair and began to quiff it up.

I had just finished with my hair and was brushing my teeth when the door bell rang. I spit out the tooth paste and rinsed with water. My stomach was erupting with butterflies as I opened the door.

“Hey A-Perrie?” It was more of a question than a greeting.

“Hello Ass hole. Why are you all dressed up? Going somewhere? Maybe with that bitch Ashley?”

“Umm, Audrey? And no.”

Perrie’s eyes were flaming and she glared at me. She took a step toward me, pulling out her iPhone. Neither of us spoke as she scrolled through her phone searching for something. Once she found it she looked up at me. Her eyes were flowing with pain and hurt, yet she still showed anger.

“Care to explain this?” She shoved the phone in my face; on the screen was a picture of me kissing Audrey.


“Look P-,” I started.

“No! Don’t you go all look Perrie on me you son of a bitch! You knew exactly what you were doing was wrong! And you did it anyway! I don’t date cheaters! We are done! Goodbye Zayn fucking Malik! Have fun with that slut!”

And with that she walked out of my house and out of my life with the slam of the door. I stood there completely in shock at what happened. What had just happened? Perrie was in my life and then she was gone.

Everything happens for a reason? Accidents happen? Maybe.

I pull the curtain back away from the front window to see if Perrie had driven off. She hadn’t. In fact I had to blink a few times before I could totally process what I was seeing. There was Perrie in a full fledged fist fight with Audrey. When I say fist fight I really mean a girl hissy fight, you know the hair pulling and yelling and all.

Perrie had a fist full of Audrey’s long brown hair and was yanking and ripping at it. Before I had even reached the door, Perrie had her on the ground and was kicking at her and punching her. Audrey was squirming to get up, but Perrie had one foot on her hair, holding her down.

I started running toward them and began trying to pry Perrie away from Audrey. All the while Perrie yelled,

“Oooohhhh Look! Here comes your Zayn coming to the rescue! You dirty hoe! Stealing MY man! What the hell’s wrong with you bitch? You’re just a filthy whore! Go back to the whore house! Go fuck some other guy! Why you gotta mess with me and my Zayn?? Huh? ANSWER ME BITCH!!!”

I “gently” shoved Perrie toward her car and sternly stared at her while she started her car and drove off.

I stood there my hands balled up into fists, trying to control myself from punching another tree. I glanced down at the ground, Audrey’s lifeless body catching my eyes.

“Audrey…” I rush over to her and kneel down next to her body. She was hardly breathing and her pulse was light and slow. I reach into my pocket and pull out my phone, and begin dialing.


~*Liam’s POV*~ (A/N: I know gotta get a bit of everyone’s POV! :) haha)

I was sitting on the couch, Loki on my right and Dani on my left. Britt was around her somewhere, probably napping on my bed. I was scrolling through my mentions on twitter, when suddenly I got a bunch of fans tweeting me the exact same thing.

“LIAM!!! What’s going on? What happened? #WhatshappenedtoAudrey”

I don’t understand either. I was confused at what they were talking about so I replied to one of the fans.

“@1Dlove Huh? I don’t understand. What are you talking about love? Xx”

She replied within a second.

“@Real_Liam_Payne_ Audrey’s in the hospital! Why don’t you know? LOVE YOU LOTS!! XX”

The tweet had a photo attached to it. It was a photo of a girl on a stretcher and Zayn was walking next to her. It was Audrey! The caption said: Audrey Bergs has been hospitalized at 1:02:36 pm on June 15 2012. She is in critical condition, the causes are suspected to be abuse and beating. A nervous Zayn Malik has been by her side since she arrived. But our question is where is Niall?” (A/N: HAHA Zayn’s not the one missing this time (;)

“Danielle, look at this,” I lean over to show Danielle the picture and caption. She reads it her face intent and confused.

“Call Zayn,” and that’s just what I did.


~*Audrey’s POV*~


My mouth was dry and my body ached. I could hear someone pacing back and forth, their shoes hitting against the tile floor. Where am I? What’s going on? I wanted to open my eyes and ask but my eyes wouldn’t do as I commanded. I wanted to open my mouth and ask, but my mouth wouldn’t open.

I hear a door burst open and three British accents speaking.

“ZAYN!” One of them yells. “What Happened???”

“What the hell lad?”

“Who the fuck’s done this to her?”

To who? What? What’s going on?

They all were yelling and I hear feet scrambling everywhere. Then, all goes quiet. I hear someone new walking into the room. Everyone who was crowded around me, making me feel claustrophobic, had suddenly vanished. But one soul stood over me. I hear him suck in a sharp worried breath. He takes my hand in his and squeezes it.

“Audrey….. Please don’t leave me.. You know I’m sorry… Please… Speak to me babe,” His thick Irish accent singing in my ears. I want to move, I want to tell him I’m here and I’m not upset with him, I want him to hold me, but I can’t. I hear him start to sniffle and cry and he drops my hand and exits the room. His last words lingering in the air,

“I can’t believe someone would do that to her.”


~*Zayn’s POV*~


Audrey lay there, in the hospital bed. She was bruised everywhere, her hair was a mess and she had a broken rib. But she still looked beautiful.

Niall had left the room, too overwhelm with Audrey’s state. It had been about an hour and none of the lads were in the room, except Liam. Louis had left to walk around with Niall, to calm him down. Harry was probably off flirting with some nurse.

“Anything new?” Niall questioned as he walked in glancing at Audrey and then taking a seat by the window.

“Nope,” I reply, popping the “p”.

I looked down at Audrey and her eyes fluttered. I stiffened and held my breath. If she speaks, please say my name. Please… Her mouth moved but words didn’t come out. Until……


My face dropped. Niall jumped from his seat and ran to her side, nudging me out of the way.

“Quick,” Niall urged. “Get a doctor!”

He grabbed her hands and pecked her forehead. That could be me….. Who stayed by her side the entire time? Not him.


~*End of Chapter 8*~


I absolutely love Zerrie!!! And also Perrie alone!! I had to make Zayn and Perrie break up in order for the story to progress! I have nothing against Perrie!!! :)

~Did you like it?

~Who do you ship now? Zudrey? Or Nudrey?

~Can I improve on anything?




Cassandra <3

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